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Can you write a song in 30 days?
different answers from various people
that female songwriter, that male composer
Park Shin Hye & Yoon Kun
that woman
the woman from ROK who has crossed over successfully throughout Asia
who is sometimes gentle, sometimes sexy,
at times romantic and refreshingly charming hot great star, actress
Park Shin Hye
they don't know whom they are meeting, but they are on their way.
i'm so curious. is he much older than i?
my actress companion? I am nervous, very curious and
hmmm can't figure out who she is.
i hope this person is versatile with instruments.
you know how girls like a man who can play either
the piano or guitar while singing to the girl
why can't i do this?
this has a mysterious feeling
this has a doraji(bell flower root) scent
imagining it is late afternoon,
he is sitting by window and stream of warm light shines thru while
he is playing the piano
i hope she is not too pretty
him wearing a warm beige knit top holding a warm cup of tea
if I am not interested in that person it will show on my face
i'm A type what if we clash? oh dear what will happen?
i'm worried about my expresion.
i will need to talk
is it BEAST yong jun hyun?
or 2PM junsoo?
hk? no, he does not write songs.
YH? C.N.Blue oh yh??
i'm on my way to meet her
nervous, not sure what to expect but i think e will have a good time
am i here 1st? why isn't she here yet?
why isn't she coming?
i'm very nervous. this is a good opportunity to meet
i saw him lounging on the sofa watching tv.
i though for a moment i entered the wrong apt.
this is so neat. this is my first time
same here, this is my 1st time doing a reality show
same so let's see if we can cause havoc on this show
this is awkward
this is where we will be working
really? its so pretty here
i didn't prepare anything here but it is nice
what shall we do 1st?
well since we are here why don't we look around
i guess since u are an actress you don't eat cookies
which actress did you meet?
did you meet someone before me.
yes there was.
I was distracted by her.
She(the actress) plays the guitar and sings as well.
there are many actresses like that
no there aren't
oh really?
I think you're unique
it's hot in here
so will i be able to watch u play the piano?
this is the beginning. from here on out it seems we wll be spending lots of time together
later on you may say not to play coz it is too noisy
oh really?
what kind of music do u like?
is there a special singer?
say with no burden
well i enjoy listening to you
it's better now than before
yes it seems so
we have a mission it is to come up
with a song and later on stage...
in 30 days they have to come up with a song together.
what kind of song will it be?
what is that?
this is a ukele
oh really
in High Kick i had
a scene singing a carol, playing the ukele while pretending to be on a boat
then can u sing that song from that time
i 'm not doing too well because u keep staring at me.
why can't i play the ukele well?
how did that go again?
then how about the piano?
I was moved when I listened to him
well sthg like that
since I did one it is now oyur turn with the guitar
my turn?
why did i bring the guitar?
go ahead and try
I'm curious about the song's feeling
how can that be?? i'm so nervous that ...
oh i was wrapped up in that song
you definitely have the feeling there
thank you
this feels like an audition program
yes. did i fail ...pass?
yes you came in 1st
so it seems... uh...
how should i refer to you as?
we've spent nearly 1 hr talking and...
i dont know what to call u.
i'm much younger than u so please be at ease with me
oh it is not so easy.
Since we have to compose together well...let'
i really can? i can?
yes, of course
ok then what do you want to call me?
oh i don't know. let's see...
since we have to get to know each quickly i prefer oppa
then let's do well Shin Hye
but i'm...
it's already 6:30
what do you like?
I like Korean food
what should one do to get to know one's partner quickly?
is there a place in the city u like?
i'm from Kwangju so..
if u are from there then u must know how to cook well.your mom too.
food from that region is famous
yes, Chollado region
yes, i really like the food from that area
oh really. i looked u up on the internet.
during middle school i had no interest in studying music in college.
it was only a hobby. mom told me to become a great guy.
before my debut at that time i had a few regrets after i graduated.
because there are many kids who don't graduate from music school
because they become entertainers so it comes naturally to them
and they do it so well i didn't like that so
i had a hard time then.
oh, this is the 1st time and i'm saying so many personal things
i was curious as to how he started n the music business.
i didn't want things to be awkward between us
so i jsut told her everything even realizing what i did.
i never say anything like this to someone i've never met before
oh really?
coz it's too serious.
oh but this is fun.
after asking you and you telling me
i wondered if i made a mistake asking u.
no, no not at all
its my type A personality
are u A?
