Charice -SNN Interview UNCUT Part 8 (English Subtitle)

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Boy: there you go, the laughter, and happiness.
that's true. Indeed the happiness is complete, our pride due to all that you've done.
here now..this is merely a dream, or joke.
Do you remember when you visited us at "Boy and Kris",
I would always tell you, "say hello to Oprah" (laughs) Charice: (laughs)
Boy: do you remember? Charice: Yes.
Boy: it's merely a joke but..who would've thought, Charice, that..
This is the "most powerful woman",
..this is the "most powerful woman" you know? global television.
This is Oprah Winfrey, you made her believe in you, right?
How is she? I mean, how are you both?
Charice: umm..Ms. Oprah is, because she's really..
Boy: you call her "mommy"?, "Ms. Oprah"?, what do you call her?
Charice: it's because I'm too shy to just call her "Oprah",
but she told me that she really don't like being called "Ms. Oprah".
One time, I (accidentally) called her "tita" (laughs) Boy: (laughs)
Charice: then she asked, "what's that"? she had a nosebleed (figuratively). "What's that"?
Boy: (laughing) you called her "tita"? and then?
Charice: it's because I got surprised, I said "tita"! Boy: (laughs)
Charice: I was calling..I was supposed to take a picture. so it's like, "tita"!
Boy: ok Charice: she looked at me and asked, "What's that"?
I told her it's synonymous to "auntie", so there, but she laughed about it.
Boy: (laughs) Charice: but she said she doesn't like being called that.
Boy: "mommy"? Charice: she said she likes,
Boy: "Oprah"? Charice: "Oprah", so that it's casual.
Boy: cool, right? Charice: as though we're friends, so..that's it,
she's really kind. She's super "simple" if only you see her in person,
of course you'd think, "Oprah Winfrey", (whisphering) she'd be locked up in the dressing room,
of course, "most powerful". Boy: Right.
Charice: but when you're with her in the backstage,
wherever the guests were, Boy: she's also there?
Charice: the staff, she's there with them. Sometimes she even jokes around (with the others).
Boy: Ok Charice: Sometimes, umm..she'll joke around with me,
"no pressure, no pressure", she'll say. Because I'm super nervous when I'm with her.
Boy: How many times did you guest with her? three? Charice: three times.
Boy: my God! my God..Ok. So everytime you go to the (United) States, ahh,
Do you get in touch? Do you call her?
Charice: ummm...the person I really get the chance to speak with is her assistant,
Boy: Ok Charice: her assistant. So,
umm, sometimes...I got used to it, to send her a letter.
I regularly send her a letter.
I'd greet her how she's doing, ahh..I'm not kidding. I really do send her an actual letter.
Boy: she appreciates a letter? Charice: Yes. I'd buy those
authentic letter, then I'll send them to Harpo (Studio).
Then, each of them, like David Foster, my manager, I give them letters as well.
I really give each of them letters so I can express my gratitude to them.
So, it's like they'd tell me, "This is just the sweetest".
Boy: Nice..nice..nice. umm, ok, so before you appeared on Oprah,
you've been to so many places, like Sweden, then Korea,
Charice: Ellen Degeneres Boy: Korea and then, Ellen Degeneres,
and then Charice: Paul O'Grady
Boy: Paul O'Grady in London Charice: Yes
Boy: then Oprah, then, Charice: David Foster
Boy: David Foster right? Under David Foster, you were able to perform nearly anywhere, right?
Charice: Yes, yes Boy: Las Vegas
Charice: David Foster's various charity events.
Boy: ok Charice: that's when it was such a good feeling,
I was instantly surprised when I realized that I've been with so many celebrities,
Boy: Can you name each of the celebrities that you've met?
Charice: umm, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Boy: they're very popular in America, right?
Charice: Yes, Boy: they're REALLY HOT!
Charice: as in all the girls, Boy: all!
Charice: really go crazy over them. Boy: Jonas Brothers, ok.
Charice: Miley Cyrus, David Archuleta,
umm.. Boy: did David ever wink at you?
Charice: no (laughs) Boy: (laughs)
Boy: Ok..this was at the Macy's Parade, right? Charice: Yes, at Macy's.
Boy: and who else? Charice: Miley Cyrus, aka "Hannah Montana"
Boy: Hannah Montana, right, yes. Charice: umm..Paris Hilton
Boy: How was it? She likes you, right? Paris Hilton?
Charice: (laughs) Yes Boy: you know I haven't seen her yet in person (laughs)
I'm not at your level. She likes you right? Paris Hilton..
Charice: yes. Boy: she's pretty? thin?
Charice: ay..she's like a "mannequin", her face is super "smooth" (claps)
Boy: Ok Charice: you wouldn't expect that she's so nice in person
Boy: Ok Charice: because..based on all
the criticisms about her, Boy: Yes, that's what I keep reading about her
Charice: that allegedly she's super "scandalous", but when you speak with her it's like,
I couldn't believe that it was really her, likewise she seemed surprised,
she asked me, "wait, I want to take a picture with you". Boy: (laughs)
Charice: that I thought to myself, "is this really Paris Hilton"?
Boy: Paris Hilton actually wanted to take a picture with you?
Charice: Yes, so it's like...she's really very kind.
That's what others misinterpret about her, that they say she has a bad attitude, but,
I now met a lot of celebrities, Boy: that's familiar territory to you.
