Ray (7/12) Movie CLIP - Drunk at a Recording Session (2004) HD

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# You're tryin' to make a fool of me #
# l believe, yes l believe ##
Hold on, wait, wait.
Cut, cut, cut. You know, y'all know that sounds off.
Ahem, you know what, the three-part harmony is off.
Let's start it all over again, uh, from the top with the band.
# I believe it, I believe it ##
Whoa, pardner! Uh, what was that?
I knew you'd Iike that, Ray. It's an eight-track. We just got it.
We can record each part separately.
Whoa, Nellie! You know, l can't wait to see that.
(Ray) What's so funny?
Nothing, "pardner."
Margie's drunk. Jeff?
You should go home and sleep it off.
Margie, come on now, let me take you home.
No! l'll leave when l'm good and goddamn ready!
She's good and goddamn ready right now.
Why don't you make me leave this, sucker!
Teach you to treat me like some piece of meat!
l ain't shutting up!
Should we get in there? No.
(Ray) Get them all out, right now.
You'll have to make me leave!
You know what, Jeff? Get all of them out of here.
You're a cold-ass bastard!
Let go of me, Jeff!
You're a cold-ass bastard, Ray!
See, he wouldn't spit on me if my ass was on fire!
Damn right l wouldn't.
Put me down, Jeff! Put me down! Damn it!
You dropped your shoe.
All right, come on, let's get back to work.
Tom, this is what l want you to do.
We'll lay my vocals down and finish the harmony parts.
Uh, how're we gonna do the harmonies, Ray?
You sent the girls home.
l know what l did with the girls. Let me take care of that.
You just turn that eight-track on, and l'll do the girls' parts myself.
And go out here somewhere and find me an "Oh, Johnny" girl.
Uh, one minute.
What the hell's an "Oh, Johnny" girl?
l think l've got an idea.
# Last night you were dreaming #
# and I heard you say #
# Oh, Johnny! #
# When you know my name is Ray #
# That's why I believe right now #
# I believe #
# Yes I believe #
# I say I believe right now #
# I believe #
# Yes I believe ##