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When Warren talks about other gurus I can't help laughing.
It's beyond me to understand
why people get stuck up with them, it's really beyond that
because it is so obvious
that God cannot be bought,
you cannot pay for God, it is absolutely obvious
for any intelligent man, it should be obvious.
How much did you pay to become a human being from say monkeys,
or what did we do, did we cut our tails or anything to become human beings?
We have become by the grace of God.
What can we pay for the grace of God?
It is very simple you cannot,
God doesn't understand money.
It is human beings who have created money and all these things
and economic wants and all this economic problem.
God doesn't understand any economics that you have made.
He doesn't understand!
This is all your own doings.
Your own projections and complications
and you are entangled into it.
It is as simple as that.
I mean, you have seen these people
who live on other people's money,
I call it OPM, are parasites.
You won't live on other people's money; will you, any one of you.
So they do not have even a simple self-respect.
Not only that, but these parasites are thriving.
It is so obvious, so very obvious,
that we like befooling.
The more one is able to befool us, the better we are.
I went to Calcutta once for a program
and I had many programs,
but one of them was in a very posh place as they call it, in a
hotel they arranged the program. I said this hotel people, you see.
These rich people they will not be interested in Sahaja Yoga.
They have been too rich.
From all over the world
overly rich people can never understand this you see,
they want somebody who will take money from them,
and they can show off their money.
And we had a program and there were two halls.
I told them take a very small one because I know them too well,
and the bigger hall was occupied by another fellow
who was with some sort of a show on,
stuff, and we were amazed that, except for two people,
most of them who came inside went to his program
and after eight days he was arrested in Poona for robbing people.
But all of them went to his program and not to mine.
When it was written not a single pie will be charged and it's all-free
and all those things
and he looked so dishonest for me from his own photographs, if you
could see him, he was so dishonest to look at
and people could not see that, I mean it was so simple to see.
See, that shows that you have lost every sensitivity
to know what is plastic and what is real.
It makes me laugh sometimes, the way
today only I was discussing in the aero plane with somebody
He was seriously telling me how much he was tortured by
another group where he paid three thousand pounds
just to get some sort of a horrible mantra which has no meaning
and where he worked very hard for days together
and he broke his back and he broke his every part of his
bone in the backbone area, and all sorts of things he did and
I mean he became so nervous,
they are even frightened of a garlic, if they see one garlic, I mean
after getting realization you have to become a person who is absolutely powerful
in control of yourself
not aggressive but not to be
such a cowardly recluses
and he told me all these things and I did not know what to do
because it was such a description
They don't know whether to laugh or to cry
really because this thing behind it
is all hocus pocus absolutely hocus pocus,
I think this world must have started after the fact that I'm coming into this world
absolutely absurd is to say that you will fly or
you will see the light and all these nonsenses,
and on top of that
the suffering of a person,
of a person who is a genuine seeker,
who is a seeker of the truth.
He is a man of God
and he's being tortured like this you see
makes you so unhappy.
You just don't know what to say about the whole thing that's happening.
You have to wake up
to your self-esteem and know that you are created human beings
for a special thing,
and not to be bounced and cheated by these horrible fake people.
One has to understand the innate nature of God
to understand what should happen to you
as realized souls, if you become abnormal and freaky
then it is not that you have got your realization,
on the contrary a person
who is realized becomes extremely normal, is the most normal person.
Apart from these things there are some reasons
built-in within us which make us so stupid.
Really built-in I should say, because we have come from matter,
we are gross, our origin has been gross,
we came from matter and we grew up
to see that there is something beyond the matter
that is the spirit and we are the spirit,
but we get dominated by this matter,
we really get dominated by matter, all through in our ventures,
for example, if you are sitting in a chair,
for example you make a chair out of some matter, you cannot sit on the ground,
you form a habit of matter, matter starts growing on you,
you become such a slave, such a slave of matter
that you cannot get over it,
any matter you start using, for example you use a car
then you cannot do without a car,
you use electricity which is a material power,
if it fails everything goes out,
you cannot do without it.
So matter is all the time trying to overpower the spirit,
but the beauty is, through your evolution,
you evolve to a stage
where you are a human being and you start seeing the matter
cannot dominate your spirit. This should be the self-estimation,
there should be understanding that you are the spirit and not the matter.
When you see this simple point
then you understand that you cannot purchase God.
Then another point also one understands that it is not the way,
materially uses somebody you should accept
but spiritually, if he does something spiritually to you
then you should accept
for example seeing the light,
say they say you see the light, why see the light myself, yes
but to see the light I have to be away from the light,
do you see the point?
You have to be the light.
So it's a very simple thing, if you understand it's commonsense,
that if you have to be the light,
then you have to be inside the light,
part and parcel of the light.
But to see the light you have to go further.
Actually from this distance I can't even see
if I have to really see the light I have to go much further to see this light.
All these things that they are talking
and telling you is such a camouflage
and they have been very good at befooling you.
It is impossible to convince people who want to be befooled.
It is impossible. It is easy to befool them
because they are anxious to be befooled, so alright,
but those who want
that they should really realized it, they should get it
then their attitude is very different, they would like to go and see.
what the disciples have got,
these people who have paid so much money,
there have been people for fifteen years, twenty years, go and see them,
what have you got?
If they say, "alright, I am feeling very much better in health",
you look at the face and you will know that they are not.
Supposing they say "I feel relaxed", so what?
What is so great that you are feeling relaxed,
so called relaxation, you can feel relaxed even with the dope
even going to a pub you might feel relaxed,
in some company you might feel relaxed, so what?
What is so great, is that something God's work?
Just to relax you?
Some people say
"I feel better" this might be ego pampering.
But what powers did you get yourself? If you become the spirit
then you have to have powers of the spirit flowing through you, isn't it?
It should be a common, logical conclusion.
'What is the power, you have got?
What have I got from them?
They have taken all my purse, my money.
Thousands of pounds have gone to him, everything done?
What did I get from him? "We should have an understanding,
but this nobody asks
because there is a big mafia in all these organizations,
you are not supposed discuss, you are not supposed to talk.
You are put in different compartments; it's a big secret going on,
If you tell some Indian, he just laugh,
because he knows the meanings of these words,
are so stupid.
