How To Play "Gangnam Style" Piano Tutorial (PSY)

Uploaded by jraciti1 on 18.09.2012

Gangnam style by Psy is obviously this huge hit
and luckily for you it's
pretty easy to play. Basically it breaks down into into two parts
and so
the majority of the song is kind of just bouncing on one chord a B minor
alright so I'll show you the two parts, part one is sort of like this
you need to remember this is like all electronic music so the piano doesn't quite do it justice here piano doesn't quite do it just as you
you're going to have to listen to the original and decide for yourself if this arrangement works for you
but basically it's like this, a B minor
Okay so it hangs on that B minor for a while and it does this little that goes like this

I sound like an idiot but B minor, then it goes G, A
Alright so that's part one pretty much hang on a B minor so that's
B's in your left hand B, D
F sharp
and another B if you can reach it in your right hand
so you hang on that for a ling time

probably like sixteen
or twelve
I don't know, you're going to have to count for yourself exactly
and then it moves to a
G chord so G
D and G in your left hand
B, D, and G in your right hand
So that's A, E,
A in your left hand, C sharp, E,
A in your right hand and then
back to that
That uh, B minor
alright so part one is pretty much
those three chords, it's mostly the B minor
that's pretty simple, listen for that part now the
the second part is
kind of like a chorus but I'm not gonna fully call it a chorus it's sort of weird the way it plays in
but we'll call it
we'll call it part two for now and it sounds like this

rest two three four

so that second part
is really pretty simple too
it's six chords but it's really
kinda like three and a half or four if you think about it
so you got a G first - G, D, G
B, D, and G in your right hand
then you move to an A
so A, E, and A in your left hand
C sharp, E, and A in your right hand
and then
you go to this very unexpected B chord
unexpected because you're using B minor a lot in the other part
maybe it's not unexpected - it sounds good
so you've got B F sharp B in your left hand
D sharp, F sharp, another B in your left hand
so that's the first half of part two, it sounds like this one more time (G, A, B)
then you almost repeat the whole thing again, not exactly - the first two chords are the same - G, that's an A
oh i don't know - then it goes to an F sharp so that's the part that's different
F sharp, C sharp, F sharp
in your left hand

A sharp, C sharp, F sharp in your right hand

now, i don't think it's in the music but i like to add this E
so it basically turns it into an F sharp 7 chord
the only difference is that you add this E in your right hand
uh... like halfway through that F chord
so i'll show you what that second part sounds like while adding in the E too and I'll try and go slow
F sharp, now F sharp 7
rest two three four one

alright so uh... sorry for being a little bit goofy interpereting an electronic song, it's what you asked for and I try to please everybody
uh... that's pretty much it, listen to the original, hear who it all fits in
i hope this tutorial helped you don't forget to rate, comment, and subscribe and I'll see you next time.