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Song at Midnight
Written and Directed by Weibang Ma-Xu
Why haven't those actors arrived yet?
You think he'd still come?
I think he won't come.
The owner said he was allowed to come tonight.
It's already in our program.
News item: The Theatre Group is about to begin its new season
with this country's finest acting troupe
making their arrival into town on the 15th.
In the empty court,
there flies fireflies flowing
on high pedestals, there walk foxes.
A man walks in a lonely night.
The sound of night, the only sound.
Outside, the wind howls and rain pours.
Flowers and leaves fall.
Into the black, endless midnight.
Who will wait for the dawn with me?
Who will wait for the dawn with me?
My face is hideous as a ghost,
My heart is hard as iron.
But I am alive and I will fight
that demon warlord.
Ah, miss. Only you can see my life.
Only you can know my deepest fears.
You are the moon in the sky.
I am the cold star near that moon.
You are the tree atop the hill.
I am the withered branch on the tree.
You are the water in the pond.
I am the weed in the water.
No, miss. I would be dead in the grave.
To give up all the riches and fame of this world.
I would like to learn how the historian
writes the gravestones of humanity.
Oh, miss. The day is murky.
The ground is cold.
What can I do to show my rage?
Only the crashing of the waves.
What can I do to vanquish your loneliness?
Only this song at midnight.
Only this song at midnight.
Hey. No one here?
How come there's no light?
Hey, hey. This is the front door.
I'll wait here.
Go check around the back. Check the back door.
Xiao Ou, get in the car.
It's not good to stand out in the rain.
Come here. Hurry.
No, that's okay.
Here. Here.
Open the door. Open the door.
After a while, wait for the rain to settle. Go slowly.
Should you be doing this at your age?
Go slowly. Slowly.
Come on down.
Don't fuss. Let's wait a while.
- Come on. - Slowly.
Don't be in such a hurry to get off.
Find the inn and call the others.
All right. All right. We'll ask first.
Excuse me, old man. Is there a hotel around here?
First, get the luggage out here.
Xiao Ou. Xiao Ou.
Can you see?
Let's go.
This way. This way.
Where's my box?
Don't push.
Settle down. Settle down.
I've arranged for a tour of the Garden Theater with Director Chen.
If you have no objection, you're welcome to come with me.
It stopped raining. Leave your umbrella.
Let's see.
Open the door.
Can you take us on a tour inside?
Slowly. Slowly. Don't fuss.
Don't fight.
Slowly, slowly.
Let me take you.
I knew in advance that this theater wasn't much.
It's in bad shape.
But we've already booked it for tomorrow.
So we'll tidy up one side while we rehearse in the other.
What a mess.
Quiet down. Quiet down.
We need to start rehearsal.
Now, we've all worked very hard to get here.
We've already played Beijing and Zhejiang to sold out crowds.
But in order to keep up with the natives' tastes,
we've added a short opera on our bill.
It's called, "Yellow River Love"
It takes place during the Jingkang Catastrophe of the Song Dynasty.
Right here.
A man from the south shore of the Yellow River falls in love
with a woman from the north shore.
Her name was Ah Bao.
They were not married, and suffered through a national crisis.
This script has been prepared.
Take a look.
Don't rush.
Sun Xiaojun will play the male lead.
We've included an original song written for him.
The score is completed. You'll all sing chorus.
Here are the copies of the music.
Let's start with this piece.
One, two.
No, no, no.
Take it again.
One, two.
This song is not an original.
I've heard you do better than that.
What's wrong with you?
I never studied the vocals of this song.
I need some time alone to practice.
Take a break.
Xiao Ou, I know you're tired. Let's go to our room.
No, you go on ahead. I still need to practice.
- I'll go with you. - I need to practice by myself. Come back later.
Excuse me.
Is there... somebody else here?
No, no one.
Except me. There is no other person.
Hear that?
I heard that some old theaters are haunted.
Is there really such a thing?
And you're not afraid to live here?
What is it exactly?
Song Dangping.
He was really famous when he acted with the Quiliu Company.
Hasn't he been dead for years?
