The Bloody Mary Show Ep 6

Uploaded by BloodyMaryShow on 12.10.2012

Bloody Mary?
Tis my name, slagbag.
Slagbag? Me?
You sleep with my boyfriend it's only fair I sleep with yours.
How did you find out about Chris?
I'm a succubus, the most powerful creature in the Realm.
Told you I'd find out about you. There's not much I can't do...
-...if I put my mind to it. -You utter bitch.
Guilty. Now lets see shall we? Sleeping with an incubus. Invading succubi territory by sleeping with a Being..
...Developing a relationship with one?
I can safely say you're royally screwed...
Oh and for the record
You can keep him, he's no big deal.

Well, hello honkytonks.
You're here again.
Look, Amicus, we need to talk.
Are you dumping me?
Conversations start with...
..."we need to talk " usually end with...
..."goodbye, good riddance."
This is about duplicity.
How long are you gonna pretend to be with Bloody Mary instead of me?
You know I can't tell anyone.
I'm too prominent. I've got my career to think of.
It would ruin me.
I think I need a new watch...
because I could swear it's 1957 in here right now
All those 'backs against the walls' lines
I'm an Incubus
I'm supposed to be straight.
It's just every time you touch me, I just die in this very great way...
Well, I am a reaper.
Maybe you should have thought about all this before you went digging in the boneyard.
Can you even say it?
Are you that ashamed?
I can't. I just can't.
I came here to protect you.
Some protection.
-I feel like some supernatural coitus interruptus. -I'm sorry. She seduced me. I was drunk.
Surprise surprise.
I'll quit.
Starting right now.
-I'll give it up for you. -I wish you could.
I'll quit.
Have I got news for you.
Dead ghoul walking.
Can we not do this right now?
Leave her alone.
Don't you touch my sister!
You two are related?
The next time a gypsy woman offers your mother some lucky heather, make sure she buys it.
There's no reason for this situation to turn ugly.
Or fat.
I hope you're not too attached to your girlfriends face because I'm literally about to rip it off and literally shove it up her stoma.
-Figuratively! You always say literally always. It's not literally, it's figuratively. -See my nail?
I'm going to drive it in to her flesh, tear off what I can and stick it in her private area.
When I say literally
I mean literally.
She's not my girlfriend.
-She never was. -But the old woman said...
The old woman said I was sleeping with someone.
But it's not her. It's him.
He's my boyfriend.
And I'm not ashamed to admit it.
You did a really brave thing, Amicus.
Restored my faith in inhumanity. And I needed it.
I left Chris. For good.
He promised me he'd give up the booze.
At least it was only booze, it's not like it was (SNIFFS)
This Being...
He was a heavy drinker?
And you left him alone?
What was I supposed to do I'd heard it all before.
Have you any notion what he is going through this last twenty-four hours?
Yeah, Herzog's right.
Alcohol withdrawal can be a killer. I've seen it first hand.
And of course...
...the other thing. -What other thing?
The other thing.
What is this? Riddlemeree Riddlemeroo? What are you on about?
I think I know what he means. I think you know what he means an'all.
I'm having the baby! Right now!
Does this mean your mum'll be back?
I changed my face.
She'll never find me.
No. You stay away from me, I never wanna see you again.
-I'm really sorry Mal. -Yeah Mal, she's ever so sorry.
Is that your friend? -Course it is. -She looks different.
Oh, shapeshifter. I can buy that.
You need hot towels. -An ambulance would be nicer.
Bloody Mary -Not now. Any time but now.
-Bloody Mary -No, please don't leave me.
Bloody Mary.
Chris, whatever it is, now's not a good time...
What is it? What's the matter? -Oh shit. -What is it? -A Wraith.