Chili Potato Recipe - How To Make Chilli Potato

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Today we will make chilly potato.
It is Indo - Chinese recipe and is liked by who love eating spicy food.
Let’s see what ingredients are required make chilly potato.
Potato - 3 (250 grams)
Green coriander powder - 2 tbsp (finely chopped)
Green chilies - 2 (finely chopped)
Ginger paste - 1 tsp
Corn flour - 4 tbsp
Tomato sauce - 2 tbsp
Soya sauce - 1 tbsp
Chilly sauce - 1 tsp
Vinegar -1 tsp
Chilly flakes - ½ tsp
Salt - ½ tsp
Sugar - ½ tsp
Oil - to fry the potatoes and cook chilly potato
To prepare chilly potato, we will firstly peel the potatoes and slice them length wise and along with it heat the oil.
Peel the potatoes and slice them length wise thinly.
Sprinkle corn flour on the potatoes and mix them well.
Mix them well so that they have one coat of the corn flour.
Oil is hot, place the potatoes in the pan and fry them on medium flame till they become golden brown.
Take out the fried potatoes in a strainer so that the excess oil gets strained out.
Fry rest of the potatoes like wise.
Now we will prepare sauce for the fried potatoes. Take a pan, heat the oil,
and then add ginger paste, green chilies, chilly sauce, and tomato sauce.
Also add corn flour. Mix water in the corn flour and stir until all lumps get dissolved.
Now add the mixture in pan. Add around ¼ cup of water. Add soya sauce, salt, sugar and cook for 1 minute.
Sauce is ready, now add fried potatoes to the sauce and mix well. Sprinkle chilly flakes on top of potatoes.
Chilly potatoes are very spicy because we have used 3 types of chilies for making it.
If you wish to eat less spicy chilly potato then reduce the quantity of the chilies.
Sprinkle green coriander leaves and vinegar. Mix well.
We have prepared chilly potatoes as per our taste .i.e. without onions
and garlic, but in Chinese dish there is maximum flavor of garlic.
If you want garlic and onion flavor, finely chop 1-2 onions and 5-6 garlic cloves and add them
firstly in the oil and cook them till little pink then add all the ingredients in the same manner.
Chilly potatoes are ready. Now serve them.
Garnish with green coriander leaves.
Very delicious and lip smacking chilly potatoes are made.
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