Straight Boy Sexy Underwear Crisis!

Uploaded by wickydkewl on 06.09.2012

When it comes to straight guys and their underwear, here’s the problem:
How would I describe my boyfriend’s underwear?
Um... saggy.
Well there kind of baggy, there’s really really old, big hole right here.
It’s a giant gaping hole at the bottom.
It’s a kilt it’s not underwear.
They look like parachutes.
I would say dingey.
Would you describe it as sexy?
Uhh no... He wears like mustache boxers.
Uhh... They’re sexy I guess in their own way.
I guess that says it all.
If there’s one thing I know, it’s this:
Everyone enjoys feeling sexy.
And one of the best ways to feel sexy is by wearing sexy underwear.
And I’m not talking an elephant thong or gold booty shorts.
I’m talking about a good pair of underwear that has style and a flattering fit.
Wearing a sexy pair of underwear totally adds an extra pep and your step and sparkle in
your eye.
And that’s something that women and gay men know - but straight guys... Not so much.
It’s time for an intervention.
Or better yet, a bro-vention.
I’m here with my friend Jay Dines.
Hey Davey fans.
Are you a straight boy?
Yes, I am a straight male.
What are you wearing for underwear?
My favorite favorite boxers.
Your favorite boxers.
This should be good, can we have a look?
So cue music.
This is like Magic Mike up in here.
Oh my god.
Davey Wavey where are your dollar bills?
I’m not getting my dollar bills out for that.
They are my favorite pair though, what do you think?
What about those seems okay is what I want to know.
For me it’s part of my personality, I think it’s funny.
So your underwear is a joke is what you’re saying?
Yeah looks like it.
I have a pair of underwear that I would like you to try on.
We’ll do a little straight boy underwear makeover intervention.
So this is the pair of underwear I would like you to try on.
Oh my gosh.
What is your first reaction to this?
Are you wondering what this is going to cover?
Hopefully it covers everything.
It probably won’t, hopefully it doesn’t.
Alright are you ready to try it on?
Let’s give it a shot.
Well here you go, enjoy!
Davey Wavey what do you think?
I think that this is an improvement.
How do you feel about this?
I feel really tight and liberated.
It’s like bam because there it is bam.
I like them.
So here is what I want to know.
If you guys think that Jay looks better like this then you have to thumbs up the video.
I think that it’s a fantastic look for you.
I’m like still sweating a little from that.
One straight guy sexy underwear crisis resolved. 3.6 billion more to go.
And if you know any straight guys that are currently experiencing a sexy underwear crisis,
make sure you post this video on their Facebook timeline.
I love you guys, I’ll talk to you soon - peace out!