Tales of Gekijou Episode 4 - Now with english subs

Uploaded by RainFeanaro on 29.02.2012

Episode 4: There is no eye for sweet food.
You're sure eating in a troublesome way.
I just can't eat in such a barbaric manner.
Really? Just biting it is much easier and delicious.
You should probably savor the taste more as you eat...
Another crepe...
Crepes are all sold out for the day.
What..? Already sold out? Reid, share some of yours.
Ehh..? Sold out? I still haven't had enough though.
You already finished?! That's amazing.
Unbelievable. After all that and you still want more...
Even though I only finished one...
What? You wanted to eat more?
I'm saying that if they had more, I would. That's all.
I wouldn't wolf it down like you.
But you want to eat it, right? You're not very honest..
Now, now...just calm down.
Want to make some crepes?
You're going to make it, Yuri?
Yeah. I remember the taste so as long as we have the ingredients, I can make crepes like any other shop.
Yup. Look forward to it.
I'm not exactly looking forward to it. If there's more, I'll have some. That's all there is to it.
So in the end, you want to eat some.
So, the ingredients are...?
Oh. First off, we need milk and eggs. And also...
I got it! Wait for me!!!
Hey, hey!! There are still more ingredients...!! And...he's already gone.
What an impatient guy...
What are the rest of the ingredients??
There's also kiwi and bananas.
Is that how it is?
Taking notes... You're pretty into this..
T-This is... My pride just won't allow the chance of making a mistake in the list of ingredients.
This is for the sake of making the perfect crepe. It's not like I want to eat it.
It's definitely not because I'm into it!!
Yeah, yeah...
Then, for the remaining ingredients...
Sorry to keep you waiting!!!
I brought the milk and eggs!!
They're really fresh!!
Just how many do you plan on making...?
There aren't...enough eggs, don't you think?
(Oi, oi...Just how much do you plan on eating...?)