Some of the words of the mantras means
this showing this, some of the words means scorpion,
some of them means the serpent,
all kinds of things, and some of them means the siren.
In a very ridiculous way
these people have befooled you.
A sort of a respite they are taken I think,
or is it a respite
of the satanic on the divine people who have come on this earth to seek God?
Is that attack of these negative people
who are trying to divide you completely and
ruin your images on this earth,
you have to be aware of that. We are very vulnerable
because you are seeking,
you are more vulnerable because you have no self esteem,
you treat yourselves so cheaply.
You do not judge into what lions' den you are entering into
and you get be so badly hurt,
with all your sincerity, with all that,
you do not give a second thought to think that
even if there are thousands of them going
before I going there I should find out
what sort of a nonsense is going on there.
If you go there as an ordinary visitor,
you will immediately find out
that this is a fake and a false thing going on,
you have been warned in the bible
it has been warned
that there will be fake and false people coming on this earth.
Now there are another type of people also,
I will cover
the chakras later little, because giving little introduction to the subject
about how to avoid this thing,
who are bound by ritualistic ideas, as he said about Christianity,
of giving very subtle forms of things.
But we must see what it is doing,
like Church of England,
can you imagine, Church of England owns the whole of Soho.
And the question was raised, "how can you own this Soho,
where all the prostitutes are earning their livings?"
And the answer came in
that Christ looked after Mary Magdalene, who was a prostitute, see,
you can see, and the people accepted this answer.
Then the whole thing of a ritual starts, you see,
"come along here and sit down,
and bring the child and we will baptize it."
It's a joke,
it's a very big joke.
Baptism is a living process within you,
it's a living happening.
Did Christ baptize anyone of them?
Did He put His hand on anybody's head and say "you are baptized by Me"?
Ask the question, did He do it?
Then how are these people doing it?
They have taken Christ into their hands
as if they found Him somewhere in the storm somewhere.
What right have they got to say they are baptizing?
It is a living force of God, which resides within you
He said that, "I will appear before you like tongues of flames."
Let them explain this point only.
Then they say He is Alpha and Omega
what does that mean?
For all practical purposes what does that mean to you?
For that you have to read Devi Bhagvatam.
What was Christ? Who is He?
How He is Alpha and He is Omega
Why He came on this earth? Really, what was His purpose?
There is nothing there. Just some few people who were not realized
saw Him and wrote it down, finished.
How can that become such an authority for anyone whatsoever,
that you are fighting.
It's very deep; it is because it is so narrow it is extremely deep.
You have to widen to see.
For example, you are standing on a well
which is very narrow,
and just hardly you can see anything inside,
you can just see something flickering.
To see the complete vision of that well
you have to increase the narrowness of it,
and that this we are not prepared to do because, you see Bible is the last one.
Now I would say any other person
would come and say, "what is the authority of Bible?",
now what authority will you give?
if say Christ is the authority of Bible. Take it like that,
Christ never wrote Bible,
He never wrote a word, so how you do connect?
Could be some journalist, who could write about Him,
could be anything absurd.
If they Hindu say the Gita,
ask them "who wrote Gita?"
Krishna never wrote Gita; never did he write it?
So what is the authority of it?
Nothing! Gita has no authority as such,
how do you say that Gita was the one written by Krishna?
He had nothing to do. Anybody, supposing you see me today
and you write about me, you can write anything,
anything you feel like,
like a journalist came
just to sort of
find false with me. She was paid by some fake guru
and she wrote that I eat betel nuts, which I have never eaten all my life
I wish I could because that pleases some people,
but I never eat I mean, I should have eaten but
I never eat and she said that she saw
betel nut, I don't know from which angle she saw me eating betel nuts
If she had written Bible about me
it would have been something funny
than that is not the authority either.
Moreover they did not have tape recorders to
tape anybody's lectures or anything,
even His photograph was not there,
that is today all these things are available
so what is the authority?
This is the problem with us is that
we accept certain thing as an authority because we think we can control
by this misappropriation of authority to ourselves.
And there have been people who have said
"I am the Christ". I said "alright, walk on the water"
first sign of Christ is see will He walk on the water because
He was Omkara itself, He is Omkara
He can walk on it, He has no body as such He can walk on the water,
alright, "walk on the water", and first step
maybe in the water, the second he will go down.
All such hocus pocus could be found out. If somebody says
"that, you give me money I will make you fly",
let him go off this leaning tower of Pisa
what it is meant for, after all it must be used also sometimes,
and throw him down, see how far he goes with flying.
Have a nice show for him.
That's how you can find out these people whether it happens or not.
So this is how I find in this country also in wagon of negativity
of these people who are here to spoil your chances of realization.
And it's very difficult to give realization to people
who have been to these people,
have been initiated,
have been really spoiled in their Kundalini is rather difficult.
I have worked day in and day out to neutralize it,
and I have been working. But the interest in your Self can only come
when you will have self esteem
that is very important and that is the center of Vishudhi chakra.
This center.
I came up to the Heart chakra the other day
And now today I'm going to talk to you about the Vishudhi
Vishudhi is this centre placed at the back of the backbone here
which has given a human being a specialty,
which separates him from animals, that he raises his head upward.
By raising his head upward
he has been able
to create a new dimension for his brain.
And this new dimension is a dimension by which
he creates ego within himself.
Before becoming a human being
I hope you can see all of you. Can I? Can you move this?
Before becoming a human being
your brain was flat
and all covered with the super ego.
At the most like dogs, or you can say the horses,
they have the super ego.
And when you became a human being,
a locking system took place by which
you started developing, or you can say a twist took place by which
you started developing your action.
For example an animal
does not know how to make a chair out of wood,
an action
physically, at the most it might carry this chair which is made,
put it there and mimic you sit on that.
but it cannot make anything with his hand
maybe it can weave a small little nest or something like that
for it to live at the most.
So you with your action can overpower the matter.
You have been able to achieve
great heights in overpowering
all the five elements by using them as
power for your everyday use also
like, electricity, magnetism, sound, everything, ether.
when they come in contact with human beings
they also can be conditioned
as far as
their understanding of relationship with human beings is concerned, but
it is not that they could be made to act
on to some matter, and this
action, the physical action
has given a by-product
which is called as ego.
