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Hey, y'all.
Celestina here.
I want to talk to you about "Bunheads." It just premiered
tonight, and I really, really like the show.
It's very quick-witted, very fast-paced type dialogue, you
got to keep up and you're like--
It's about this girl, Michelle, she's a Vegas show
girl, and she's trying to take her career to the next level,
doesn't seem like it's working.
There's this guy, he's persistent, she's like OK,
what the heck?
We'll get married.
So he's from Paradise.
They go to Paradise.
Well, Paradise doesn't really look too much like paradise.
Let's talk a little bit about the characters.
There are so many great characters.

OK, you might think Hubbell's a bit annoying.
But you know what I have to say?
He is persistent.
He is an example of somebody who says I'm not
taking no for an answer.
I'm going to get what I want.
He found his dream.
He had a dream girl in mind, and he got her.
Now, with Hubbell, I was a little biased.
Because he brought her African flowers.
And me being West African and all, I was like ah-- he
knows what's up.
My sister was like where's he getting
African flowers and that.
No sense.
But there are other reasons why I like his character.
Hubbell's mom, she got a lot of attitude.
She thought that was her house.
First I thought he couldn't man up.
I was like mm, he looks a little weak.
But he manned up.
He was like pause, don't be talking about
my woman like that.
Don't be all yapping, yapping, yapping.
Bring it down.
This is my house.
I pay the bills.
She's my wife.
She had it.
Take a chill pill.
Help us with that.
But Sasha?
Her bun's a little too big.
That's what I think.
I just want to grab her by her little bunhead, snatch that
ponytail, bring it down.
Bring it down.
I'm not violent.
I'm really not.
That's how I felt for a quick second.
One of my favorite lines was he's like oh,
girl looks like Qaddafi.
I was like oh, yes she does.
Yes she does.
But the one part that I was like ah!
I don't know if Hubbell is dead, or if he's just
seriously injured.
And then I'm like OK, did Truly--
was she the one driving, and she hit him?
That's why she was sorry?
Or she just heard about it or just happened to be there?
Not very clear as to what went down, because you seem a
little bit crazy.
And I wouldn't be surprised to know you were
just waiting for him.
And you were so mad he didn't marry you, you just waited for
him and now you set it up a little bit.
But I don't know.
Leave comments below.
What do you think?
Think she killed him?
Do you think he's dead?
Do you think he's not dead?
They really want to make sure you watch next week, that's
what that is. hm.
He's dead.
I think I'm going to watch next week.
All right, well, I'm Celestina, and you're checking
out CelestinaTV.
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And I am signing off.