Welcome to Amnesty International

Uploaded by AIAustralia on 17.01.2008

I got involved because I wanted to change the world.
I want to be heard
I want to take a stand and make a difference
I just didn't know how.
Amnesty shows you how.
Amnesty gives me information above and beyond what I see in the mainstream media
and then I can choose which campaigns I want to take action on.
I think the people in the front line defending human rights are the real heroes
— the every day heroes.
Every action you take,
whether you give money
write a letter
send an email
sign a petition
or go on a demonstration
to me, that's heroic.
I think everyone comes into contact with human rights issues
but sometimes we're not aware of it.
For me, it's the colour of my skin;
for me, it's that my friend was raped.
When I was travelling I saw the police beat a guy in the street.
I was denied a visa.
If I was a gay man living in another country, I could be killed just for being me.
Our actions
can make a government sign a treaty
or change a law.
I remember when the prisoners of conscience
my group were taking action on were released ...
it felt amazing
like we've really done something,
and that inspired me to do more.
Every human being deserves to be treated with dignity,
to be given a fair go,
me, you
a refugee
a political prisoner
a homeless guy in the street ...
human rights belong to all of us, equally
If you attack them, you attack me
if individuals stand together,
against a dictator,
or political group
we can force them to listen.
All our voices together make a lot of noise.
Many faces,
one voice.
Thanks for joining Amnesty International,
defending human rights in Australia
and around the world.