Shoe Bombers, crotch bombers, 9/11 and Israel

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We got
Shoe Bombers,
Crotch Bombers, we got 9/11
...and we've got Israel.
I'm David Duke, and
I can remember a time when you could get on a bus
hand the driver a five
and he would make change,
and when you got on a plane
not a metal detector was insight
and when you sat down
and looked at the guy next to you
you didn't worry about what kind of
underwear he had on.
What changed?
Americans went from the most
beloved people in the world
to the most hated people on earth.
They hate us so much
that thousands of people are even willing to put a bomb up their own ass
just to kill us -
Why did this happen?
In the days after 9/11 President Bush told us that
these devastating attacks happened because
"They hate our freedom."
"Americans are asking why do they hate us?
They hate what they see right here in this chamber, they hate our freedoms."
But here is some
9/11 testimony
on the motivation for the attacks:
Testimony left out of the final 9/11 report.
Here is a commission member
avoiding a question by James Morris on what motivated the 9/11 attackers:
"Mister Hamilton I have a quick question for you sir, I spoke to you on C-SPAN about a month
ago and we talked about Israeli policy ..Yes but why aren't we talking about the gorilla in the room?
The gorilla in the room is US support for Israel. You had made a mistake earlier,
you had said that the Israeli Palestinian
dispute wasn't addressed in the 9/11 Commission Report I beg to differ with that on page 147
it is stated that the plotter of 9/11 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was driven to attack us
not because of radical ideologies as stated by Mr. Blair, but because of US support
for Israel, why are we not addressing that sir?"
"May we go to the next question please, thank you very much."
Here he is at a book signing
that our support for Israel
had a major role in causing 9/11.
If the attacker's simply hated freedom
why did they not attack Switzerland
or Iceland
the oldest democracies on earth?
The primary motivation
of those who attack us
is because the American government
supports Israel's conquest,
ethnic cleansing,
and murder of the Palestinian people
as shown by the recent carnage in Gaza.
The establishment does not want the American people to understand this.
Because people might begin to wonder whether supporting Israel's huge crimes
is worth it.
So what happened between the time
I was a young man and 9/11 and crotch bombers?
Israel happend,
to be more precise
what happened was the complete takeover of American foreign policy and really American
politics by Jewish extremists.
The Washington post casually wrote a few years ago that sixty percent
of Democratic campaign funds for US President
and a huge proportion of Republican funds
come from Jewish sources.
It's the same now,
Obama's largest corporate contributor
Goldman Sachs,
the most powerful
the Jewish controlled international bank
in the world.
The CEO of Goldman Sachs
is mister
The most important
and powerful lobby in the United States Congress
the American Israel Public Affairs Committee - now get that, doesn't it seem odd that the
most powerful lobby in our US Congress
is for a foreign country?
During the Clinton years Maariv a leading newspaper in Israel reported that and I quote:
- unquote -
Even the Jewish dominated American
media admits that Zionist fanatics
Paul Wolfowitz
and Richard Perle
were the chief architects of the Iraq war
a war based on lies and really fought
for Israel and not for America.
Bush's White House Chief of Staff
was none other
than Jewish extremist Josh Bolten
who has close ties with Chabad Lubavitch,
a Jewish
extremist organization
that preaches
the only reason
that we Gentiles exist at all
is to be servants
to Jews.
If you don't believe that
check out Chabad for yourselves.
Obama is no different than Bush,
his White House Chief of Staff is Rahm Emanuel
who was named after an Israeli terrorist
and who served in the Israeli army
rather than the American army in the Gulf War.
Here he is with Lubavitch leaders lighting a huge menorah outside the White House.
Christians who are
eighty percent of the American people
can not have
a Christian Christmas symbol
outside of the White House.
But extremist Jews who are only three percent of the population
can put up
Jewish organizations have long lead the fight
to ban the Christian aspect
of Christmas.
At the same time Christian symbols are banned,
Lubavitch erects thousands of menorahs
on public land.
The Jewish extremists do a lot more
than ban
Christian symbols and put up menorahs,
they have dragged us into Israel's brutal wars and terrorism
in the West Bank
and in Gaza
and Lebanon
and in the war for Israel in Iraq
and Afghanistan,
and they made the United States pay for it all,
and boy have we payed and payed and payed.
With their lobby
and their media power
hundreds of billions of taxpayers' dollars have been sent
to Israel.
Our myopic support for Israel's crimes
cost us TRILLIONS of dollars
because of the
blow back of 9/11
and trillions more and subsequent wars for Israel in Iraq and Afghanistan
and we've lost
our security,
our privacy, and many of our
precious freedoms.
In addition to the almost three thousand lives lost in 9/11
at least fifty thousand Americans have been maimed or killed
in these wars for Israel and hundreds of thousands have suffered
from mental illness or injury
because of these wars.
We went to war
to fight
yet our controlled media
covers up the fact that Israel itself
has committed
cold blooded
acts of terrorism and murder
against Americans
such as in the Lavon Affair
and the attack on the USS Liberty.
Here's a picture of Israel's President
giving medals to Jewish terrorists who bombed American facilities
in the Lavon Affair.
He called them
The pictures didn't appear
in the mainstream American media
in the Israeli media.
You don't have to wonder why -
In the attack and the US Liberty which are Secretary of State, Dean Rusk
called 'knowing and deliberate'
thirty four Americans were killed and a 173 burned,
wounded, or maimed terribly.
After Israel's terror attacks on us we didn't bomb Tel-Aviv
with anything other than
rooms full of
your taxpayer money.
Only when you dominate politics and the media
can you get away with such things as
committing terrorism
against America
and get money for it.
We got shoe bombs,
we got crotch bombs,
we got 9/11,
we got the catastrophe of the Iraq war and Afghanistan -
Because we got
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