Full-Time MBA: Jeneace Thrasher - Broad College of Business at Michigan State University

Uploaded by MSUBroad on 03.11.2009

Well, I started working in the Engineering field, and I felt that I wanted to transition
into “purchasing.” And in order to do that, I felt an MBA would best position me
to excel in the business field
When I was in the workforce, I was pretty young, so I didn’t have many opportunities
to step up into leadership positions. But the Broad MBA Program, because of its size,
there’s so many opportunities to step up into leadership positions—even the classroom
and the team setting or student-led events. So, for me, I really had the opportunity to
be a leader and to grow and develop those skills.
The small class sizes were very beneficial to my learning. There were tons of opportunities
to meet with the professors after class to talk about a concept or an idea that may not
have been clear during the course or during the lecture. The fact that your peers are
sitting right next to you—you have an opportunity to deep-dive into issues—to talk more specifically
about how to apply them in the real world.
Students at the Broad Program continue to strengthen and leverage the Broad brand. That’s
what attracted me to the program, and what I think will continue to attract quality students
in the future.