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DAVID: Hey, guys.
I'm David with DanceOn.
And I'm giving you your weekly recap of So You Think You Can
Dance season nine.
This week, we watched the top 10 perform.
And they introduced the top 10 all stars for the season,
which is very exciting.
The group routine for this week was a tribute to Gene
Kelly, choreographed by Tyce Diorio.
And it was super, super cute.
I think that at this point, Tyce's forte is group
routines, really.
A few little stand out moments were Eliana's leg.
Always Eliana's leg.
And also Chehon's turns in the middle of
it were just perfect.
His core was perfect.
He's great.
My favorites for this week were tied between two pieces.
So I'm going to start with one of the pieces that I really,
really liked.
And I'm going to end with one of the pieces
that I really liked.
So it's going to be like a sandwich sort of a deal just
to mix it up.
The first of the two pieces that were my favorites was the
shadow piece, choreographed by Spencer Liff.
I really loved the choreography of this routine.
I loved the concept.
And Jacob is just sensational.
When they were doing the back bends, Lindsay was getting it.
But he literally went so much further than her.
I did get a chance to look at Lindsay and take my eyes away
from him for a second.
And she was doing really well, too.
They were both hitting their marks.
It was a really, really solid piece.
Very well choreographed.
And I really, really enjoyed it.
Tiffany and Brandon's disco was really fun.
Brandon landed that first flip.
And Tiffany was giving some serious ballroom dance.
I really loved the spinning lift where she
was sort of a bridge.
There was this one where, not a lift, but a trick where she
slid down him and wrapped around his leg.
And that was a little bit clunky.
But other than that, I really thought that all of the tricks
and stuff in this routine were super solid.
Whitney and Nick's jazz routine was sort of
lukewarm for me.
The one with the microphone.
I just thought that it was a little sloppily choreographed.
A lot of the transitions were awkward.
And the mike stand was just sitting there for the rest of
the routine, and nobody was using it, which was very
distracting for me.
It was a joy to see Nick dance on the show again because I
just love him.
And Whitney was great.
She performed and she was specific.
I just didn't think it was a well choreographed piece.
I was torn with Cole and Anya's cha cha because Anya's
just so good.
But Cole is like creepy.
There was no connection really.
And he was just creepy.
I don't know if he came all the way out of his evil place
that he's been in for the past few weeks.
Anya also seemed to be doing a lot of the work for Cole.
And at the end, they both looked really stressed out
just about the dance.
And they just dropped their performance.
I don't know what was going on.
Will and Katherine's snake charmer routine was adorable.
Will is adorable.
He just always performs and commits himself.
And every now and then, he would pop his leg up.
And that was a surprise.
And it's like, oh, right.
He's also a really good dancer.
When they showed the slo-mo clip, I did end up looking at
his leg, and I wish he had a better point.
But that's sort of nit picking.
And whatever.
He's great.
Jamie and Cyrus's routine was fine.
In the package, they already had Travis overshooting
Cyrus's ability and calling him a star.
And they were all babying him as usual.
On the bright side, I don't want to pick on Cyrus week
after week.
It'll be nice for him to look back and see that he did this
routine, and this show made it possible for him to do a
contemporary dance.
I really think that the show has value for him.
I just don't find the sense in him competing with people like
Chehon or George, or any of these guys.
Chehon and Lauren's hip hop was really fun.
I enjoyed watching Chehon loosen up.
He could loosen up a little bit more.
And he was still a little-- especially next to Lauren,
who's just like got it down.
But he was connecting with her.
And you could tell that he works his butt off
to master the style.
And so I think that for him, it was a big accomplishment.
The George and Allison train stop routine was sort of
lukewarm for me.
Of course I loved watching Allison dance
because she's fantastic.
But Tyce was overshooting it with his choreography.
George was overshooting it with his performance a lot.
But George still had some good tricks.
His technique was good.
There was like a turning jump in second.
That was awesome.
The only thing that I have to say is that his point is not--
his feet are ugly.
Audrey and tWitch's zombie corpse routine was very well
choreographed, and it was super fun to watch tWitch.
I do wish Audrey had hit the moves a little bit harder.
It's really hard when you're dancing next to tWitch, who's
amazing at the style, and an amazing performer.
It was a joy to watch him perform his routine.
But I definitely was feeling like Audrey needed to give a
little bit more.
The last in our sandwich of favorite routines, and
probably my favorite of the night, was Eliana and Alex's
Stacey Tookey, Tucci--
I never know how to say her name.
But that routine, it was amazing.
They were just both such amazing dancers.
I knew it would be ridiculous going in.
And then after I just saw the routine--
there are no words.
They are both phenomenally trained dancers.
Phenomenal performers, as well.
The lighting, the tree, everything about this routine,
it was so well choreographed.
It was just such a joy to watch them do that.
It definitely one of my favorites of
the season so far.
They sent Audrey home this week.
And that makes sense because they already have Tiffany,
who's a similar type.
And I think that Tiffany's better, personally.
Also, in Audrey's solo, I noticed that she kept kicking
up her right leg.
And then when they showed her reel, she
really does that a lot.
She was a little bit of a one trick pony in that respect.
George was the guy to go home, which is sad because his solo
really was the best he had danced all
season like Nigel said.
I thought it was choreographed very interestingly, too.
It was very cool.
I feel like it could have been like a Sonya
Tayeh piece, or something.
Between him and Chehon it really made sense to send
George home.
So I understand that choice.
Anyway, that's all for this week.
Let me know what you thought of the dances.
What you thought of the all stars.
If you have any favorites that you're rooting for.
Any opinions that changed.
Let me know in the comments.
I'll be there to discuss.
And until next week, that you guys so much for watching.
I'll see you later.