coz she is an A type i have to be slightly cautious
why? what are u?
people who say that are usually type A?
oh really?
yes these days
i don't know why everyone htinks i'm an AB type,
but i'm not
oh really? then are u B?
i didn't thnk he was B but an A,
but he is B
why are u frownng?
yes u are like a B
oh really?
if the girl is an A then i think it is ok
it's been awhile
i think it has been about 3 yrs since i was last in Insadong.
this is the 1st time for me to walk thru these alleys
Korean restaurant in Insadong "Meeting Place"
since we are meeting for the 1st tiem lets have a drink, ok?
just a light drink?
wondered since we are meeting liekthis for the 1st tiem if we were going to drink
good thing about drinking is one relaxes and opens up...
about 30%
i thik we won't be saying a word until we're done coz look at all the food
coz we're too hungry
this is the 1st time i'm eating with my fingers in front of a girl.
is it ok?
of course
here is the drink
i'll give u one. here...
how is it?
this has a doraji flavor (bellflower root)
but i find it sweet. why?
really? at first there seems to be a bitter kind of...taste?
when i compose, i use the piano
togethr the piano and guitar
seem to go well together
yes they do.
I think u will help me be inspried
oh really? how should this happen?
drink more.
She needs to drink more to open up
it has a doraji taste!
u got a text
hold on
keep eating
are u done?
oh really?
call me when u arrive
is someone coming?
someone else??
i got worried. who is this person?
I can't tell u now.
This isn't some kind of raid?
not in front of pretty girls, so no
this is dangerous! what should i do?
who are my clsoe firends?
Well my You are beautiful friends
KS oppa, HK, YH
and GoAra. do u know her?
suddenly u lightened up!
yes u did!
i think PSH is prettier!!
it is very obvious
they're here.
Hip Hop buddies, Gil & Gary
i was so surprised i couldn't lift my hand
i decided to call them over to put her at ease
nice atmoshpere here
one shot, --- scent, liquor shot blah blah....
she says she can't drink much
ey, lies...
it's the truth. i can't drink too much
2 bottles
what? no!
i can't
ok 40% then
she enjoys biking along Han River
from Chamsil to
oh the 2 of u are..
u live in Chamsil?
yes in Pungnamdong
yes Yongpa
i'm Chamsil
really? my brother also went to Chamsil
i'm a big fan of theirs
speak comfortably
you guys are similar in age
u are writng lyrics and u are compsoing the melody
Shin Hye must have a musci style
i like cute accoustic songs
oh hongdae style.
hyung like sad ballads so since your styles don't match,let's go!
oh change musicians suddenly here??
u guys are similar here and on the radio.
oyur way of talking, your gestures
do well Y
look at SH & Gary,
they are getting along really well. u are in a triangle here.
hey what are u implying here?
i really like you music also
its' coming out in April so buy it then
ey, what are u saying! i'll give it to u for free!
put it on a usb or on a cellphone
she knows Go Ara
oh really?
you guys really like her
no you're prettier
u said the same thing i did!
these are complete lies!
this is difficult. you guys are too...
you 2 meet like this
why are u like this...
hyung u are too well mannered. learn from Gary so u can learn quickly!
she is opening up a bit
SH adapts really well...
are u ok?
this is fun
remember long ago u parted ur hair in the center and dyed it blonde
be quiet
and wore a fishing hat on his head that's how he went around
we have to do this duet what type of music should it be? what can the 2 of u say?
Once Once
but they are not upbeat
it's ok i like them
next week I'm releasing Once as a single
oh really?
u should promote it
it ws in ht epapers today.u are singing once with Seohyun
you are snging with SNSD Seohyun?
oh really?
why are u like that?
do u prefer Seohyun or SH?
Shin Hye is pretty
i think soemthing more refreshing will suit SH well
know that song from that movie "all i want to do...
i think that music and lyrics suits SH well
thank you
Fighting both of u do well.
wasn't that fun?
yes. i laughed lots
thanks for giving me tips on how to searching within myself
that's good then, we did well coming here.
then if its ok, let's return to our place,
have coffe at the cafe below and go back and try
shall we?
what if he takes u to his studio?
is this it?
i didn't know we were coming here today
I was nervous seeing htis place.
is this the swithc?
