Как человек =() [Like a human]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on 26.04.2012

Hello I'm Stas Davidov and I'm not a hipster.
And the first vid was sent by Aluriadna.
And even if you're a guy, you're still a she.
[USB port error. Incoming ham not recognised]
Dunno about you, but i think the cat's an idiot.
[*you're* an idiot]
This vid is only funny coz it's a cat with a piece of meat on his mug.
Cat experienced the break of a stereotype.
Can you imagine? Ham is ON him, not IN him! [smth unbelievable 0_0]
Did you recognize yourself in McD. fatty?
Just the food in front of your eyes.
[food! O_O]
[i'm surrounded by ham!!! O_O]
Yeah, it happens. You walk around with a ham on your face and BAM you hit the cupboard.
Oh the pain, the humiliation.
[buy 1 get 1 free]
And the cat's just prolly thinking if it's cosher to eat ham on Thursdays.
[is Kosheriat ok with this?]
Coz you know, Cosheriat is a subtle thing.
[wham, right in the kisser]
Getting lulz from the cat? Have a ham in your face!
Think about it. The poor piggy died just so a slice of her corpse could be put on cat's mug.
Yeah, also viewers with greenpeace brain disease found cat abuse here.
What's wrong with those people?!
Go hug a tree you friggin' hippies.
What's wrong with it? They don't shove the ham up the cat's ass! [sphincteral meatgetting O_O]
Oh, it's a ham catwich!
And this is Horosho!
The next vid was sent by Jeykob1000. You son of a ...
So you're taking a bus like a boss, and there's this woman standing next to you.
Well.. stuff happens... Maybe she's trying to set her pants straight.
[or her purse]
And there's nothing wrong with the vid being called "Kinky lady in a bus"
Maybe some schoolie made that name.
Poor Freud. One should really install a dynamo on his coffin.
At least he's gonna produce electricity.
Maybe that's not a pole but an ebony stick. And she's a physics teacher.
Please let it be so!
FFFFFffffudge! World why are you so disgusting!
It's a portuguese bus whore.
Why not in a trunk and not dead?
[everyone would be happy]
Getting back from a holiday, making up for lost time.
And making up...
And making up...
And making up...
And making up...
[And making up...]
And kissing...
That's how the bus lost it's virginity!
Quite a weird situation for a bus.
Damn, she's soliciting public transport [shoot her!]
Sue her!
And there's a female white sloth hanging on two hands to the left.
[strange buses they have there...]
Do you know what the author of this vid thinks about it?
And this is Horosho!
Third vid was sent by thesanchous2001.
This vid is just ridiculously popular.
3 days. 3 million views.
Why is it so popular?
Maybe it has an exploding helicopter?
Maybe they finally found Kennedy's killer?
Maybe someone caught a naked Bigfoot in a shower on tape?
No, it's so much better than that!
It's a frog! Sitting like a human!
This frog sits like a human so much, that no French will think of eating her!
[monsieur don't eat humanoids]
[like a baus!]
You have problems? Want to cry on someone's shoulder? Seek understanding and help?
Frog doesn't care about your problems!
It has it's own problems [hard to be a human]
[this frog]
[just finished]
[watching all 2137 episodes]
[of "Santa Barbara"]
[one question remains]
[what's there to watch?]
Once I was strolling around the woods and saw a man sitting like a frog [happens]
But it was improper to look at it.
And you think you look better when you sit on a bench and drink beer?
Maybe it's a princess waiting for her prince?
[while spreading her legs]
Hey, back straight!
No, not you, the frog.
Altho you should also sit straight!
And this is Horosho!
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So, why does Winnie the Pooh need an oar?
Winnie the Pooh needs an oar to move small-size boats by means of rowing.
To row.
Why he's has no oar, stupid.
Ai dont kear, ai vant u 2 carrekt mai misteiks ln tekst.
Winnie must KILL ]:->
Everyone needs it
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