This is the beginning.
Then the second action is
the thinking.
The animal doesn't think of the future,
he doesn't have any insurances.
Animal is not bothered about insurance,
of what will happen to my great grandchildren when I die,
what part of my house will be going to which of my children,
he is not bothered about all these things
and he does not even have
such a sense of possession as human beings have,
so it so happens
that we start developing our ego
when we start planning for the future,
thinking of the future, going into the future
and also when we use our physical being
to create something or to do any physical work
If an animal
goes and attacks a cow or something, say a tiger,
and brings it home for his family,
he is not proud, he is not egoistical like human beings are.
While human beings, if they earn about say
five hundred dollars they become very egoistical,
they think we have earned such a lot of money
and we have done so much, we have every right to dominate the wife
and vice versa.
But an animal doesn't think he has the right to dominate,
see whatever he does in the nature of his own personality,
he doesn't do it as an idea that he has to do this
and he is very important and he doesn't have this ego,
so he does not even think that this is karmas
that I have to face for it and I have done something wrong
I've killed a cow so I must go a Brahmin and pay him a lot of money
"because I have done such a sin",
these ideas do not come into the heads of an animal
because he is not used to that dimension.
A new dimension of karmas to which human beings are
because of this two creations,
because of ego, you feel you have done bad karmas or good karmas
if you had no ego you would never have felt that.
These two things starts at this point
and you see it very clearly should start from there
but it's put down there, actually this start maneuvering
from this point,
and you start developing ego and super ego in your head
and you developed a triangular brain
a prism like brain and when such a brain has developed
then a new problem starts that through this prism
whatever energy passes into it
most of it goes out
according to the parallelogram of forces
that I have no time just now to tell you.
Because of that your attention is all the time outside
you can only do something outside
you cannot take your attention inside.
Now supposing I say, "you put your attention inside"
because you have to go inside you cannot do it
you just can't do it.
your attention is always outside
"I have to do this this, I have to go there, I have to get it"
But you cannot put your attention inside, that's not possible.
I cannot just order you that you put your attention inside,
some happening has to take place within you.
Supposing something is suddenly falls of then your attention goes there
In the same way when the happening of the Kundalini awakening takes place,
then your attention goes through that
which is awakened there and you just start seeing the awakening,
or, you can say, the feel the awakening,
but it is such a quick thing,
a split of a second,
that sometimes you miss everything
except that you see the cool breeze has started flowing through you.
Sometimes you do feel, it's here,
it's here, so many people feel that way also
it's come up now, and it's here throbbing,
now its alright, it has started working.
It depends on what sort of runway you have,
if the runway is horrid,
then you see you go on feeling all the bumps and the dumps and everything.
Sometimes the runways are so badly spoiled
that it takes sometimes months for the Kundalini to rise,
but now I think
in Sahaja Yoga we have developed such methods and techniques,
of such permutations and combinations,
that nowadays it's much easier to raise the Kundalini
than it was, about say, ten years back.
Then I had about twenty disciples
with whom I worked for two years to give them realization.
In London I had six disciples for four years I have worked on them
to give them realization. But today we have thousands in UK
and we have lots of them in Sydney also
And in India also we have thousands.
Where they just get it in a second,
but it is a different thing now because it has evolved so well.
But this happening is a living happening,
this you cannot do, you can jump, you can stand on your heads
take off your clothes, wear some badges, wear some clothes, you can do all that
but you cannot make
the Kundalini rise in the sense you see the pulsation there at the
triangular bone, you can see the pulsation of the Kundalini there,
actual pulsation, you can see the rising of the Kundalini.
You see it.
You also feel the cool breeze rising,
you can also with a stethoscope feel the sound, lap lap lap lap
coming up to here which Kabir has very clearly said
at the apex of the /?/ zero apex of your head.
You hear first the anahata. Anahata is this
sound of the heart without percussion,
and that is how you feel the Kundalini there
and then it breaks through you feel it
actually on your fingers,
it is an actualization of the experience.
This is what the baptism is.
When Warren said that
you have never had your real baptism,
do not be angry.
Because it is a fact,
you have not got your realization.
Christ has said that you have to be born again, hundred times He said,
so now they are started saying we are born again,
it's again self certification.
First of all is to use your baptism,
now there is this another thing started, that we are born again.
Now they come and ask, these people they change from one to another.
That how is it through Christ,
you have to get trough and you will see,
only in Sahaja Yoga you will understand that,
ultimately you have to pass through the gate of Christ only,
to enter into the Kingdom of God. It is a fact,
what He said, He never told lies.
He told the complete truth,
nothing but the truth. But the way you interpret it,
the way you understand it, it is so narrow,
that you do not want to accept it.
This is the gate about which He has talked
and this is the greatest thing He has done to us.
Now this Vishudhi chakra is the centre of Shri Krishna.
If I say this is the centre of Shri Krishna
you may start doubting me.
You should doubt me also,
it is not problem, with Indians because they know it is the centre,
they know about centres they know where Krishna resides.
and they know there are sixteen petals to this
and that they know that he is
called as the complete incarnation of the sixteen petals, and all that they know,
I do not have to quarrel with them.
And the centre here of Christ
is actually a little bit confusing because it is called as Mahavishnu.
In Indians literature is called as Mahavishnu,
not as Christ, and He is also
is Bodha not Buddha, but Bodha,
which they got a little bit confused
in our old scriptures it is a difference of language.
In one of my lectures on Christ
you will find out about His origin,
why He was called Jesus, why He was called Christ
and what is the origin of these things,
why He arrived, who was His mother
and everything you will find out from that lecture that I have got for you.
It is better that you go through that lecture
and see for yourself. We have lots of these tapes
already in Sydney they can sent it over to you, you can look at it
from that angle I mean in this
small little time I cannot elaborately talk about Krishna,
and about Christ,
but the only thing I have to tell that
there is a very great relationship between both of them,
and Krist is the word that comes from the word Krishna,
and Kist in India is means
the agriculture and Krishna
also come from Krishi which also means agriculture.
Agriculture means the one where you sow,
and they are the sowers of the seed. They have sown the seed in the fields.
So the sowing of the seed is done by Shri Krishna,
and the Gita that he has described
is also another very interesting thing about which we are very much confused.