Oh look at this!
i made all of them one by one.
i made this
u made this?
i connected all the chains i put this entire thing together.
it took about 10 hrs
i'll show u
yes show me how
here do it this way and this tak, tak , tak...
oh 2nd flr is private. excuse me...
wooahhhh so cool
it's messy
it's just the way i envisioned lots of music sheets
oh so cool
yes when my hair was dark
there is even a piano.
so cool.
can u play jsut once? a song?
hey, we have plenty of time
oh i want to hear so badly
well just one page
1st time seeing him play so it was a new experience. i was moved
well then next time we meet let's give each otehr an assignemnt
let's take an existing song and create new lyrics.
in our country we can messit up easily so do it with a pop song
pop song?
which one?
is this the beginning?
let's go
oh Shin Hye
i had a great time
so did i even though we met for the 1st time today
and i got to see ur studio
let's be upbeat and although we have this burden,
let's meet again next time
go well
i was happy and had a great time. feel somewhat energized
we met for the 1st time but things seem to be working out
day 29
musician YG composing melody in his studio
lyricist actress SH alone in her space
both will present the musci & lyrics to each other. song?
What is the tone of the
day 27
they've both decided to meet on a street in Hongdae on afternoon.
what will happen today?
what were u looking at?
there seems to be an indie band event today.
u said u liked indie bands.
I don't know if it was because it was our 2nd meeting, but it was more relaxed.
Shinhye seemed more at ease. Her face showed.
I lke these kinds of figurines
how can this be! the monkeys are posed like ths!
look at their expresssion
i don't buy these kinds of notebooks.
to tell u the truth when i come to places like this - have u ever heard of
"stressful choice?" i get dizzy coz i don't know what to look for
I really like these things
this song!
well.... inside it's my song. now that i think about it, the title is good.
every yr that passes by this song comes on at the end of the yr
so i think the title of our song is going to be very important.
sthg that grabs u at the right moment kind of song
let's think about it
so cute! how can this be!
what's this?
handphone case
let's see...
Oppa... can u buy this for me?
pink? light blue? which one is prettier?
this one suits u better
The 2 are on a walking date
it's been some time since i've been here have u eaten yet?
no not since this morning. so u must be hungry
since we are in HD do u like deokboki?
i like it alot. shall we have some?
shall we?
deokboki looks so delicious!
It's been awhile since i had this
yes. hmmmm... deliciuos
feels great that i had a chance to walk around casually and have a nice time
we're 0n a busy walking area of HD where ther are many people
looking at socks so cute!
is there one u like?
which one? couple socks?
these seem ok. London style.
we choose London style.
They are in a small record store in HD
do u know the cabinet singalongs? accordion? cool songs. the lyrics are cute
i'll buy this. I'll get it. do u have this?
yes i do, yes!
then i'll make it mine
there are many fun songs.
this is my fave song
the content is somewhat similar to ours.
I'm curious about ours.
i'm very curious about ur lyrics
so am I.. you're melody
The 2 are becomng closer as they are listening to music they enjoy together
Can 2 people develop feelings in a work environment?
on the way to create the melody and lyrics
are u cold
no I'm not
Shinhye is focused more on her cellphone than Y
u're constantly getting lots of messages
so it seems. I'm busy tday
today he kept looking over coz i kept touching my cellphone often
in a few days it is my birthday
this Sat
this week? what to do? I'm leaving this wk on Sun for the States
oh really? yo're really going to the States?
it's just a joke.
I don't think she took it as one so i thought we need to get to know each other better
how nice
is this all?
oppa when is ur b'day?
jan 7
Jan? it's passed.
too bad
oh that's good?
should we be on this Dongbu-kansun highway?
not sure
we don't know the way
i don't have navigation
how can this be! this is funny
oh its cold.
it's great to see this place again
oh look at the view!
it's so cool!
our notebook
for histroy sake let' s make a note of our collaboration
i'm curious about that melody
its not time to hear it yet
I too wrote... the lyrics... this is so embarrassisng.
I hope i don't hear just bad things
I hope she wrote well. I hope i can understadn her emotions.
if it's awkward then i'll turn around
when one sings this kind of song, the delivery of the lyrics has to be good,
oh this is so embarrasssing
for now up to here?
up to there? when u sing there is a sexiness in your voice
the sound?
I never ever thought of it that way. I'm puzzled
this must have been difficult. all these lyrics
i changes it 3 times
when i look at this for the 1st time i can understand the emotion.
he pointed out the pros and cons
i'm not saying lets do the song this way,
but when we try this and that then u will understand better
feels as if i'm at a concert.
guys who can play the piano are popular
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