Don't be afraid.
I've gotten along with him for years.
How strange?
It's almost as though he were instructing me.
So don't be afraid.
Perhaps he's in a mood to help you.
"Yellow River Love"
The pursuing troops arrived.
What could I do?
Mama. I am like a small bird and cannot return to its nest.
Do you be a thief?
No, Ah Bao waits for me.
I am a gentleman.
I wish to be like a fish in the Yellow River,
Not a conquered slave.
The conquered slave cannot act upon his will.
The fish can make a wave.
Tip over the boats of Jin's sons.
Do not let them cross the Yellow River.
Do not let them cross the Yellow River.
Seems I'm a hit right now.
I'm grateful for your help.
I don't know how to thank you.
I won't forget how you granted me this favor.
Don't thank me.
It's through your own efforts.
You... you... you.
Sit down.
- Who are you? - Sit down!
You don't need to thank me.
It's through your own efforts.
You... you.
Don't be afraid.
I am a man.
I'm the same as you.
With blood, a body and a soul.
Are you Song Danping?
Ten years ago, I was the famous Song Danping.
It was thirteen years ago,
when I fled from my home along the Yangtze River.
I fought for freedom and sacrificed myself
for the martyr Jin Zijian.
I'm also Song Danping, faithful revolutionary warrior.
He did not die.
Friend... my young friend.
You are hotblooded,
full of courage and hope.
I have waited ten years
for this day. I met you.
You are the ideal one I have in mind.
I will tell you my story.
This was me, thirteen years ago.
When I fled from home along the Yangtze River.
At that time...
At that time, it was a dangerous world.
So I had to hide in a clandestine place.
At that time, though I was very young,
I had courage.
I made a decision to fight for freedom.
I'd already been the leader of several Kuomintang youths.
In my life at that time,
it could have regarded as my golden age.
So why do you call yourself Song Danping?
I heard Song Danping was dead.
You... You're human.
Can you let me see your face?
No, I can't.
You listen to me.
Three years later,
news of the war got me depressed.
I changed my name and joined an acting company
and came to perform here.
This is me ten years ago.
Once, I performed a world famous play here.
"Red Blooded"
Who would like to be a slave?
Who would like to be a horse or cow?
The fire of humanity has been passed through
the whole of Europe.
Who will pay the price for universal equality,
love and freedom?
Even our lives.
Our blood torrents like the Boer River.
We've now allowed the enemy to ravage us like a wild beast.
But we will be victorious. Have no fear.
Hark! The dark will end soon.
As light once dawned on Ancient Rome.
Hark! The dark will end soon.
As light once dawned on Ancient Rome.
Xia, you mentioned an important matter in your letter.
Have they discovered my ties with the Kuomintang.
No, it's not that.
It's the two of us that my father found out about.
It would look bad for you.
And worse, Tang Jun is in love with me.
He sees you as a threat. Tried to provoke my father.
Said the part you played, where you chided the duke and the warlord.
He said it was your way of chiding my father.
And he said that you...
Said you were an lowlife.
An actor.
Very well. A lowlife.
An actor.
Very well.
Xia, I can love you forever.
With my revolutionary work exposed,
I will face discommodation.
Ping, I know your heart.
And because of it, I love you.
If you're really in danger, what can I do?
Xia dear.
What I now fear most is my father's temper.
When he gets mad, he doesn't forget a grudge.
He takes his anger out on revolutionary parties.
Even though he doesn't hold an official post.
He keeps in contact with the local warlords.
So he gets away with doing horrible things.
I don't know how often I've seen it with my own eyes.
And you?
Have you thought about the danger you may be in?
I've considered it.
But for you, for loving you.
I'll gladly take that chance.
Xia, there's never been a moment when I don't think of you.
Don't ever leave me. We will be together forever.
Who's there?
Xia. You have to go. Quickly.
The two of us. We'll overcome this.
Together forever.
Together forever.
Hurry. Please go.
Tie him up.
Grab the ropes.
What did that man say to my daughter?
Spit it out!
Sir, Sir. We told you the truth.