Krishna never wrote Gita, first of all,
it was never written by an absolute Brahmin or anything who was a born brahmin,
it was written by the illegitimate child of a fisher woman.
How can he write, a man like that that you are born as a Brahmin
you are to be born as a Brahmin what he was meaning,
that when you are born as a Brahmin
then you have the aptitude to see God.
For example you are all Brahmins in his own words.
That means you are the seekers of God,
all the seekers of God are Brahmins
and the seekers of power are /?/,
and the seekers of money are /?/,
it meant the aptitude, but Hindus as usual
have made like all others, have made a mess of all that philosophy.
According to them if you are born a Brahmin,
even if you are the greatest crook of the world, you are a Brahmin.
And even if you are a person who is a
very highly evolved person, if you are not
born in a Brahmin family, then you are good for nothing.
This caste system is such a horrible thing in India,
which has no explanation at all in the scriptures because
it is written that in everyone resides the spirit,
there is spirit in everyone of you,
how can you have caste system you can have aptitudes,
but as usual people have escapes for everything,
this point that everybody has the spirit within yourself.
Gita has described it, that everyone has the spirit within,
but one has to know when he says there is spirit within you
that means his meaning the human being have the spirit, not the devils.
Because Krishna himself has killed so many devils in his lifetime,
his one of the powers was /?/, means killing
He used to kill so many devils so there are devils also
on this principle that there is spirit in everybody
why did he kill so many devils?
The devils do not have spirit in them.
There are devils, and devils and devils,
for example say, Hitler
if he comes to ask for a realisation,
do you think he can get it or he should get it?
His greatest reward would be
a rigorous imprisonment into hell
or all his lives to come.
how can you be so sure that he wasn't Krishna casting out devils, more devils?
he was not
how can you be so sure that Hitler was not Krishna casting out devils?
For that you must get your realization. That's why,
you see, the surety will only will come then you become your absolute.
Just now, you cannot be sure.
For example I'll tell you, when you get your realization,
you get your vibrations, alright? Now with these vibrations
you can find out what is true and what is not true.
Now you may say this maybe is all the myth.
For example we had some Brahmins in one of the programs I had first arranged,
and I didn't know they had a fight with this organizers
but they said, "She is not a Brahmin, how can have they a program here", or something like that.
And they were sitting in the front row
I did not know that they had a quarrel I just asked them
I said,
"who is Brahmin among you, who thinks he is a Brahmin, just come forward",
so five, six of them, you see, like great wrestlers came and sat before me,
I said "alright please be seated" very arrogant
I said "sit down", I said "put your hands towards me like this"
and they started shaking their hands,
they got little frightened. I said, "why are you shaking?",
they said, "because we are Brahmins, and you are the power, that's why we are shaking."
I said, see your neighbors, "they are also shaking"
"yes yes they are also shaking, they might be also Brahmins."
I said, "please ask them what are they",
they are some people, they said "these are the people who had come from a lunatic asylum".
These were the only two people where shaking there,
I said "now relatively you can see now
that when you thought you are the Brahmin, you are mad too to believe into such a thing".
Now to believe that Hitler was also good,
is a typical sign of escaping,
in life horrible things,
you see, just to have an idea that everything is fine,
is the best way of jumping into the devils' den.
And that's what has happened with people, that they never doubted anyone.
And I don't know from where do people get these ideas
everybody's life, even Christ,
he too a hinter in His hand and He was whipping all the people.
He was love, He was compassion, no doubt, but He did whip them,
He also said that "don't throw pearls before the swines".
His compassion had a special purpose, which I will tell you just now, why
He got himself crucified also,
which is a very important thing,
but when we just say that everything is fine, everything is good,
the reason is we do not want to face the reality.
Because, perhaps maybe we cannot understand
that there could be anything bad,
but after realization, you will discover
that yourself there are problems,
yourself there is something wrong with you, leave alone others!
There are problems within you which you have not seen and faced.
Perhaps there are problems within you, which you have not wanted to see in others
because then you will not be able to justify them.
But after realization you get out of yourself.
Like this sari I am wearing,
if I am not identified with it,
I see a spot I would like to clean it,
I see it I want to clean it
I don't say it is a good thing to have the spots there,
but supposing I am identified, I'll hide it.
I'll say, "oh, there's nothing, nothing wrong, everything is alright".
There are evil doers, not one,
but so many these days, that you have not at all any idea, if you had
you would not have lost so much.
Beg pardon.
Would you be able to just leave your questions till the end. Mataji will invite questions at the end.
Now the thing is
whatever happens to us in our consciousness,
is only limited to our human awareness,
whatever we see in our human awareness,
at the time when Krishna came, we got our human awareness,
in that what do we have? only two points,
one is our super ego, which is our conditioning,
another is our ego,
which we have achieved as a myth that
we have done this, I am this, I am that, I like this, you like this.
So we are only two things, either super ego, or ego.
We wobble between the two.
The third thing, which should be within us, is our spirit in the heart.
And for that the central point is the point, by which we balance,
between these two, between the desire and the action.
We go on balancing in the center, by understanding what is the best.
For example a person drinks a lot,
he kills himself by drinking.
He certainly not read any book
to know that drinking is bad, he knows that this is bad
his father is killed because of drinking, so
he takes a life which is very much with moderation towards it.
You start learning by so many experiences,
right and wrong, how to be in the centre, that's all you can learn with human awarenes,
if you can only learn how to be in the centre.
Now, you have to go beyond this human awareness
to be the awareness of the spirit,
and when you become the awareness of the spirit,
that you should become
that you should ask for, that should be our goal,
when you become that then the whole picture becomes different.
Because you can feel it yourself, and understand
what is right and wrong.
On your vibratory awareness, which is a new dimension within you.
Even children. Say, take ten children who are realized souls.
If you ask them what is the matter with another person,
they will immediately raise the same finger and say this is the matter.
And you ask the person "have you got a very bad
cold, cough or something bronchitis", and he will say, "yes".
If this hand is shows that means all the left side,
that means he suffering from emotional trouble.
You do not know anything about your chakras at all before realization.
One must accept this one has to accept
whatever it is there is nothing wrong in it, it is only your ego which stops that,
not accepting.
