SEMESTER 8 - Short Film

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This Engineering that we know is a way of life
and in its learning, each segment is a semester
all these are not my words but what the college director mentioned in his welcome speech
but this whole situation has affected our lives in various other wayswith the thought of not committing the same mistakes we did in the 12th grade, we start off with semester 1
but that passed away soon, and thanks to girls and friends and the little freedom thatwe got to have fun, so did semester 2
the fights, ragging, problems with seniors and fights with our own friends were all part of the third semester
with all that being said and done, we move to the fourth semester with one of the greatest feeling in the universe, 'love'
and then then usual habits like smoking and drinking kicked in the fifth semester was all about making up, we try to mend our past relationships with friends and others
and before we know it, we're already in semester 7, thanks to 6th semester that passed on with us getting plenty of arrears
and us realizing that we were losers ,thanks to the various ex girlfriends
the director was right in mentioning one thing, that is, we lived a mini-life in the last 7 semesters.
after all the thing we learnt from all 7 semester, we have come to the last part of college
when we look at this guy here, we can be mistaking him for one of the people preparing for placement,
but he is just trying to be serious beacause he's got more arrears than the number of fingers and toes on his body
My uncle says that i should look for another job because the couple of them that I'm placed in has got no job security
I'm freaking out, two of my cousins in the US are placed in Wipro & pcs
Dude you don't have to be scared about keeping jobs, I'll give u permanent job in my company.
With 12 arrears, how are u even gonna get a job?
after these 4 years I'm gonna start my own company [giggle]
That's where I'm gonna get you a job
This is Jeeva
his life itself is a big question mark
paying Rs 5,00,000 for his admission into college was the second biggest mistake his father ever committed,
the first was him!
Dear God, please help me get placed in this company and help me to pass the interview.
As soon as i get the job i will shave my head and visit the temple
Oh God, help me to get a girlfriend this semester, Last eight semesters i tried my best but non have fallen for me,
please don't cheat me this time because its my last attempt and finally if possible try to clear my 15 arrears.
His name is Subbru AKA Subbramanium,
he always wanted to be a farmer like his father, but after high school
the career options his father gave him included everything but farming
hey Romie, what a shame, you have been chasing me since freshman year and now we are in the final year, don't u ever get enough?
give me a good reason why I should go out with you? are you part of any sports team? or atleast an athelete?
or atleast in any cultural stuff like dancing or singing or do u even play an instrument?
nah....that's not my thing
alright then, you must be good in studies yea? whats's your CGPA?
CGPA? [Deep thought]
About this guy, there's no need for introduction,
when his parents named him Romie, they never thought he would live up to that name. this is not the only girl he has been after since first year, all the girls know that too!
i thought i cleared these fees, how did it appear again? [whispering to self]
Sir, good morning sir
yea right, don't even get to class and u wanna wish me in the morning? get lost kid.
what a jerk he is
that son of a *****
oh u mean the electronics sir ???
as it is he hates all of us who have arrears
as if the nerds are someone to cheer for?
ah chuck it man!
hey check it out
oh there is no telling what these girls want, so unpredictable
and what is this? all the pretty girls don't seem to fancy studs anymore.
whatever it is, it happens the other way round too. so what do these girls want ?
in other words, just like a puppet, listening to them and doin whatever they say
they just treat their boyfriends like pets
Then how will I make them fall for me ?
It's real easy, all you gotta do is act stupid to them and u can bag them,
and if necessary just add some lies too.
That day because i got into that fight, dad didn't get me the iPhone he promised.
Let's go
Oh Lord, aptitude i cleared and this is tenth interview I'm doing, so please help me clear the HR round
{Hindu prayer chants}
Oh my gosh, what kinda hype was going on..... you gotta start a new account once your placed
and just attend the HR interview after the aptitude and you will get it that easy
yea i got it alright....bull****
I'm never doing this again, what a waste of time!
Hi bro
how was the interview?
does everybody have the ATITUDE test?
Placement is not everything
if one company goes, another will come
dear Romie, how much did u say this semester fees was?
40 grand
40? are u nuts? that's only for even semester,
it's only 35 for odd semester...right?
dude just use some common sense, my dad just closed it, I know it, it's 55 grand
oh well...did u know this fees is like my dad's salary for 6 months
even my younger brother wants to do engineering
he said he is ready to lose a year by getting it through entrance exams
but i don't thhink all that is gonna work out
dad might do something but he must also be thinkin i may support too by getting a job
now that i have expenses n he has to look after my brother too, i don't think it's gonna be manageable
if I don't get in an IT firm then i will have to look elsewhere
What are you doing there?
