How To Create a Website in less than 5 minutes!

Uploaded by webhostinguk on 12.08.2010

Hello. This is Tony Messer here at Pickaweb. I’m just going to show you very quickly
today how easy it is to create a really professional website and I’m going to do it in less than
five minutes. I know it sounds amazing but this is using our Website Builder Tool. So
without further ado, let’s get cracking.
So I’m going to choose this section here, professional consultants and all you need
to do is just choose the template that you like the look of. I’m going to choose this
one here. You choose your template. That will then appear on the screen for you and you
can start to make some changes to it, very easy to do. You can change color. I’m happy
with this color. We’ll leave this as it is. Change images. You can choose from the
gallery of pre-made, pre-specified images. So in this case, let’s just choose this
couple here and so we’re going to create a little sort of plumbing website.
Now here, you just click on “Change title” and give the page a name so we call it The
Plumbing Company. Then we can change the actual little logo that appears here. Again, just
select “Change title” and we can put in something there, “24 Hour Call Out – Best
Rates”. That’s what plumbers normally say, isn’t it? So there we are. That changes
that there.
Finally we just want to change up here. You can see you’ve got a field where you can
put your email address in. So let’s just put Submit that.
OK. So what we’re going to do now is we’re just going to select that template. So we
click on this. Select this template and all that remains now is if you want to add some
extra pages, we can just for example add an About Us page and the Services page. It would
just generate a couple of blank pages. They will be exactly the same layout with all the
text in it. All we need to do now is add your text. So let’s go into the homepage and
just quickly do that.
So I click on “Edit” to edit the homepage. I’ve got some prepared text so I’m just
going to copy that and now we’re going to edit the text and we’re about halfway through
where we need to be. So we just highlight that and up here, it’s a bit like using
a normal Word processing tool. You see all this sort of normal icons there and we just
paste in the text that we have. Insert that. There we are and then again, you can just
change. For example, you can change the styles. Let’s change the font size here to 18 because
that’s our main headline. We can put a bullet point in here and just click on that.
We can create links to other websites or to other pages within our own website. So what
we do is highlight the text, click on “Link” and then what we’re going to do is we’re
just going to link to the About Us page. They asked us to confirm that. There we are. I’ve
just created a link there. So what we do now is we just preview the changes and approve
it. So we’ve added our text now and then it will ask us if you want to edit the other
pages and all you do is just repeat that. Just go in and add your text as required.
So all that remains now is we’re going to publish the website and to do that really
is easy. You just select “Publish”. There we are. Click on that. Now that will take
a moment or two so I’m just going to temporarily pause the presentation one moment.
OK. Then once it’s published, we get a message just confirming that. So if we go and have
a quick look, we can see that it has been published. There we are. Now, that took just
over four minutes from start to finish. We can see the website. There’s the text that
I highlighted. There’s the little link there that takes us to the About page so quite a
nice, neat and tidy website.
Now the thing is that with Website Builder, it’s an amazing tool. It has got loads of
features in there. You can put Google Analytics. You can even build an online shop and accept
payments with PayPal. It’s so easy to use, really, really easy to use and it comes free
with all of our web hosting packages at OK? Thanks very much then. That’s all for
today. Bye-bye.