Space Battleship Yamato Resurrection 宇宙戦艦ヤマト復活篇 9 9

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Mankind losing homeland.
Homeland...too late to cherish.
History of human on Earth was...
...rob, desert, destroy, rebuild, and even playing ruler of life. 5 00:00:50,000 --> 00:00:55,000 They're just a tiny moment in the universe .
We can't secure even a soil we stand...
We're nothing...
We're loser.
Migration is second chance to live better.
What's happening?
Still alive?
Barely waiting for this moment.
Now Earth becomes a part of our world.
So called "black-hole" in your terminology...'s an entrance to our world...'s our transporter's dimension crack.
Our world behind the transporter is beyond your imagination.
But resources are short there. We need to secure them from outside.
To live on, we need your soil.
You're our resource mine.
Stars, human, organs, materials, and all others construct our world.
Earth! Be part of us!
You're destined to reborn as our resource materials.
Farewell, Kodai!
I see it! It's artificial.
Must be transporter device.
Maho, run entire ECI and scan over dimensional crack.
Yes, sir.
Don't give up till last moment. General quarters!
Yes, sir.
Dimensional transporter... Dimension crack...
Where are you?
There you are!
Identified highest energy exhaust point, sir.
Transmit the map.
Located 300km inside the gas tube, sir.
Black-hole's gizmo...
Ready transition motion wave gun!
Yes, sir.
Engine room, ready transition wave motion gun.
Captain, gravity distortion it too high...
...we may miss it, sir.
Probably for single shot. What about six together?
Maho, punch the numbers!
Yes, sir.
6 at once, sir?
Otherwise, we can't beat that monster.
Captain, theoretically, it's possible...but...
But what?
...not sure if Yamato's hull can hold after firing...
Earth must survive, not Yamato.
No objection if Yamato's sacrifice saves Earth.
Chief! What's up?
We found full-deploy program!
Probably protected, but the calculation unlocked the program.
Transmitting the system diagram.
Must be Mr. Sanada.
New Yamato...
Great work, Mr. Sanada. But it's high risk operation. He wasn't hopoing to unvail.
Captain, let's do it.
1st and 2nd engines, energy charge for 120%.
Getting ready for full exhaust!
Yamato, all ahead full.
Captain, 3 minutes 20 seconds to the target.
Engine room, let's go!
Any time, sir.
Mr. Kamijo, step aside. I pull the trigger.
Protect your eyes!
For future of Earth and Solar System...
Inifinite universe... full of light and sound.
Stars fading in and out.
Trully, universe lives itself.
Dedicated for Mr. Yasushi Miyagawa (original Yamato song composer) and his fellows.