And then once you get your realization you start feeling your
different centres, you start feeling it actually you start feeling it
and you start feeling the centres of others.
Anyone who wants to know whether this person is evil or not
is only to ask the question
and you can feel it, you can't even bear some of those,
horrible vibrations you get from people.
Some of the Sahaja yogis try for
asking for some devilish people and they got
actual blisters, especially Mr. Hitler,
whom you are supporting now.
actual blisters on a finger, actual blisters.
This is what it is. After realization
your real absolute self comes in because you become spirit
which is in the heart.
The spirit resides in the heart
but this is the place of its' seat.
There are seven seats in the head,
and the seat of the spirit is here.
When the Kundalini goes, it is just a very
small thread of Kundalini rises because there are lots of problems
and a very small through the Brahma nadi, the centre most
channel, which rises and opens this
when it opens it the grace comes down,
and when the grace comes down
you get completely relaxed, because it falls on the both the sides
on the ida and pingala nadi, which are manifesting our left and right sympathetic nervous system.
By which you first feel relaxed, thoughtless, and then
when it is little bit established
you start feeling the cool breeze,
because your spirit has started manifesting
and you just feel a cool breeze,
like a wind coming into you.
First you may feel tingling, heat,
all that is going out,
sometimes people a little bit shake also, because if the nerves are not
properly built up,
if they do not have the strength to bear it,
then it sometimes happens that you shake a little bit, doesn't matter.
after some time you start sustaining it.
It takes time in some people
in some people it doesn't take time at all.
It is the quality of your central path of Sushumna is important.
If it is very simple,
there is no problem, then the Kundalini takes no time
She is anxiously waiting, She is your mother,
She is the pure desire within you, the power
to become one with your spirit.
Unless and until you achieve it, whatever you may try,
you do anything you like, you spoil your Sushumna,
but you'll have to get it otherwise your seeking will not be over,
you have to reach the place where you should say "I have found it."
If you have not found the spirit,
you will never be happy with anything sort of thing you do.
Anything you do. Be kind to yourself.
Be gracious to yourself and get your realization.
This is the simple thing as a mother I would like to tell you.
There is nothing to be done except by getting realisation.
But if you are an adamant person,
and if you are employed by some of the gurus to come here,
or you are running a
lawyers job for other gurus and all that, you cannot get realization.
I am sorry if you cannot get it, I cannot help it.
But you have to identify with yourself
and see to it that you want to have it
then only you will get it, if you do not have a desire to have it
you will not get it, at any cost.
You are not to be forced into it,
your freedom is completely respected.
If your freedom is not respected, how are you going to enjoy
the freedom of your spirit.
So it is completely in your hands, to be free
to accept, whether to get realization or not.
Now this chakra of Vishudhi is very important
because there are sixteen sub-plexuses which are looked after by it,
for example ear, nose, throat,
all these things are looked after by this centre of Shri Krishna,
and this centre has got two sides, one is the left, and one is the right side,
I have to talk about it because most of the people in the West
somehow suffer from the left Vishudhi,
one of them is the reason maybe smoking,
right is more affected by smoking, but later on it goes to the left also.
But I think. The more important is that,
you people have developed a theory, I don't know how,
that you have to be guilty for everything.
Maybe it is from your childhood,
you are brought up this way, don't spoil the carpet, don't spoil that,
don't do this and don't do that,
maybe your confessions in the churches maybe, I don't know what to blame
but it is a very good indulgence for people to sit down "so I shouldn’t have done this
I should not have done that" criticizing yourself and analyzing yourself.
This is also a very good escape of egoistical people.
They are egoistical they dominate others,
and then they sit down and weep on their left Vishudhi.
This left Vishudhi is such a dangerous thing,
that it creates problems of the worst nature in human beings.
For example, if you have say,
any cancerous growth within you
and if you have left Vishudhi, it is going to be difficult to cure you.
Because the escape of the Kundalini has to be through the Vishudhi chakra,
and the Vishudhi chakra on left hand side is very
important for the escape of all these tensions of the cancer.
And if you have this kind of a bad habit of sitting down and indulging
into this kind of a nonsensical thing, like sitting down like Lord Byron
and reading some sort of a tragedy and making it a tragedy out of you, it is a drama going on!
What is there to be tragic about you? What is wrong with you?
You are very rich people, you have everything, still why do you want to cry and weep
all the time you are in a crying mood, why? God has given you so much.
do you ever said that, count your blessings one by one?
How many blessings you have got? You don't know. You are specially blessed people, especially
in this Australia, I think you are specially blessed. But you want to show that you are
extremely miserable. The worst at this are the French I would say.
Because when I went to France, they said,
"Mother never say that you are a happy person because they will think you are not sensitive",
I said, "Really?",
you think this French are very sensitive people, to what?
Not to holiness,
not to purity,
they are sensitive to God knows what. Ten feet you walk and you find a prostitute
standing on the road,
and about ten feet you walk and you find three alcoholics lying on the street,
these are sensitive people? Are they sensitive to their spirit?
What are they sensitive to? And what are the crying about?
This a very good thing that in the night you drink a lot,
sleep with ten women and in the morning you feel guilty.
Who has asked them to go into this kind of a mess
and then to come and sit down and cry "Oh I'm so guilty, I have done so wrong and so wrong."
That is why I have to talk about it, that this centre,
is very important also because it is the sister of Shri Krishna,
Vishnumaya who rules it.
The relationship between brother and sister
is absolutely gone haven in this country.
In all the Western countries,
for us Indians we do not understand,
really we cannot understand.
And we cannot explain what it is, the other day only
we had a very interesting talk,
because two Indians have come with me, very
very great Sahaja yogis they are,
they said "Mother, why did you say
why did they said, that the girl cannot hold the hand of a girl?"
I said, "you won't understand." They said, "no, no, but we would like know,
we went to say we should close all our girls' schools
girls schools in India?
I mean a girl can easily hold the hand of a girl, it is much better."
I said " why
this people say, you see is rather difficult for you to understand."
Now, he said, "but one thing I can't understand
that if a girl holds the hand of a man will that be a holier relationship?"
See the accept.
They think will it be holy
to hold the hand of a man, it won't be.
But the girl is a holy relationships.
