Making of "Sorta Friends" - Written By A Kid Ep 8 Behind The Scenes

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ROQUE BALLESTEROS: The appeal of "Sorta Friends" for me was
immediately when I heard that story, I felt like I'm
listening to a Hollywood executive tell me the plot of
the next big romantic $80 million hit.
It made me think, wow, how early on do you really pick up
that kind of stuff?
And the whole nuances of the relationship.
It wasn't clean cut in the way that, oh, the girl meets the
boy and they fall in love and they get married.
It was like they're kind of friends but not really.
I don't think she knows how mature she is with that story.
Because that's kind of how relationships are,
they're not clean cut.
SIERRA: And she had a friend John that she met every time
when she went on the beach.
MALE SPEAKER: Is there a love interest there?
Do they like each other?
SIERRA: They're just friends.
MALE SPEAKER: They're just friends.
ROQUE BALLESTEROS: The style for that particular one--
because the story she was telling you would expect to
girl to tell as kind of this perfect picture fairy tale
prince kind of thing--
I thought placing it and visualizing it in that world
would be great.
But then to have all the acting and the way that she's
telling the story, again, be that subtext of it's not all
cool, and this is weird, and there's kind of weird
relationship going on.
I thought that would be a great juxtaposition of the two
competing messages.
In her delivery, I think she did it a number of times.
SIERRA: They were sort of still friends, sort of not.
ROQUE BALLESTEROS: We could have easily put something
animated on top of that, but I'm like,
no, we need see that.
Because that encompasses the relationship she's talking
about right there.
DANIEL STRANGE: There was a lot of Sierra's original story
that we didn't have time to put in the final episode.
SIERRA: He has a round face and short hair.
JOSH FLAUM: The initial anematic, our idea was to have
him animated as a handsome guy.
And then we actually asked Sierra is he a really good
looking guy?
And she goes, well, so so.
MALE SPEAKER: So he's handsome ?
DANIEL STRANGE: We were like, hey, this is how
she described it.
So Ghostbot went back and they redrew.
So even though you don't hear Sierra say, this is what they
look like, we still tried to stay true to her story.
ROQUE BALLESTEROS: Since there are backgrounds, it's not like
the character is in a live action world, it's like the
character is in their own environment.
Placing the character in that is a little bit easier than in
"La Munkya," for example.
In this particular case, actually we are
also using a composer.
Because a big part of "Sorta Friends" is that whole
dramatic soap opera music that kicks in.
SIERRA: And then when she was 20 they're more friends then
they were ever.
MALE SPEAKER: The big ending.
MALE SPEAKER: The big ending.
SIERRA: There is no big ending.
MALE SPEAKER : There's not even a little ending.
ROQUE BALLESTEROS: There's no happy--
gone are the days of the fairytale prince and princess
and they live happily ever after.
It's like, no, there's no happy ending.
I'm assuming she probably has that story crafted in her
brain of "Sorta Friends" part two.
I don't know, I'm just scared for when my daughter becomes
that age or gets to that dating age of, is this what
it's really going to be about?
I don't know, that's a snapshot, that's a snapshot
right there.