Atheist Fail 2: Public School Students Now Praying to Allah

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This is a Video Response to VonHelton and Atheist Fail 2 Students Now Praying 0:00:05.419,0:00:11.400 Allah in response to a video by apeacet, Wellesley, Massachusetts Public School Students Learn to Pray to Allah
If Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin,
the other founding fathers knew about this they'd be turning over in their graves rise up
and go after the tyranny attacking our American soil
but since we don't have these men here they left it to us to do something about it
that's what America is 0:00:32.600,0:00:38.180America was created as a Judeo-Christian government for a reason. So it would be taken over by secular religions, like Islam.
by the secular relations like this time 0:00:41.050,0:00:46.250Apostate religions have for centuries as its goal was to destroy the Gospel of Jesus
When they persecuted the Christians they were persecuting Jesus Christ because their deeds were evil.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ has always been a threat to the secular society and to Atheists.
and do
Because it threatens their way of life.
Yeah! I understand what the First Amendment says about freedom of speech, religion, press, 0:01:08.880,0:01:10.190and assembly, 0:01:10.190,0:01:15.100but it's for your own political and personal agendas and that misusing it for your political propaganda. 0:01:15.100,0:01:19.969The Muslims are doing the worst thing they can do in the name of their religion to build,
not a cultural center, because there is no culture in Islam but they're building
a Rabat, a connector, as a bridge from the Middle East terror cells as their sign of conquering the infidels 0:01:29.369,0:01:33.320 in the West and what they did on nine eleven. 0:01:33.320,0:01:38.430It is a slap in the face to every American for this Rabat to go up just 2 blocks near Ground Zero.
entrance the room
According to the Qur'an an Imam can be a terrorist.
Islam is Satan's religion because they worship a moon god, Allah, it is not the God of Abraham,
Isaac, and Jacob.
Islam is a lie of the devil, they deny Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world 0:01:56.020,0:02:01.010 the muslims even deny the fact that Muhammed was a murderer and a pedophile
The Qur'an is a Satanic book
There's nothing holy about it. 0:02:05.030,0:02:08.239What is the doctrine and goal of the radical Muslims?
To declare Jihad on the whole world and follow their Sharia Law if anyone questions their religion they
kill the enemies of Islam,0:02:15.330,0:02:19.900the Christians and Jews. I'm tolerant to a point of free will and
the practice of freedom in America, but I'm intolerant towards evil of any kind
Evil has no place in society that threaten the freedoms of other free men,0:02:30.260,0:02:31.799 women, and children.
Islam, Atheism, Satanism dominion over it
And for what To destroy it? This is against God YAH's commandments and statutes.
Jesus Christ is standing at Earth's door
He is opening the seals of judgment upon America and the entire world
the end is near
the number of the gentiles is near
stop proselytizing our children
I say to young American you have the freedom of choice and think for yourself
do not let anyone tell you what to do and how to think
Stand up for what is right and be counted as a free individual among the righteous against 0:03:16.259,0:03:19.769the evil day in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord
Stand firm on the words of Jesus Christ and put on the whole armor of God according
to Ephesians six
Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty
to corinthian three seventeen
Why I believe what I do is because my God Jesus Christ lives and he told his disciples
he will return when the Gospel is preached to all nations
The end of evil in this world where Satan holds it captive will also be under the Lord's feet
Jesus came to save
He died on the cross, and rose again from the tomb three days after He was crucified on the
Passover when they offered up the lambs to be sacrificed in the temple 0:03:58.609,0:04:03.889 Christ was our Lamb who was sacrificed for the sins of the world as his precious, holy blood
flowed from the cross to the hidden mercy seat of the ark of the covenant under the hill of Golgotha
He has returned to Heaven to make a place for those who look for His coming and will return
for those who love Him His Bride
The invitation of Salvation is still open but time is running out Please come to Jesus while 0:04:22.550,0:04:24.179 there's still time
don't rely on your time and resources
They're only temporary
make the decision today
you may not have another chance tomorrow
Jesus loves you!