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I'll miss this a lot.
I don¡¯t think I could express it with a few words.
I don¡¯t like this feeling the feeling that something is over.
Those we used to see everyday won't be around.
It feels a little empty when that happens.
The second 2NE1 TV Finale begins now
04.12. 2010 The first meeting
I haven't been in front of the camera in a while it feels weird.
- Pause. - Hello, shoot.
04.14. 2010 2NE1 returned to the U.S. while preparing for their comeback.
Don't film me.
No, really.
You have to get him on. Sneak up on him if you need to.
What do you want to do?
I want to go Bungee jumping.
Not the one where they tie your legs but the one with your body like this.
Do you know the one with your body like this?
No doubt, my room's next to Dara's.
I have to protect her.
What was all the talk about broken wings?
- When did I say that? - You did.
You need to have some nerve.
You are too fragile.
04.14. 2010 Late at night, they prepare for the start of a long journey
Did you do this by mistake?
Here's King TomTom.
- This is TomTom¡¦ - Stretching! Sleepless night ahead
I thought of watermelons when I heard LA.
04.15. 2010 The morning of departure day
This is Dara's song.
Come on!
The three members, excited like little kids
04.15. 2010 All excited, they left for the U.S.
Let's go, hurry.
Dara showed her first tears on the plane to the U.S.
2NE1 made some new friends as well.
In this case, you shouldn¡¯t say "didn't".
Minzy gets help from Teddy
I think I can do better. Little Minzy had a new experience
Are we doing this? I guess not.
Oh, I'm so forgetful.
We couldn¡¯t be of any help.
And... sometimes they were sick, perhaps from the pressure of recording.
Today, it seems like we're getting close to the end of this.
It's 1 in the morning right now but I'm not sleepy at all.
05. 03. 2010 The second destination... London
Are they eating in there?
We got confused with the time
and we kicked him out.
This is the second phase. Phase zero is without any makeup.
Phase 1 is radio makeup.
And for parties, phase 2 is adding the baby lines on the edges like this.
And the excessive makeup for stage performance that's phase 3.
Ah, phase 4 is photo shoot makeup.
Photo shoot makeup is just plain freaky.
Sometimes it was strange for the girls to have cameras around
It¡¯s like taking pictures.
I know.
You know this morning...
I'm talking right now!
The second recording in a different world
You should be more discerning about what you are shooting.
Don¡¯t shoot my nostrils.
I'm going to have Korean food.
Oh, I can't let the viewers think that I'm a hog I don¡¯t eat that much, you know.
What's this?
It's closed.
Why is everything self service?
At first everything seemed new and strange
Early morning in London
I bought one of each color.
05. 28. 2010 Leaving for an award ceremony in Japan
It's Japan this time. We're going to an award ceremony.
I'm CL, with makeup.
We have the rehearsal today.
Let's go.
Here is the main stage and there is another one.
Then the three of you come together.
Just let me have it for that part.
Let's all sit down for him.
Please do that, really.
Sit down when I sing "horolo", please.
Let me have some attention.
G-dragon's part was just taken out on the MR.
Hey, "Horolo" is my part, got it?
First rehearsal before the show
Just walking over there fast.
Then sing "eh eh eh" from there.
Two jumps, then walk, two jumps, walk, then go out.
Well done everyone.
This is Harajuku. Bom and Little Minzy's Harajuku date
They have some good crepe. It's really good.
I heard they have the best crepes here.
It looks very tasty.
What's the best flavor?
Her voice "Naniga oishi desuka"
You know some people improve when you keep complimenting them?
She's like that.
If she lived in the U.S. She'd probably improve in no time.
Banana chocochip icecream.
I want banana, banana.
Japanese fans recognize Minzy and Bom on the Harajuku streets.
Who wants a drink?
Wow, what's happening? You're buying everything today.
Minzy bought the crepe as well.
This never happened before.
Minzy, This really is the first time.
Hurry, what do you want to have?
What do you want?
This one?
Yes, come right now.
Good luck with everything ahead of you.
Yes, we are going to work at it.
My name is Kanako.
CL and Dara must be in Japan as well.
Wow, she's a real fan.
What's up, 2NE1.
05. 29. 2010 Award ceremony
Good morning, it's a great day.
I'm at our hotel in Japan.
Look, you can see everything outside very clearly.
We are late, everyone.
We must be late.
Hello. Time to go to the award ceremony
Thank you.
Is this the cat...?
Could you film me?
Can you always shoot me like this?
- Oh? Show me. - The eyes look freaky.
I think my eyes look too beautiful right now.
Beautiful? That's too much.
Before, it was in cat mode.
Oh, 2NE1.
Where are we?
Ah, here we are, I found it.
Uh, and here's BigBang.
Uh, I lost it, wait.
I have to track down my hand.
Where did it go? Ah, here it is.
Look everyone, it looks weird.