To this holy relationship is lost,
in the so called ventures of the brains, you see
like, you see if you go and see
the zoo. If there is a wombat,
it behaves like a wombat, you see,
if there is a monkey, it behaves like a monkey,
if there is a tiger, it behaves like a tiger,
but a human being if you put him in the zoo,
you will see, he will eat up all the fruits,
he will cut down all the trees, he will go to all the depths of it,
and he will break his nose, he will lose his ears,
he will spoil his eyes, he cannot sit quietly.
You will give him a tree, he will eat the fruit,
he will eat the seed
he will have a bark inside himself,
he will have all the roots inside himself,
he will do whatever is possible, it's so horrid with this brain the way it is moving,
all the time in this direction, that direction, that direction
it wants to bang on all the sights.
For what?
it cannot sit right, you see, when he is sitting
for five minutes he thinks it is a jail, it is so boring,
so he must go and do something very important.
And what is the important thing he does?
Is to really ruin himself.
He must go to a pub, he must go to a friend,
he must go somewhere
he will really ruin himself for his holiness
and all his sense of self esteem.
That's why we have no sense as to what is a sister.
the relationship of a sister with other women.
This is so much missing that to talk about it in England was impossible; they said this is a Victorian
even an early lady talking
you see, they brand it, you are Victorian, you are Georgian
or you are...anyway everything moves according to the kings that rule that
horrible England
and the kings themselves being so horrible,
and the kings themselves were such horrible things.
I mean. I don't know how they were for them.
So you are branded a Georgian or this or that,
whatever you say, they cannot see the integration of anything,
they just, one center they will catch "oh this is absolutely Victorian",
I said "alright, doesn't matter, but is good
whether you like it or not". As if Victorian everything to be condemned,
there must be something good about it also.
This is how the whole outlook is of the people
all the time trying to brand others, what about yourself?
What brand are you to give to yourself?
That's the point nobody wants to see.
What brand am I?
What is my brand? I’m a brat. That's what you are.
You see, sometimes I feel so many people the way they think
they have no sense, like in the night like nocturnal animals would
dash into that and that into that,
that's how they have broken themselves completely like mad, for what?
Keep quiet. Be in the centre.
You had to just wait, it was going to happen, this is your own,
you are the people who are searching the truth,
for which it is all created, the whole scene is there,
you are just get it, why are you breaking everything that
God has given you, it is such a beautiful being He has created,
you are the most beautiful person,
have you seen that when you go to the zoo all the animals are looking at you?
In the same way they are looking forward to you,
what have you got to give to them, I don't know.
But once you have your realization
then you will know the meaning of your being, then you will know what you are.
And this is what one has to establish.
We have really done lots of wrongs to ourselves
by not understanding really, self estimation.
One must know that you are a diamond,
that you are the spirit,
that you have to rise into the Kingdom of God,
you are specially made for this purpose,
right royal people you are,
that you have to climbed up there, instead of that
you are lost into your egos and super egos
and frantically what you are doing is completely destroying
all the chances of your ascent
which is so easily to be done. It is such a living force
which is going to work out, it is not going to harm you in any way
it is for you only,
it is all there, it is Sahaja, it is within you, it is spontaneous,
and it is going to work out, only thing we have to know
that you have not to treat yourself so shabbily
and with such hatred towards yourself.
There is no need to have such a low opinion about yourself.
This is the left side, the right side of course is of the people who talk big,
you see, who say this
who say, the great politicians, things who just
talk down people, when they speak they just dominate
and by their speech they control people.
This centre, right side people have who are hot tempered and
who lose temper and frighten people with their tempers, you see, they say such horrible things
that people are just frightened of them and just to keep them quiet
they manage somehow.
This type of people have the right Vishudhi
they also have when they have the colds, coughs and all that it is a balance come to them,
when they have to talk too much also they have to have this problem of right Vishudhi
and sometimes some people
suddenly lose their voices, you see
when they talk too much also they lose voices because the balance is created within them.
Now the centre one is of Shri Khrishna.
Shri Krishna is the one who creates the witness within us,
He is the one who refuted all kinds of
formal ritualistic things in religion.
But He didn't become a hippie, that's one thing one should understand,
that He didn't go to another extreme.
You see when He said that all these junks and formal things that are there,
He didn't say that you take to drugs, another nonsensical formal thing,
He said that if you have to get over these things,
you have to see it as a drama,
the whole thing is a joke going on, it is a drama going on,
but for that you have to become,
it's not a question of your achieving it by rational thinking,
you have to go beyond your mind to achieve it,
and that going beyond is done by the Kundalini.
Now He did not do it does not mean He was not in it,
He was very much there, like a painting you have first you have the background,
then you have another color, then you have your third color,
now the fourth color, and now the time has come
for the whole picture to be ready.
Everybody has played their part, a very important part in our evolution,
everyone is needed, among you may be many
who might be having a problem with Shri Krishna
especially Hare Rama Hare Krishna people, they suffer
mostly from throat cancers, you can go and find out.
Because they go against Shri Krishna,
by taking His name so vainly on Oxford street, they will stand
with those things they get in the market,
put them here, attached it here, and go on dancing.
Making mockery out of Shri Krishna's dignity
like that and apart from that they take a name unauthorized.
Who has given them authority to take the name of Shri Krishna?
They spoil this chakra doubly
because if you take to mantras you spoil left Vishudhi very badly.
All those who have taken these so-called mantras
have spoiled their left Vishudhi,
because these mantras are not like one mantra to someone.
I mean, are we only one chakra, or part of a chakras?
And that too like Tinga means this,
and all these things, where are they within us?
They ran short of the names I think
so they started getting hold of any names that they felt like,
or they were sinister to give such horrible names to you.
Left Vishudhi you catch so badly.
Mostly people who take to mantras you will find when they speak
their lower jaw moves like this, they have difficulty in talking.
They cannot talk properly.
This is one of the things you will find with them
they have pain in the left hand side, they have pain at the back,
this is the beginning of it. Any mantra given to you has to have logical meaning.
It's a big science of mantra, it is not something nonsensical,
that you come here, I will give you a flower, finished.
It is a big science, you see how many deities there are.