Sir, when we arrested him,
we really didn't hear what he said.
Mistress, mistress.
Don't go to him.
Don't you know master's anger?
If you go to him, he'll kill Master Song.
Quickly, some cold water. Cold water.
Xia dear, I want you to understand.
Today, Master was simply very angry.
He did it because he loved you.
You only brought it upon yourself.
Think about it.
You're his daughter.
Song Dangping, what kind of man is he?
You talk to him, you seem to lose your senses.
Like you're in love with him?
What kind of man?
What kind of man are you?
What kind of thing are you?
You've humiliated him.
You're just a thug who's hurt a good man.
Don't presume to judge my affairs.
A thug?
Why would you say that?
Xia, don't be confused by the actions of others.
It's my duty to take care of you.
And him?
Bastard, you dare take that tone to mock me?
You demon.
You thought to use your words to attain your purpose.
Get out. You have no place here.
Nitric acid?
Seize the murderer.
The murderer is Tang Jun.
Seize him.
Seize the murderer.
Seize Tang Jun.
Damn! Who accuses Tang Jun of murder? Who?
This boy.
Take him up.
Mr. Song. Mr. Song.
Fortunately, Mr. Song has a sound body.
His heart is a bit weak.
Due to the shock.
If he's not disturbed,
he can recover in a week.
Mr. Song, take it easy. It'll be all right.
Thank you.
Danping, I hope you recover.
This will take care of the matter with Tang Jun.
Luckily, we found the broken glass bottle.
No, no.
As I said to Xiao Xia,
Seek to do no harm in this world.
I would sacrifice anything for her.
My heart belongs to her.
And also to everyone.
Dear Xia.
Dear Xia.
Who's there?
Mr. Zhong. Madam.
My name is Zhang and I guard the Garden Theater.
Miss Lee,
Miss Lee Xiaoxia asked me to come visit.
How she misses you.
She's asked me to come visit every day.
Xia, dear Xia.
Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama.
Mama, how do I put on this flower?
Can you put it on me?
Oh, your face powder is so white.
Master Song. Later on, take a look at little sister.
She's very beautiful today.
Brother Song, Brother Song.
It's late. The doctor hasn't even arrived yet.
Madam. Mr. Song.
Miss Lee knows that you've fully recovered today.
She's very happy.
She asked me to bring you these flowers.
And a letter.
She says she will definitely see you tomorrow.
Mr. Zhong, I can't take this anymore.
I want to see this letter, and these flowers.
Mr. Zhong, please.
Please take these bandages off my hands and my face.
Danping, don't be so hasty.
Hurry. Hurry.
I still have many things to do.
Mr. Zhong, when I recover.
I will work harder.
I want to take care of my Xiao Xia.
Poor Xia, these past months,
don't know how worried she must look.
She's surely distressed.
Dear Xia, I will be well soon.
I will see your face very soon.
Mr. Zhong, please hurry.
Please hurry. Hurry.
Why do you all look so frightened?
Take it back.
Take it back.
Take the letter back.
Tell her I'm dead.
I'm dead!
I can't see her anymore.
I am a ghost.
I am a wild beast.
This world...
I can't see her anymore.
Mr. Song is dead.
Mr. Song is dead.
I've hurt you.
I only meant to ease your pain.
I hadn't realized the strength of her love.
Mr. Song, if you cannot bear to make her suffer,
I have a solution.
There are two people here, a young lady and a wet nurse.
Their families have moved out.
You can appear in public again.
This had been my fate.
My pathetic fate.
I lived here for ten years.
I dug my own grave.
I am the corpse.
I can see her every evening.
I break down in tears.
She lives over there.
Though I can see her,
I can't approach her.
I have no choice. I sing to comfort her.
On every night lit by the full moon,
she stands there, listening to me.
For ten years,
she's become accustomed to it.
Mr. Song.
Why not think of a better way?
Why not tell someone to inform her,
that you did not die.
She'd surely...
Absolutely not!
If she knows that I didn't perish,
she would come to see me.
If she sees me like this, she
Are you willing to grant me this favor?
Good. Good.
I want you to comfort her.
Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid.
Look at me.
See what I've become.
What kind of man am I?
How can I approach her?
For ten years.
There hasn't been one day when I did not hope
to find someone with the ideal voice.
In the meantime,
I had helped other singers to succeed.
At the same time,
I had hoped someone could pick up where I had left off.
My friend, that ideal voice is you.
It's you.
Promise me.
As long as you learn my song,
go sing to her.
She will believe I have returned.
Lo, she is there.
She waits for my song.
Go friend. Go.
You promised me.
You promised me.
Are you Danping?
I knew you would not leave this world.
This world can't be devoid of you.
Why not look at me with your eyes?
Why don't you speak?
I'm lonely in the evenings.
Only your beautiful song
eases my heart.
But why have you not come to me until tonight?
You... Did you forget me?
He forgot me.
Miss Lee. Don't ever give in to doubt.
Remember the pain you suffered.
Don't cry for Danping.
It has destroyed your life.
You gave up the world.
You cannot know Song Danping like this.
You cannot claim to love Song Danping.
Xia dear, I hope you remember.
How I fought in the war.
How do we go on fighting?
Danping. Danping failed.
But you... You...
You still have the power.
Don't you think?
We can still fight for our freedom.
We can retrieve the light.
So you shouldn't give up.
We want to show all of mankind,
not just ourselves.
I'm afraid.
I can't live without you. I can't leave you.
Xia dear, don't be afraid. Be brave.
Danping is always with you.
Xia dear, can't you see.
The dawn. The dawn is coming.
Get up for Danping.
Dawn... dawn... dawn.
Is it Danping?
Is it really him?
Has he returned at last?
Young lady, what are you going on about?
Mother, I...
Last evening, I saw Mr. Song.
But it didn't look like him.
Seemed he said something to me.
How did you say he had died?
Young lady, for so long,
I haven't heard you call me mother.
Are you well again?
Young lady, have you recovered?
Look, my hand.
Last evening, I held his hand.
I hope he will come again.
I still need to see him.
Young lady.
Liu Die, if there were a pair of lovers
but circumstances prevented them from being together,
would they be foolish?
How is that foolish?
If I were in such a love affair,
I would commit suicide.
Xiao Ou, we will be together forever.
Nothing will keep us apart.
The situation is that actors are always unreliable.
According to Old Zhang, business is really bad.
So they can't pay us?
We should go ask for our money.
Otherwise, their wardrobe is worth money.
I've thought about that. Talked to their manager too.
Told him to settle the account as soon as possible.
The mentality and the tastes
of the local crowd is hard to gather.
Liu Die's name can fill the seats,
but she's been ill and missed a few shows.
The audience's tastes...
She only has a minor illness.
She'll soon recover.
Box office grosses can cover us for five days at most.
So we have to make a decision.
If Liu Die can't go on tomorrow,
we'll still run for another three days.
If we're not making money,
we can leave town right away.
Mr. Song.
Mr. Song, we will be leaving soon.
Don't be pessimistic, my friend.
I know and understand your situation.
So I've thought of a way to rectify it.
- Really? - Yes.
Friend, I thank you for helping me.
Now, it's time for me to help you.
Mr. Song, what exactly do you have in mind?
You think me old fashioned.
Do you distress for a woman?
No, not at all.
I've composed many works.
Yes, I have written many operas.
Looking for a piece about freedom and liberation?
I brought one for you.
"Red Blooded"
This was most successful opera ten years ago.
I've already made revisions.
Friend, good friend.
I give this to you.
I believe you'll be a great success.
You... You will bring down a full house.
Xiao Ou, Xiao Ou.
Xiao Ou, Xiao Ou.
Miss, someone left you a card.
"Tang Jun"
Who's he?
He's the owner of the theater.
Big or small owner. I don't know the name.
It's night. The moon is full.
Why has he not come?
Danping, don't forget me.
I cannot leave you.
Miss, before you surely fall into a dream,
I think you should stop grieving.
Mr. Song, you...
I saw no light upstairs.
I thought you weren't in.
Mr. Song, I don't know what to say.
