Cancer Survivor Celebration

Uploaded by univoflouisville on 06.05.2011

Today’s event is a cancer survivor celebration and this is our 12th year of
sponsoring this with the Brown Cancer Center and Kentucky Cancer program.
We have over 900 guests coming today
and it is a day for cancer survivors to celebrate their survivorship
Be with other cancer survivors and a family member and we’re here to celebrate.
To celebrate Pegasus parade day.
And to enjoy getting ready for Derby.
We’ve invited guest this year to wear Derby hats and
we’re actually having judging for the wildest infield hat
and the best rosegarden hat.
This is my horse's behind back here
That's me.
As I’ve said my favorite part of derby is our cancer survivor’s program.
We have over 1,000 cancer survivors and
they’re an inspiration to us because they face cancer head on
and fought the fight and they’re the reason we do what we do
I always try with whatever I’m doing to find a philanthropic side
to it a cause you know find a cause related to it and it’s really great to see
smiles on people’s faces and see you know happiness spread throughout
so I’m just excited to be here and experience something brand new to me.
It’s basically to celebrate I think UofL’s technology
and that you know you run into so many people
I was in stage 4 I was in this I was in that but look at me I’m surviving
I mean if I didn’t tell you my story
you wouldn’t know it was me I said it’s just letting people know that
the cancer can be beat and it's not just surviving it's thriving
after you survive.