You must know where the problem is, it is like a Kundalini
rising in its living power you know that here is an obstruction,
and you want to get rid of that obstruction, then you say there
the password, and you pass trough
but then Kundalini has not started, what is the use of having a mantra?
The Kundalini is frozen out there,
and you are saying a mantra for a chakra, now it would be something like this,
"that I am frozen in England"
and I'm saying a password for a bridge here.
It is absurd. Because you are so naive about it,
our Indian modern
people also who think they are very westernized and sophisticated,
they also are equally naive,
they don't want to read anything about the scriptures,
they are not translated in English
they do not know anything about mantra Vidya
the mantra has to be
connected with your development in your Kundalini.
Not only that, but it should relate
to the movement of the Kundalini.
It should be given by a person who is a realized soul.
Jagrut, awakened, mantra has to be awakened.
And that you will find in Sahaja Yoga that it is such a temporary thing.
For example, the Kundalini is stopping at this point, now what is the mantra for this point,
Lord's prayer, or "I forgive", to make it shorter.
That is the weapon Christ has given us of forgiveness, at this point,
which stops your thinking.
If any Dick, Tom and Harry cannot do it, you have to have realization first,
then only because the Kundalini has reached there, you know that it is stopping there
then you have to say that, alright, this is Lord's Prayer,
you say Lord's Prayer, it opens out.
What is the mantra over here?
It's Allah Akbar, you put these fingers are of this center,
put them here and say "Allah Akbar" three times, it will open out
But you have to be a realized soul, to begin with or the one who is telling you has to be a realized soul.
There has to be some authority from God, not from theological college or anything.
It is a mockery, to get knowledge of God in a theological college.
I mean you must enter into the Kingdom of God
to know what He is, what He is like,
what is His whole vidya, His knowledge.
Divine knowledge is very different from the knowledge you have.
Have you ever known that this is the Vishudhi chakra before?
You have never known this before, it is not written anywhere.
Some things had to be told by me also,
so this was left for me to be told.
Now this chakra,
of Vishudhi chakra, gives you the witness state
that Krishna has described that you become the sakshi
I would like you to also listen to my tape
on Shri Krishna which is very good,
recently I spoke about Him in a very detailed manner about Gita also.
You can have all these tapes brought down here to Melbourne,
and listen to them, but only listening to them is of no use
is no use it will give you ideas and you will start behaving again in a funny way.
I do not want you to make the same pickle out of me as you have pickled out other people.
Put it to practice. Because when I spoke in America
they were all taping me down,
and everybody said "Mother you should not allow them to tape
because you see these are all writers and this and that and they will use your knowledge
and spread the thing, I said "let them do it,
after all Kundalini I have to awaken, the cannot do it
if they could do I would be very happy to sit down
let them do it, I will be very happy."
Anybody who says that "why should you" I said "very good you come along and do it"
I will be very happy to settle down,
because I gain nothing, what is my gain?
Anybody who is willing to do it, I will be very happy to retire, absolutely.
Because by God's grace I am a married woman, and very happily married,
I have my own children and grand children,
why should I bother my head,
of going around the people travelling like this?
Yesterday in Sydney, here in Melbourne today, again go back Sydney then to India, why should I do it?
For what?
Only because I love, because I know this is my mission, I have to do it, I'm suppose to do it
this is the job I have,
but if anybody else can do it I will be very happy for them to do it.
Now when it comes to all these awakening, and all that,
it is the thing that happens to you,
it is the thing that moves within you,
and you have to feel the movement, it is not a blind lane
where you just pay some money into a counter and say "now we are entering to the blind lane"
And do what you like.
Somebody says you jump, somebody says you do this and do that. Nothing.
Everything is logical.
First your Kundalini must arise,
if it does not arise I cannot give you a certificate,
you cannot give a certificate, nobody can give you a certificate, nothing artificial.
So in America when I went and told them all they had tape recorders and all that
something bad has also come out of it, it is Born Again.
All these things have come from there, only from my lectures.
Because I told the Christians, when they called me,
thinking they'd be Christians in the churches, you see they thought this is bonafide
because I was baptized according to them, so I should be baptised by these people
so I'm alright, I was bonafide.
They called me in the churches, you see
and they also collected a collection for me,
very interesting.
But best part of it, some of them
caught up certain words
I said you are to be born again. You are to be born again, so they have got now a cult called Born Again, finished.
It is very difficult to talk to these mad people,
anything you tell them they make a cult out of it.
Anything you don't they want to pickle up,
you see it is such a difficult thing with human beings.
They don't want to take to reality,
they want to have their ego everywhere asserting by which
they pluck out all that is living
and make that dead, ugly and say "this is mine, this is mine, this is mine."
Absurd. But this is what happens to us. Now about Christ,
I think
greatest message of Christ is His resurrection,
this is resurrection, that He showed what Krishna has said in His lifetime,
that the spirit doesn't die, it cannot be killed,
it cannot be blown out, it has to rise, and it rises.
Whatever you may try, it is eternal,
and that is what Christ has proved by His resurrection.
But by His resurrection He has achieved a great thing,
which Hindus do not know
and the Christians have not carried the message because they also do not know.
But the greatest thing He has done,
to our awareness is that,
that if you pass through that centre
your karmas are sucked, your sins are forgiven.
This is the beauty He has created within us,
by which our ego is sucked in self, He sucks in our ego, He is the sucker of our ego.
And all the Christian nations are the greatest ego orientated people.
It's very difficult to talk to them.
First thing they will do is to box your nose.
If not crucify you.
They are extremely aggressive people, extremely aggressive and very ignorant.
They are so naive, so naive,
In India
it is not so difficult to talk to them because they know what is knowledge.
I mean they know what is Kundalini, they know. They know what is the rising of the Kundalini,
they know who can do this,
it's not difficult to talk to them, because the people are so naive in spiritual life,
and then they are so ego orientated, despite the fact that Christ
is the one who is the sucker of your ego,
He is the one who sucks your ego,
so there is no karmas after realization.
You become the spirit, spirit does not have any karma, it is a myth,
it is sucked and this is what Christ has done for us.
So, when Christians, so called, came to India,
they converted people in such a crude method
by putting a loaf in a well
which the poor Indians ate - they are naive as far as Christianity was concerned -
they said this was the meat of the cows,
you are all finished, you are Christians,
so the whole village became Christians.
