Healthy Raw Food Breakfast Recipes : Using Dehydration for Cracker Breakfast Recipe

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.01.2008

DENISE BENNET: Hello, my name is Denise Bennet, and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village.
Now, what we're going to do, is we're going to transfer this, the sweet cracker together,
the whole thing, of course. We'll break it up later. Right to this shelf, that belongs
to the dehydrator, and this is how we do it. Okay, now lay this part of the shelf, it's
like a netting, you're going to lay out right over it, just like that. And if you're working
with a large cracker, the one sheet, it might go over this, so you'd have to form it, so
it doesn't go over this. Right, it can never hang off the edge. And all I'm going to do
is flip it. There we go. Now, we can use this underneath, okay. Now, can you see what we're
going to do, have the shelf put back. And we're going to peel the other side, that's
what we're doing. And what I like to do is this, I like to kind of push it a little bit,
kind of tell him okay, you're not going to like this. Together, see what I mean, you
just push a little bit on him to let him know that we're now going to lift up this side.
Okay, so I talk to my food, and I'm not going to keep that a secret anymore. Now as you
can see, this is giving me a little bit of a problem, the reason is I did not chopped
this as fine as I should have. So, that's probably a good way to show people, spend
a little bit of extra time, chop it a little bit finer. It's actually doing really well,
considering, cause I went kind of fast and made big pieces. So, if you really do it fine,
this will come right up. Actually, it almost did come right out, got a little bit of it
right there. Okay, here we go. Isn't that nice? There's your sweet cracker. And you
leave it together for the moment, we're going to take it apart later, you know, we're going
to break it apart later. And if there's any holes, this is a good time to catch it, doesn't
have to be perfect. Oh, that's so nice. And now we're going to go ahead and put this in
the dehydrator. During the time that it's drying, go ahead and shift these shells, which
are square. Maybe a couple of hours, every three hours, it doesn't matter. Just in case
there's uneven heating, so you just take them out, rotate them, put them back in. We have
a four drawer which I probably need something a lot bigger. Okay, plug it in, you're at
110, it's probably a good place to put it, and for a cracker like this, I think we're
looking about it at ten hours.