Juggling 3 Balls Advanced : Advanced Three-Ball Juggling: Nelson's Nemesis

Uploaded by expertvillage on 28.09.2008

Nelson's Nemesis. This is a very difficult trick, a lot of people have trouble understanding
it. And what it is, is it's basically a combination of Mills Mess and Rubenstein's Revenge which
are two patterns that most people find it kind of confusing and difficult to begin with
anyways and when you combine them, it's even more so. But, it looks like this. Okay. You can kind of see the similarity between
that and Rubenstein's Revenge. The way it works, the way I start it is with two continuous
outside throws, like the Reverse Cascade. This is your Reverse Cascade. Two of these
throws are the first two throws of Nelson's Nemesis. So, my one throw and two throw. After
I throw the second Reverse Cascade throw, I reach underneath, grab the first one and
pull it over the top. I then take the other hand and swoop with the other hand as well
and start to pattern back on the other side to keep it continuous, like that. The tough
part of this is that reach across catch and bring over the top. That is Nelson's Nemesis.
Good luck!