Like that they tried all dirty tricks on Indians and they all became Christians
so Indian Christians are the worst of all,
poor things, they think they are so condemned forever, now they can never be reconverted,
they can never be realized, they cannot be resurrected, they are doomed people,
who have eaten the cows' meat, not they, but their forefathers might.
It is such a wretched state.
But if any realized soul had come
they would have seen that this is what
Christ was supposed to do, which is written in the Devi Bhagavatam,
that He is the support of the universe.
But the narrow visions of Christians
and the narrow visions of Hindus, and the narrow visions of Muslims
have made such a mess, that the time has come to get the whole picture,
the complete integration,
of all these great incarnations, who are within you
and to understand them in reality,
what they are,
and becoming yourself such a wider personality as a collective being
About Christ, I don't know, I must have spoken
hours and hours, about Krishna I must have spoken for hours and hours.
In England also we have got about 300 to 400 tapes
on different subjects which you should get them and listen to them.
But again do not make it a big library for you please
it is to be actualized, it is to be felt, it is to be practiced within yourself.
It is not for giving you any big knowledges.
We have a book called Advent, which is written by a French Sahaja yogi.
Which is a very beautiful book,
but we do not sell it to people who are not realized, we do not,
because it is very difficult for a person who is not realized to bear the truth,
that is why they crucified Christ. That is why they tortured Mohammed.
That is why they tortured all the saints, because they could not bear the truth,
their ego could not bear it.
So we do not give those books to people who are not realized,
if you are realized then you can order for you a copy,
you can get the book, but otherwise you cannot get it.
I am sorry we have certain experiences,
and we deal on those experiences
that unless and until human beings are realized
they are not going to value the Divine life,
they value anything else but their divinity,
and here you do not pay a single pai, so there is no binding force.
Like many people say, I said "why are you still doing these things?",
they said "we have paid for it, so let us go through it",
even if it is hell you go through it?,
that's the mentality. Now here there is nothing paid,
there's on attachment, it is your freedom seeking
which is the attachment, if you are really a seeker
you will go deep into it and have the blessings,
have the beauty of that spirit
which is within you,
which you can have. The time has come, this was the time was promised,
this was talked about in John's Revelation.
Also in many of the Indian scriptures it is described.
But the best is William Blake, who has described it very beautifully
in his book called "Milton, even the place where I lived first,
Surrey Hills, he has said, the first beacons will be lit in Surrey Hills,
he has also said where our ashram is,
that in the ruins of Lambeth Way, the foundations will be laid
come to Lambeth Way and he says
that it will be a Jerusalem one day
England will be a Jerusalem
That's what he has said
it is a very interesting book "Milton" if you can get
hold of it please read it, it's all described
He describes everything even the vibrations
that Her looms vibrate the sinuous
it's a Jerusalem now, because people come for Sahaja Yoga.
There are some very good
Muslims we have young people
who just found in their own country
that fundamentalists are taking
the rule and they are behaving in such a fanatic manner
they thought that if God is
such a fanatic nonsense then better give Him up
and they wanted to become communists and they have taken to communism
to a point.
When one of them came down to London and somehow he happened to come to us
there he got his realization
after realization he knew
that it's one extreme is fanaticism, another extreme is deny of God
God is there but in the center.
He went back, he got 500 people realized who are Muslims
and now they come to London
his mother wanted to go to Mecca.
Mecca is also
according to us is a very great pilgrimage no doubt
because Mohammed Sahib was really very great
and he was the incarnation of Primordial Master
which can be proved on your Kundalini.
All things that I'm saying can be proved on your Kundalini
and you can see for yourselves absolutely practical for you to see.
Now when he came to
his mother wanted to come go to Mecca she told
that now why I do want to go to Mecca
now Mecca has shifted to London, better go to London
that's what it is one has to realize
that when we talk of anyone
like Christ or Moses or Abraham
or Mohammad or anyone, you should know they are all related to each other.
While we are identified with one or the other.
Let us identify ourselves with all of them to understanding of Kundalini
you'll be amazed, when the Kundalini rises,
if somebody's a Muslim he has to take the name of Nanaka
otherwise the Kundalini doesn't rise.
All the fanatics have to give up their fanaticism
before the Kundalini rises.
And even if their Kundalini rises and gives them realization
then again suck back into their fanatic paunches
So all these things will only disappear,
all these relative things will disappear
as soon as you find your absolute, that is your spirit.
About the spirit, I'm sorry I cannot talk in such a small time,
but there's a very good tape on Sat-Chit-Anand,
is that is the spirit and it's best is
to listen to that because I would
do no honor to your spirit if I
just finish it in two minutes or three minutes like that.
It's a very wide subject and very beautiful.
Most enjoyable to know about your own spirit,
about yourself, that, truly you are
not this body, not this mind, not this ego.
Neither these conditionings and these
old ideas you have, conceptions. You are what you are.
Thank you very much.
Now I'm going away to India
on the 8th, and tomorrow there's a good program
in Sydney and 8th I'll be leaving up and
then I'll be in India for a short time and going back to London.
Maybe next year I'll be coming here.
I would request you that you must attend your
collective programs because
the message of Sahaja Yoga is collectivity.
If you take my photograph and meditate at home
after some time you'll find you'll lose vibrations. You will not grow.
You have to grow collectively.
It's very important
that all of you should grow together collectively.
Collectiveness must be developed
otherwise you must work it out, how it works on others
and how you cures others and how you help others, is to be seen.
Some people will be coming from Melbourne,
or from Sydney to Melbourne,
in the beginning till you understand Sahaja Yoga
and then they will go away.
Of course there is no money, nothing involved as you see,
we have started in a very small way.
Now when next time I come
I'm sure Melbourne will be
a seed of very good Sahaja yogis.
Not doubting, but understanding,
doubting doesn't give you much chance,
you see, what is there to doubt, is nothing but
your ego is doubting something.
There's nothing to doubt, just come and see this is a new university into which you have entered,
you don't have to pay anything - that's all.
When you have to pay, you do not doubt and ask questions, I know you'll go head long, but here
you are free, you have freedom to doubt
but do not pull it too fast
because it you will spoil your chances of realization.
May God bless you.