C & S story 48 & 49 -- SUB

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A: Syed! Aw, you look terrible.
S: Thanks. I couldn't sleep. A: Thinking about me?
S: Who else?
A: Looks like someone had a good night though.
Babe, I've gotta get back, I've got a client waiting. Do something later, yeah? S: Yeah, I'll call you.
C: You're late. I waited hours for you last night. S: I wanted to but it was impossible.
Glad to see I didn't completely ruin your evening. C: I can't put my life on hold for you, Sy. I'm worth more than that.
J: Told my boss I'm stuck in traffic. Can I have that full English now?
You work with Christian, yeah? S: Yeah.
J: James. Good to see you again. S: Syed. So, you live round here?
J: No, miles away. Stayed over. S: Oh, right.
J: Tried to persuade Christian to take the day off but the best he can offer is a drink in the local later on.
S: Yeah, well we're very busy.
J: Sounds like you could both do with a break later then. Why don't you join me? C: Syed's not a drinker.
S: No, I mean.. love to have a break. J: Great. See you later then.
J: And so I needed a bed last night. I split up with my partner.
Ed always claimed he was faithful, then I went through his texts. Got a bit of a shock.
S: So you and Christian... J: No, we're, we're just mates. We've known each other years.
S: Oh, right.
A: You were supposed to ring me. S: Yeah, sorry, I was just going to. James, this is Amira, my fiancée.
A: Pleased to meet you. Christian kept you quiet. J: It's not like that!
Can I get anyone a drink? C: Same again. A: We're fine thanks.
Come on Christian, he's lovely. I think you two make a really cute couple. Don't you think, Syed?
C: Thanks, but I think I know my type.
J: Christian was interested in me a while back, but I was with Ed. The timing was all wrong.
But maybe Amira's right, we might be good together.
S: She says a lot of things I wouldn't pay too much attention to.
J: Actually I think I've always been a little bit in love with him. I mean who wouldn't?
And I know that he likes me, so maybe I should give it a go. S: Well I wouldn't.
It's just... if fidelity's what you're after, Christian's not exactly your best bet, is he?
Nah, I don't think I've seen him with the same bloke twice.
A: Oh, you're too funny. C: Oh, you're too religious.
C: You know, I really don't appreciate you slagging me off to my oldest mate. S: What?
C: Oh, don't come the innocent. James told me what you said last night. S: I was just trying to help.
C: By calling me a serial slapper that can't keep it in his trousers? S: He said he thought he loved you.
C: And that bothered you. S: No... I just knew you weren't interested, I thought I'd save you the embarrassment.
C: You're jealous. S: Course not.
C: Yeah well maybe now you know how it feels.
Watching you and Amira. That gut-wrenching pain every time you look at her.
S: I'm sorry. C: Yeah, how sorry, Syed?
Enough to walk away from your family, Amira, this business? 'Cause that's probably what it's gonna take.
You know, I've had enough of being your dirty little secret when you think no-one's looking. S: You're not.
You know you're not.
C: If you want me, you can have me.
All of me.
But not until you end it with her.
C: James. J: Christian. I got you a white wine. And I'm making dinner. You do eat sea food?
C: Actually, James, I think it might be better if you found somewhere else for tonight. I'm not good at sharing.
J: Syed told you, didn't he? C: It's not just that.
J: I thought you liked me? C: I do. Just not like that. Not now.
J: I bought all this food. I could make dinner, then go?
C: Look, I know this is gonna sound really sketchy but.. I'm gonna need the place to myself tonight.
I am sorry.
I'll call you.
A: I shouldn't let you see me like this. Might lose control of yourself. And it is Ramadan.
Oh stop looking so worried, Syed. I'm not going to turn into a Fahisha overnight.
I'm just trying things on for the Miss Queen Vic competition. What do you think? S: Amira.
A: Or this one, with gold shoes? S: Can you just stop, for one minute?
A: What is it, Syed?
You're worried what Ammi might say. Her prospective daughter-in-law flaunting herself in a public house.
S: Look it's not that. A: What is it then?
You're embarrassed. You don't think I've got a hope in hell. S: You'd look stunning in a bin bag.
A: Yeah, but you'd rather a blonde-haired, blue-eyed bimbo like everyone else round here.
S: Course not. You are the most beautiful woman I know..
A: Really? Oh, Syed, it's just,
I've been a little bit worried that maybe you were losing interest, didn't want me anymore, and I couldn't bear that.
I love you so much.
S: Me too.
C: Look, I know this is hard for you.
But she'll get over it. You've gotta be true to yourself otherwise you'll never be happy.
S: I couldn't do it.
I'm sorry. I was going to - I really wanted to.
But she needs me too much right now. I...
I couldn't hurt her.
C: But hurting me's OK, is it? S: No, of course not.
I just need some more time. C: No.
You do it right now,
or it's over.
S: I can't. I told you.
C: Then you made your choice.
J: Sorry. It took me longer than I expected to find somewhere. I left the food in the fridge. To say thank you.
C: Don't worry about it. We can eat it later.