I was preparing for my aptitude today
whose gonna employ a person with 8 or 9 arrears?
I saw all your results
is there any subject that isn't marked in red?
even that Thomas uncle's daughter got placed
and they asked me where my son got placed
and I went dumb, i should have said that my son is good for nothing
Do one thing, you quit everything there and come home
will buy couple of cows and you can look after them, that's all your good for
why don't you say something?
uh papa....
here talk to your mother
son did you eat something?
ignore it son, dad said all that because he's tensed
I put in some cash in the ATM
Son are you coming home this week?
I don't know mom
Son if your planning to do your PG, then apply now itself
but if you do study well you can get a placement after pg, right.
Don't worry, even if u take one more year, you can clear all your present arrears
alright mom
fine son, I'm hanging up
[guy romancing with girlfriend over phone]
dude you were the one who told me girls are all f***ed
not all girls man
can't you slow down man?
who is this?
then who am I?
[thinking] today i learnt a lesson that is far away from anything in engineering]
[these girls are like coconuts on a tree, they can fall anywhere]
guys I've decided, everything should go my way
Romie its not necessary
no man we have no other option
u can't just play with a guy's feelings pop it man
yea man alright
don't worry Jeeva
[tastes spicy pickle]
man thinking about you my eyes are watering
man she really liked me, there's no way this could happen
yea must have screwed up somewhere,
because this can't just happen like that
no man, I even spoke to her last night
alright, what did u guys talk about last night?
well I was talking to her about the first time we met
so how did you guys first meet?
well that's .....
wait wait hold did u have so much cash in your wallet that day only ?
It wasn't mine, it was Rijo's wallet, he gave it to me to clear his mess fees
So did u tell that to her?
yea that's what I was telling her last night
no wonder
this is what i said, even if times change and people change, female attitude won't change one bit
now what happened to this guy? did any girl ditch him too?
hey....why you so down?
the placement sir gave me a brochure of an upcoming placement at a company
this happens to you all the time
you will attend all of them but you return at twice the speed
but this ain't like the others man
emm.. s this time you are not coming back !!
I always wished that for once we all should attend a placement interview together
like that's gonna happen!
it's not impossible, the eligibility is anyone with over 5.0 CGPA and any number of arrears
so where are you getting at?
that we are all eligible to attend it
that company need students with more management skills rather than technical skills
no way man, me going for placements? even thinking that is a mistake
dude then go take care of cows like your dad said
you gotta to show your skills, only then you can get girls
anyways, we are all going for it tommorow
should we? don't you think it's a little too much?
we aren't gonna get through anyways, so we'll just give it a shot
how about that Romie?
I believe you read in the brochure that we are looking for management skills
who messed with my chair?
will fire you the next time it happens
I've seen a lot of people in this college
those that have been part of cultural and other activities
but how come your file is all empty
don't you have any skills?
yes I do needs more skills to conduct an event than participating in it.
Even the designs of certificates you have seen of others are my design, I'm nowhere below them
I've had my share of credit and experience
Can you be more precise, what are your skills?
first one is my guts
I don't believe in keeping good images but if at all a bad situation arises I can manage that
If u don't see black marks in my record, doesn't mean that i haven't caused problems
Sir, did you know that in most of my exams that I have passed, I've cheated but I've never been caught
So what can you contribute to the company? Why should I recruit you?
Sir, first of all, I'm not expecting a job right away,
I just joined the others for fun, besides it feels cool to tell folks back home that i attended an interview
actually I'm not interested to work under anybody, I wanna be my own boss!
I just wanna do whatever i feel like
I went through your project, Ok let me ask you a question....
Sir u just congratulated me, do you think I know everything?
it's just all this small stuff that makes up an interview
All this I haven't done myself,,so I think its just karma that i ended up with no placements despite my good grades
I appreciate your honesty
Nobody is perfect
ah...none of u guys left ?
nope,we thought we'll wait for the result and leave
what's up sir? u look really stressed
I need a smoke
Say what?
I wanna smoke
Calculations were never wrong for Gautham,
although he used to check the number of arrears he had now its him counting his salary
Even Jeeva found the answer to life's biggest question
Subbru must be thinking the career options like engineering and MBBS and
CA that his dad offered were not bad
Romie was just a loser especially when it came to girls but now he has 2 or 3 chasing him
Chandu rose up to get a job finally
This is a whole different story
the name's Alex Pandian....he took 5 years to complete his BSc degree
his motto is that basic skills are all that's required to succeed in life
Subtitles : Robbie Varghese
Why you hating on those of us with arrears? B*tch!