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Uploaded by tvstarsandgossip on 16.11.2010

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TV Stars and Gossip!
Today we talk about a person who has become an icon,
Lady Gaga!
After a great success at MTV Video Music Awards,
where she won in 8 categories,
including the best video of the year,
Lady Gaga conquered the MTV European Music Awards in Madrid.
She won prizes for Best Pop, Best Female and Best Song.
We have to admit, Miss Germanotta is unstoppable!
That's not all,
2010 is definitely her year:
Forbes has named her one of the most powerful women in the world,
and she was more than once compared to Madonna,
and called the spiritual heir of the queen of pop.
The transformation from a young singer/songwriter,
who worked as a dancer in brulesque clubs,
to Lady Gaga, was a long and sometimes difficult process.
Certainly, at this point, Lady Gaga doesn’t leave anything to chance.
She’s a true perfectionist even in her eccentricity,
starting from her studied looks.
She almost always wears clothes by Alexander McQueen,
except for small exceptions, like MTV Music Awards
when she was dressed with steaks!
To her well studied music videos full of quotations,
and her public statements.
A few days ago she said that sex was not her priority
In other words,
she’s talked about, for better or for worse, it always works.
... So at this point, we wonder what can we expect from Miss Gaga in 2011!