Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (10/10) Movie CLIP - Devil Rabbit (2003) HD

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( low whining )
Sam: What's popeye got in his mouth?
My gosh, it's a dead rabbit.
Oh, my god.
It's the gertrudes' pet rabbit.
Popeye killed their pet rabbit.
Popeye bad dog!
Sally: What are we going to do?
Grace: Oh, god. Oh, god.
Popeye must have gotten
Into the backyard cage and killed him.
God, they're already mad at us.
Now we're in all kinds of trouble.
( whines ) dickie: Wait a second.
We can fix this.
Rub-a-dub-dub, bunny in the tub.
Do you think we should shampoo it?
Do you have any "gee, your dead rabbit smells terrific"?
No, but I have v05.
We'll put in some leave-in conditioner
And a protein pack.
This thing will look good as new
( whispering ): Except for the being dead part.
Stop it.
I think we better start to blow-dry it soon.
Then I'm going to go get a brush.
Okay, tell you what.
I'll put it back in the cage
All clean and when the gertrudes come home,
They open the cage
And they think it dies of natural causes.
It's the perfect plan.
You guys, the gertrudes-- I think they're coming home.
All right, let's go. Okay, okay, dry it.
Here, here.
Here we go.
Dry it, dry it, dry it.
Okay, it's back in the cage.
We're totally off the hook.
Hey, what's in the cage?
It's peter! Oh, no!
Devil rabbit.
Devil rabbit, devil rabbit!
Mr. And mrs. Gertrude, what's wrong?
Our pet bunny died two days ago.
We buried it over there.
And now he's back in the cage!
Oh, satan taunts us!
Oh, devil rabbit!
Dickie: That is a sign from hell!
It means move out of that house.
Spirits of rabbits.
Devil rabbit! Devil rabbit!
Woo! Get out!
( engine starts )
Dickie: There they go. They're moving out.
Devil rabbit!
Devil rabbit.