Ep 4: R & R - Run & Rehab (Every Singaporean Son)

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B-M-T-C got condo pool
Sunset view look pretty cool
Wear all black ma-cheam pro team
But run so much where got time to swim 00:00:27.00,00:00:27.90 Instructor: Don't run, don't run...
Recruits: One!
Recruit Daryl: I'm very, very, very tired.
Quite... very physically tiring week.
All our schedule is very packed.
Recruit Danial: I think this is the toughest week. This week is PT all the way...
Recruit Dewei: And everyday, it's packed with 3 activities...
Which is our PT group run...
basic combat training... and SOC.
CPT Roger Chen:We understand that the recruits are feeling tired this week,
but training has been progressive.
The recruits are facing the increased intensity
because we want to improve their physical fitness
by pushing them beyond what their comfortable with.
Run... then crunching... then run again, then...
It's crazy!
Instructor: Jogging, evening do timing?
You drink, drink... you loose a lot of water then you...
Quite popular...
Dairi Kiri, Cepat Jalan!
It did look like a resort. It looks very nice... very modern...
I thought it was spacious and big, and nice.
CPT Roger Chen: Everyone is going for "aqua-jogging".
(recruits cheering)
Instructor: Good afternoon Orion Company!
(Recruits greet instructor “Good afternoon instructor!”)
What you're going to do for swim 2 is called "aqua-jogging"...
not "Ah Qwah", okay? It's "aqua-jogging"!
This is the "aqua-jogging" belt, okay?
First, I'll demonstrate how you're going to wear this.
Latch here. See the buckle here.
(Recruits “Yes instructor!”)
Okay, put in... push...
The purpose of "aqua-jogging" is to? Rehab.
Meaning that, if let's say you've got injury... leg injury,
or let's say, your back injury.
If you're unable to jog on the track or on the treadmill, you can jog inside the water.
So with this belt, it'll assist you to stay afloat,
intensity is the same, but just that, less impact.
Okay, those non-swimmers, those who cannot swim.
Okay, you will be forming up on one side.
Okay, those swimmers, you'll be forming up in the middle.
The swimming lesson, it's actually more of a break to us.
As in... because, after this we're going to have our SOC, another physical training.
Going to a pool really helps us to relax ourselves a bit more.
When we get into a pool, it's really nice!
Because... it... it cools your whole body down and your muscles get relaxed.
It wasn't really a break because it was too short.
As you can see, the company strength is quite big.
There's no way we can spend longer time in the pool.
I think everyone wishes that they... they will spend way longer time in the pool.
3SG Glen Liang: Let's go.
CPT Roger Chen: I'm confident that the recruits will be able to cope with the training.
We've catered sufficient rest and ensured close supervision to monitor their progress.
3SG Glen Liang: As long as they continue to put in effort and then they rest in the night,
I believe they can cope with their training.
Recruit Danial (screaming)
So far, I don't feel too tired, but I think by Friday... everyone will be shagged...
because no matter how fit we are, it's catered towards who's fit to do more.
So I'm doing more than the rest so by the end everyone is equally tired.
Recruit Danial (screaming)
Recruit Danial (screaming)
Well certainly I'm able to cope with the training because...
I've been through worse than this.
Recruit Daryl (screaming)
Every week we say this is our worst week ever.
But I think next week we will say the same thing.