Student Profile - Maddie Michelli

Uploaded by southernmissmedia on 26.07.2010

Ever since elementary school, I have really enjoyed math and science. And I knew I didn't
want to be a math major because there aren't many options. You know, you can pretty much
just teach, but I know with chemistry there's a lot I could do. So, I just love doing it.
I went through GEWW week my first week when I came here and I really enjoyed it because
I was very close to my family, and wasn’t too thrilled about coming off to college and
leaving them. So, it was really a great transition for me. They were just so lively, and so school-spirited
it just made it a lot of fun. They did a lot of icebreakers so we could meet new people.
I made a lot of friends that week and just, it made it so much easier, much more comfortable
to be here.
I took Honors Chemistry both semesters with Dr. Evans and I loved it. We had about 20
people in our class both semesters, and he just gives really great one-on-one attention.
He's an awesome professor, great teacher, and just really conveyed the information.
I've visited other universities since I've been here and they're just ginormous, and
at USM you're not just a number. I love how the professors, the faculty, the people in
the cafeteria know my name. They just really care about you and they get to know you.
I think there are over 300 organizations on campus, and so of all the different one's
I'm in I know different people. Of course, I meet with different people in my classes.
I run into all kinds of friends all the time, everywhere. It's just a lot of fun.