I am fortunate to have you nearby.
You have given me light, given me hope.
Sit down.
Who was that woman you embraced backstage?
Oh, right. I forgot to tell you.
She's my girlfriend, Liu Die. She's very beautiful.
I know. I know.
I know.
Xia, Xia. Poor Xia.
Why didn't you tell me earlier
that you have a lover.
You are a man with a lover.
Xia, dear Xia.
You suffered so much for me.
You lost your light because of me.
I want to console you.
I want to make you feel safe and happy.
So I sought a proxy to accompany you.
But now.
I failed.
Everything is finished.
Mr. Song.
No, I don't blame you.
Friend, I am the one who was reckless.
You have a lover.
I wish you success.
But Mr. Song, when shall I see you again?
I don't know. I don't know.
Tomorrow, perhaps.
In the distant future, perhaps.
Distant future... forever.
Miss Shen, have you seen Liu Die?
Oh, looking for your sweetheart Liu Die?
Don't you know?
Mr. Tang, the owner has taken a liking to her.
Don't you look foolish?
Mr. Tang.
I beg your pardon,
but please show some respect.
Mr. Tang, I came to you
so I can make myself perfectly clear.
Please don't misunderstand.
But from here on, please don't treat me like this again.
Show some respect?
Do you think that because I like you
that I have no respect for you?
Oh, miss.
Don't be silly.
Although I adore you,
Part of me feels sorry for you.
You perform all over the country,
and you're still unmarried.
It's sad.
With me, you will have security.
Mr. Tang, thank you.
- But I already have a benefactor. - And who's that?
I'm supported by the art,
paid for with blood, soul and hard work.
Ah, art.
Where'd you go?
- I went to see Mr. Tang. - Why did you go back?
Don't misunderstand. I was forced to.
Forced to? Now you're mocking me?
Xiao Ou, you know me.
The only reason I went
is because the man who sent for me made me go.
If I had refused,
they said Mr. Tang would be very cruel to you.
Because he knows of our relationship.
That's the only reason I went to see him.
He didn't touch me.
Despite what Mr. Tang may have said. Why would...?
Who'll believe your lies?
You can't begin to explain...
Xiao Ou, Xiao Ou.
Who's there?
It's me. Sun Xiao Ou.
Get out, you!
You think every woman is your plaything?
You have no shame! Get out!
I felt sorry for you.
I followed you to be near you.
And you still treat me like this?
You'll pay for this.
Come, come, torturers. Come all.
You enemy of the people.
See whose judgment day will come.
See whose judgment day will come.
Xiao Ou, that is Tang Jun.
Tang, you committed a major crime ten years ago.
Isn't it enough that people
suffered and died because of you?
You think no one else knows of your actions?
You've destroyed Lee Xiaoxia.
Destroyed Song Dangping.
You... you dog!
Tang Jun.
Can you still recognize the man
you murdered ten years ago?
Song Danping.
Song Danping?
There is a photograph here.
Jin Zijian, a revolutionary.
Is he with the Kuomintang?
Let's seize him!
He's not a demon.
He is a human being.
Don't harm him!
Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun.
Please understand.
Mr. Song wants you to help him,
not for his own sake.
He needs you to fulfill his wish.
Miss Lee, I'll tell you everything.
I am not Song Danping. I am Sun Xiaoou.
Mr. Song did not die.
Tang Jun scarred him. Disfigured beyond recognition.
He made everyone tell you he died.
He didn't think you'd fall ill.
He's been a good friend.
Asked me to comfort you. It was I who came to you.
Mr. Song only hopes you can learn to live again.
Where is he now?
He just killed Tang Jun.
Also, the warlord thinks he's with the Kuomintang.
He won't be allowed to live.
Young lady...
I seemed to have had a bad dream.
I recall everything that's happened.
Now it stands before me.
Miss Lee,
what's passed has passed.
Danping's sacrifice taught us a valuable lesson.
We need to work hard, to struggle
to fight our way out of the darkness.
Fight for the freedom of the people.
That was Danping's wish.
The End
Subtitles by T. L. Young