Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe : Adding Crushed Potatoes for Stuffed Tomatoes

Uploaded by expertvillage on 03.03.2008

Hi this is Neha on behalf of Expert Village. What you need to do is add tomato, a little
bit, like this much will do, add some more. And then what you need to do is, wait for
a sec. I mean basically for like 1minute, and then you need to add the ingredients what
you all have. Now comes the stuffing part. We'll be actually preparing the stuffing right
now, and we'll be putting it in tomatoes later on. For stuffing we have more potatoes which
we have just mashed it, we have cauliflower and we have peas, which we're going to make
mixture. We've only put onions and tomatoes into it. Now it's the time to put the potato;
put it like this, and then fry it. Put the flame on low flame. Again do your second potato,
the third one and the fourth one, and fry it hot, like this.