Here Comes Everybody

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Humanity Changes Expotentially
"Come On Everybody!"
Yoko: "Overpopulation"
John: I think it's a bit of a joke the way
the, um, people have made this overpopulation thing
some kinda myth, I don't really believe it."
Cavett: "Oh, I think you're wrong about that."
Lennon: "Oh, I don't care."
Morpheus: "Your mind makes it real."
Terence McKenna: "...and what it's all about is you,
the center of the mandala
Bill Hicks: "It's just a ride.
and we can change it anytime we want."
Fintan Dunne: "You're on
with Fintan Dunne
and this is knowledge
viral in your mind.
This is where reality rocks
It's the beautiful truth
and we are beautiful!
It's about our origin,
our true nature
It's about the Matrix of illusions
and beliefs."
Morpheus: "And I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."
Fintan: "Transcend the myths and the Matrix
everything finally makes sense."
Neil Adams: "There's a
gradual journey down this kinda
fractal spiral to say
as you increase in your intelligence,
as your consciousness increases,
it gives you a greater capacity to
travel deeper down this
this fractal spiral."
Terence: The more conscious you become
the more you, you have free will
within the context of the plot.
Like, I was so unconvinced of
my own uniqueness
in other words,
I defined myself as a spectator
rather than an actor.
And we are all doing that,
far too much,
you can get a lot rowdier,
you can make a lot more waves.
It's perfectly alright
to mix things up.
It's perfectly alright
to try and accelerate
the plot.
Terence: "What we do is always to marginalize,
first our own experience,
and then ALL human experience.
And if we define novely
as density of connectedness,
then, guess what?
The human neocortex
becomes the center of the cosmic drama.
So, after a thousand years
of human marginalization,
suddenly, through the
injection of science,
there is permission to believe
that the cosmic drama
really is about us!"
Neil: "Our individual lives and our
collective lives
um, represent the movement of
this fractal spiral
through, through time."
Brian Green: "But,
we've taken a dramatic leap
in our quest to fully understand
this elegant universe."
Fintan: "There is something going on.
Something very interesting going on.
These are not normal times
that we're living in.
Have you seen the population graph,
what it looks like?
That's a process, this expotential...
when things go expotential,
you know there is something amazing happening.
We're talking about 6.7 billion people
and rising.
Of that 6.7 billion
all of that's recent!
And that's what's happening with the population.
We are living in a very special time, folks,
I'm sure you remember the opening lines,
the intro into all those Star Treks?
Space, the Final Frontier.
Well it's not!'s the final frontier...
no, space is not the final frontier,
TIME is the final frontier
and we're about to cross it.
I'll be back very shortly
with the next edition of this,
I do hope that you will join me for that.
But in the meantime, for
This is Fintan Dunne,
thanks for joining me."
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Additional quotes by John Lennon Dick Cavett
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