Ray Rice: "Myshaun's Story"

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Music for animation. It was 1998.
How old was I then? I’m 23 now, so 1998.
Anyway, 1998.
My cousin Myshaun Rice.
His nick-name was “Supe” spelled S.U.P.E.
I just remember that day vivid.
My mom called me downstairs
and said “Shaun has been in a car accident”.
I’m like, “what do you mean a car accident”? And then they said he’s probably not gonna
make it. So the long days go on
you know, he’s fighting for his life. And uh, so, we got the phone call
that said he didn’t make it. His wife died instantly.
He was hit by a drunk driver. He didn’t know when he was driving home
that day. He was out with his wife celebrating
because he had just signed his record deal. He wasn’t drunk, nothing!
And the story gets even worse because his wife was killed on the spot while she
was in the car with him and he left behind two children.
When the wife and husband go at the same time. Then I got to see the children growing up
you know, and I don’t have any kids but I feel like I got to be a father figure
to them when I see them all the time you know.
When I look in their faces I got to see my cousin.
and I always feel like he’s talking to me. Telling me, you know “finish your dream”.
“One thing you got to do is finish your dream”.
“You started something, now you got to finish it.”
So, today, I’m just left with a memory. That situation there because he was the first
one to go out there and do what you got to do.
The first one to show everybody If you got a dream, pursue your dream.
You know, that not only changed me, but it changed my whole family
for the rest of our lives. I have a cousin right now who played basketball.
His life was never the same. He was overseas playing basketball.
He couldn’t go back overseas anymore because it damaged him to the point where
he couldn’t focus on anything else but my cousin Myshaun.
So, today I just felt like I needed to come out and tell you this because
it still affects me. You know, today I live through a memory.
You know, I got a tattoo on my arm for anyone who sees it.
It says his name, SUPE. And it says 3-21-98.
That’s the day that, you know, he was designated dead.
And a question mark, a question mark. so, when people see the date
and the question mark, They always ask me,
“What’s the question mark?” I tell people a little of the story,
but the question mark is for the day that God lets me see him again.
You know, I’ve been in situations where I’ve been out before.
But I’ve never ever gotten behind the wheel drunk.
I’ve always had somebody responsible enough. And we have safe ride solutions, transit,
trains, call a cab, you know even Designate a friend.
If you’re out there at night and if they’re a real friend to you
somebody will take the back seat and say, “I’m not gonna drink tonight”.
And that’s what good friends will do. But I’ve always been in situations
when I’ve been blessed to be around great people,
a great environment, that someone’s always sober driving me.
You know, even if you’re tired. It don’t even have to be a drink.
You could be tired. Fall asleep behind the wheel.
If we’re out, somebody has to be responsible. The one thing I know is
if you’re drunk driving even if you have one drink.
Some people’s tolerance levels are different than others.
Because of body weight, size different forms and shapes and sizes of people.
it could be one shot, one drink. That’s one too many!
You got to trust yourselves. Even if you’re out driving
your car is not more important than your life. Leave your car there.
Today I just wanted to share my story with you because
I think that our community is great. I love being in Baltimore
I love being around the people and I love being around fans.
And we all love to have fun But that fun is not worth taking somebody’s
life. you can do many things to have fun
and not worry about taking somebody’s life when you go out.
Trust me, I’ll be one of the people you’ll see out!
I’m not bashful, I like to have fun but you’ll never see me drunk
or in a situation when I’m drunk driving. Especially after this season to.
All these wins that are gonna be around here! (applause).
But I’ll leave you on this note. It was definitely a calling for me
to tell you about my cousin’s situation. Because I still feel like he talks to me today.
He wants everybody to know what he’s been through.
Right now, I’m not wishing on anything but my dream will be complete when
obviously my name is in the record books And all that, but
my real dream is to tell him how many people heard your story out, you know.
And the day my dream is finished is the day I see him again.
Thank you for having me. I’ll be sticking around and
I’m looking forward to meet and greet and I appreciate you for hearing my story.
I really do. Thank you! (applause)
Music for animation.