This is Minzy's facial expression for all pictures, right?
So I tried the same look, and well...
It's similar
It doesn¡¯t look similar.
It's the same.
OK, your turn.
What? The same look?
No, I'm scared.
Oh, banana again
Nervous about being on stage after a while
You haven't done this hair style in a while.
Right, it doesn¡¯t even hurt anymore.
Last check-up before the performance
We're going to say "hello".
Just "hello, what's up we 2NE1 that should do.
First We'll go in at "I go by the."
Then from "come in come in" we'll start the dance.
Do this if you can, when you are walking in.
Yes, just put your hands up.
Don¡¯t just walk in plainly. Let's be excited.
Get on the stage.
Let's go.
Everybody, let's get movin'.
Here comes the red carpet
The crowd cheers for BigBang
First show in Japan
BigBang monitoring 2NE1's performance
Even though they haven't been performing abroad,
they don¡¯t appear nervous and they're doing very well.
I always learn a lot from watching them. They did great today.
Yesterday was a very significant day.
Once we return to Korea we really need to get to work.
But because I haven't performed on stage in so long,
I got this craving for more.
June 2010 Back to reality
Now Minzy, were you in the 6th grade when we first met?
Back then everyone was older than you.
At first, I had no idea you were a good dancer.
You were extremely calm, really.
When she started here I didn¡¯t think she had anything to do with dancing.
I used to wear my thermals to dance.
I won a dance contest wearing thermals.
I just thought of a TV show.
You know those where a person awkwardly walks in.
Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome.
Oh, his mind is in the 8th, 16th dimension.
I'm in the 16th dimension?
- So I'm beyond the the reality? - Here's the 4th, 8th, then 16th dimension.F251`
Cheerful start of vocal training
I showed this to my mom yesterday.
Gotta dance real hard.
She said "did you even memorize the moves?"
Good, that was a lot better then the first try.
Preparing for the come back with enthusiasm
Yes, CL.
Bom's good at hitting double hitters.
I feel a home run coming up.
I know, wow.
You should do that when we are on national TV.
On national TV shows...
Uhhh, I take health meds.
Not even food.
Ah, I got a tummy ache I need to get out for a second.
Why would you have a tummy ache?
From laughing too much.
06. 13. 2010 In Busan for the opening pitch
She's eating corn bread.
Corn cream.
No, it's corn bread.
Wait, how come your cheeks are chubby?
I'm just cleaning my mouth.
Bom wore this today. Hat with ears.
It's cute.
She wouldn¡¯t take it off.
I'm looking forward to the opening pitch.
- I was practicing... - Are you prepared?
The ball has to come for me to hit it.
She'll hit if Gong(ball) Minzy comes.
That was like our cameraman's jokes.
She's acting all cute.
If the ball is here, you hold it like this.
These fingers should be further apart.
You are ripping up my fingers.
Oh, look at her face.
Bom has always been a good dancer.
Wow, controlling the beats.
This is Park Bom's flow.
My butt squashed the bread.
Now she's getting angry over here.
The sound of a boiling pot.
I'm sorry.
You said this wasn¡¯t for eating.
You weren't going to eat it.
I'm going to start blowing fire.
This is a very important starting line up.
It has an impact on the national team as well Bom and Dara in Busan for the opening pitch and hit
Oh? Look who's here. Sandara Park 2NE1
2NE1's Sandara and Bom are on the field for the opening pitch and hit.
Wow, that was a good pitch.
The pitching was very good.
Bom, trying very hard
what time it is.
It's almost one.
Today I came to practice dancing in the practice room.
Let's put the camera here. You stay right here.
I really like music. I like to sing a lot.
Even when I come for dance practice,
I start singing while I listen to the music.
Then I get into singing and stop everything else.
I need to practice, practice.
There's no time for this.
Come back!
06. 4. 2010 2NE1's special break
Let's throw him off the boat.
First vacation together
Yeah, let's go.
Ah, 2NE1.
This is chocolate.
06. 20. 2010 Back to the U.S. again...
Dara told you not to do that.
Not this again...
It's only this kind of stuff that gets on TV, like my fighting with you.
Back to the recording session
You need to give comments about the scene, rap this up.
Let's do it tomorrow.
Bom misses Dara
When's Dara coming?
At 3 o'clock?
Is she coming to the studio at 3?
Dara, hurry up.
we are here, plane has landed.
The first break since becoming singers
- You can shoot it now - No, I won't
You are trying to get me hungry, right?
It got inside.
Oh no, it won't work.
A great time after the end of a busy schedule
Get ready for us!
2NE1 TV.
A promise she could not keep for a while
This is Bom, I miss you so much... Now I've become a famous singer. I wish I could see you. Sorry I came so late. I love you, from Bom
I said I want to become a singer and asked for help.
I said I'll become a good singer.
A sincere promise that Bom bore in her heart for a long time