MBC Star Audition YouTube edition.(1/2)

Uploaded by izAkly on 15.01.2011

There has never been an audition like this before.
Contestants from a total of 50 different countries take on a challenge of their dreams in Korea.
A global audition project with a partnership of the world's greatest video sharing network, YouTube.
November 10th, 2010, the audition opens up for applicants.
Contestants apply by uploading video clips of them singing.
By the sum of views and the votes from netizens all over the world.
A total of 500 teams passed the 1st round.
Afterwards, through a 2nd evaluation by the professionals,
A total of 28 teams have received tickets to Korea.
No one could've ever imagined
a global audition of this scale
It starts now.
Judges for today. Shin Seunghun, Kim Yunah, Cho PD
First contestant is?
A girl with an foreign appearance.
In-Cheon airport, a day before the audition.
Passed the preliminary evaluation with the uploaded video.
Stepped in to Korea for the first time.
A South American country located in the other side of the earth, Chile.
Self-created video for the preliminary round.
Passionate singing for the Korea-bound ticket.
How many hours did it take to come to Korea?
From Chile to France, about 14 hours… Then from France to Korea, about 10 hours.
Arrived in Korea after about a whole day.
How did you get to know Korean Music in Chile?
I became interested after watching Korean-dramas…
Central-South America is heated up with Korean-drama fever
along with the popularity of Korean Music.
(Through the internet) I was searching about Korea and got to know a song called…
"누난 너무 예뻐(Replay)" by SHINee
Who do you like the most in SHINee?
"Time, Please stop" by Davichi
The evaluations of the judges are?
If you do pass this round, you must compete with contestants with amazing projection.
But for that, you fall short!
Voice is not defined.
The conclusions are?
A multimedia network YouTube Audition! The first characteristic is?
Auditions are now possible even from a far away country!
Videos were submitted from a total of 50 countries!
But only a few have stepped into Korea after passing the preliminary round!
If so, this contestant is?
Bari Kentor from Israel (age 18)
Fluent in Korean.
How did you engage with Korean culture in Israel?
I studied the language and the culture in Korean Culture Center.
What was the reason for your studies?
An interest toward the language has developed into a love towards Korean music.
Favorite Korean singers?
How do you get to hear all these music? Do you listen on the internet?
Yes, that is correct.
That will be… informally speaking…
Just… (illegally)downloaded content, right?
Illegal download?
It's okay, it's okay.
I get to realize the greatness of K-Pop culture through this program.
Enlisting in the military upcoming March.
Military service is a duty for females as well in Israel.
Now, how about the singing?
"Women Like Bad Guys" by December
The evaluations are?
You're only creating the sound from the front of your mouth to your nose…
You must learn how to use your whole body as an instrument!
A characteristic of this online-audition through the internet?
Like Bari, a lot of contestants are used to singing small in a room.
I really thank you for your love towards Korea.
I think you're a bit insufficient to be in the professional league.
Yes, good work!
Feeling even more sorry for the contestants from afar.
I want to give it another try once my military duty is over.
This contestant is...
Amelie from France (age 18)
A French girl with a beautiful voice.
"Kiss" by Rainbow
A French girl with a desire to become a singer in Korea…
and to achieve that dream, Amelie presents her best.
Stabled tuning.
Beautiful tone.
Your Korean pronunciation is very pretty… though it's not necessarily accurate.
Continued praises.
But you have an insufficient volume to stand on a stage.
Flustered for a moment?
The judges are mediating their opinions...
Will Amelie be able to take another step towards her dream?
The conclusion is?
Amelie has done well to lock the first button for her dream.
We hope for the day when she becomes the first French singer in Korean music scene.
Carter (age 23), Nationality: Taiwan
Everyone in the audience, you're so so pretty-
Leading the audience responses from the start…
2nd place from a dance contest in Taiwan?
Enters the final round with a dance song by Rain
Multimedia network YouTube Audition! The second characteristic is?
The passionate endeavor from the dance-contestants
Carter has passed the preliminary evaluations with a video recorded from a Rain fan-club meeting.
Then how will he take a role in this?
Successfully leading the interests from the beginning.
Excessive movements~
It's not over yet…
There's a comedian named Yoo Seyoon...
Synchronization 100%
I'm not trying to be funny...
(Like a comedian) I can see a comical side.
I can see that you've practiced hard and enthusiastically.
You are a bit incompetent as a singer.
To sing and dance at the same time, there's a need to sing skillfully as well
If not, you should've given up on dancing(while singing at the same time in this performance)
Insufficient volume in the voice.