You know what I'm referring to, right? Charice: (laughs)
Boy: criticisms, you're familiar with those. Charice: (laughs)
Boy: But, that's an advantage, Charice, because you're experiencing this at such a young age,
so now, when you encounter these things,
(tsk tsk) "I've experienced this already". Charice: (laughs)
Boy: "what else is there that's more painful than what I've already been through", right?
so, aside from Paris Hilton, Celine Dion of course. Charice: Celine Dion,
Boy: How was that moment? When Oprah Winfrey surprised you,
that..right? remember when you sang that song? then?
Charice: Yes, that's when..that's the reason, because..supposedly,
I was originally going to sing "Listen" by Beyonce. Boy: Ok
Charice: then I was really confused because they were making me sing "My Heart Will Go On",
they said it "must be a Celine Dion song". so I wondered "why"?
Boy: alright Charice: so..did you know,
when they told me that it was only a rehearsal,
I had no idea it was an actual "taping"? So mommy went back to the hotel
to retrieve my clothes. Then (Oprah's staff) chose with haste what I'll wear.
So when I performed "My Heart Will Go On",
that's when Ms. Oprah said, "working mother with 7 year old son",
which I assumed was just a "fan". Boy: Right
Charice: because, right? there were two..two girls that
were on Skype (video phone). So I thought it was also like that. Boy: ok
Charice: so I wondered, "what's this"? there's a "box"..I thought there's a box behind me.
Then (Oprah) made me turn around to see, suddenly Celine Dion appeared.
My reaction then was really..super true how it happened.
Because I was really shocked. They said (she) was "watching from Washington DC via satellite".
Boy: WWOOWW! Charice: So made me happy
when Oprah said it made her cry, even though she anticipated it was going to happen.
Boy: that's true Charice: that was really a memorable moment,
Boy: that's what Oprah refer to as the "WOW" moment. Charice: that was also during which
I was her guest for the whole episode. Boy: guest,
and that's also when you were invited to guest in? Charice: Madison Square Garden.
Boy: Madison Square Garden Charice: Yes
Boy: and then I remember, I remember because, ahh, when you guest(ed),
Celine Dion said, she was also willing to guest
at your own concert at Madison Square Garden when that time comes.
Charice: Yes..she asked me,
"When you do Madison Square Garden, are you gonna invite me?" (laughs)
Boy: WOW! ..and like with all things, (whisphers) whatever you imagine, turns to reality.
Charice: (laughs) Boy: (laughs) Right? once you plan it,
"mommy, Madison Square Garden", right?
So Oprah is now your mentor?
Charice: umm, David Foster is my mentor. Boy: ok
Charice: Ms. Oprah is my adviser. Boy: adviser
Boy: who introduced you to David (Foster)?
Charice: ummm, it was Oprah who called David. Boy: was Oprah,
Charice: to work with him. That's the story behind "David Foster and Friends".
Boy: ahh, ok Charice: that's when (Oprah) called,
sir..(hesitates)..David. He prefers being called just "David".
Boy: he doesn't like "sir"? Ok, David..and then? Charice: he said he doesn't like it.
David was asked (by Oprah), perhaps I can be part of the concert.
so David was like.."What Oprah says" (laughs) Boy: right
Charice: so he included me (in the concert) Boy: oh my God
Charice: so there you go..the audience were happy, so, it seemed like it amazed sir David.
so it was really, Boy: that started it?
Charice: that's where I started. Boy: that started it.
Charice: so it's he is my mentor, then they got me a voice coach.
Boy: right. And now you're recording your first U.S. album? Charice: U.S. album
Boy: how is the progress of your recording?
Charice: umm..I think it would be completed by October, September,
but I already released my single. Boy: where? in America?
Charice: It was first debut on Oprah. Boy: Riiight
Charice: It was on Oprah where "Note to God" made its debut. Boy: right, the umm, "Note to God"
Charice: Yes Boy: where it brought Oprah Winfrey to tears.
Charice: (laughs) Boy: right? I mean you know? in that episode. who else..Josh Groban, Charice: Josh Groban
Boy: (Andrea) Bocelli,
Charice: ummm..ahh..I also met..
my classmates from my voice lesson(s), like Jessica Alba, Boy: WWOOWW!
Charice: Josh..the one from (the show) "ER"? Boy: ahh, yes.
Charice: (laughs) Yes. umm..then also Camilla Belle..umm..
Boy: these are your classmates from your voice lessons? Charice: they're taking voice lessons too.
Boy: extraordinary. Charice: because I was surprised,
that Eric Vetro is really kind.
He's the one who's teaching me (with voice lessons). Boy: ok
Charice: and umm..I was just really amazed with..
his studio which was filled with pictures, like Anne Hathaway, Boy: (laughs)
Charice: "High School Musical"..he's the one who will be teaching me,
so I'm kind of scared/nervous. So I really share the story to mommy.
Boy: Zach and Vanessa, have you seen them? have you met them?
Charice: Vanessa..umm..not yet. But of course I also want to meet her.
Boy: She's half-filipina, right? Charice: Yes.
Boy: She's half-filipina, right? Vanessa..what's her ahh..Hudgens?
Charice: Hudgens Boy: Yes, and also Zach, he's my friend (laughs)
Charice: (laughs) Boy: (laughs)