Testimony to Set You Free

Uploaded by NewBirthMBC1 on 05.09.2010

In life it's not that you get dealt a good hand, it's the ability to play a bad hand well.
God told me to tell you he just told me to shake your hand as a sign that he was
giving you a new hand.[applause] Whatever hand you played before he's dealing you a whole
new fresh hand. Go where he directs you, your yesterday can't bother you, in Jesus name.
Say that. I ain't goin give you the mic you might become a preacher[laughs]. I've been
shot 3 or 4 times times well 3 times I've sold all the drugs you could ever sell and
made all the money you could possibly ever make. BMF is tattooed on the back of my neck
that stands for black mafia family and that's the life I used to live and God brought me from that
[cheers and applause] I been going to New even when I was in the life I've always
come to New Birth when it started on Snapfinger I've always came no matter what.
I made my first hundred thousand when I was 19 years old it was under my grandfather's
bed and I like I said I've lived the life it's people in this congregation that know
me. Umm God I mean satan tried to kill me. Three years ago I was shot in my neck I was
shot my chest I was shot in my leg and it was in a nightclub and I'm not going to say
the name of the night club, it was in a nightclub. And as I was laying there I asked God not
to let me, please don't let me die like this[crying], and he took his hand and he literally
it might sound crazy or lame or something but he took his hand he lifted me up and I
got up and walked out of the club and jumped in the Range Rover and told my buddy I said
if you let me die I'ma kill you. And I haven't looked back since. This is always
been my dad when I didn't have no dad this has always been my dad. I might can't call
him I might don't have his number or his text or nothing but this my father right here.
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