Body Transformation - 5.7kg of Fat Loss in 90 Days

Uploaded by FatLossBoss on 21.11.2012

Hi, my name is Rohan
you're about to see what a real, day-by-day body transformation looks like
from this to this, in 90 days.
OK, that was a little bit quick so I'll show you again but now more slowly.

So if you to learn about the Method that I actually used over those 90 days to lose fat - you can.

there's a Free Guide you can get and I'll tell you more about that in this video.
But first I want to tell you why I actually took a photo every single
day instead of just having one before photo at the start and then one after
photo at the end.
We've all seen as before and after photos on internet when somebody goes
from a fatter physique to leaner and more muscular physique.
But how long does it actually take to transform your body and why are there
so many deceptive differences between the before photos and the after photos?

Before photos tend to be darker while after photos tend to be lighter.
Look at the body position. Before photos tend to be side on - kind of pushing the belly out.
After photos - front on. And they kind of tense their muscles.

Why is it that almost always, before photos have a minimal tan whereas after photos are totally tanned?

What about oil? Before photos? Mmmmmm. No oil. After photos?
Lots of oil!
And there are some other differences as well...
Sometimes they shave their chest hair...
And other times they change the background.
Now I want to make it perfectly clear that I'm not saying or implying that anyone in or
connected to any of these photos is a liar,
shyster, or fraudster. I'm not saying or implying that saying or implying that
any of the programs - if there were any - don't work. And I'm not saying
anything bad about the people whatsoever.
In fact I actually think body transformation is pretty cool.
So, what I am saying is that in my own personal opinion, I think it is
to overemphasize a body transformation with the little creativity.
Before and after photos show you two days in the body transformation:
they show you before and they show you after.
But what happens every single day in between those two photos? Well that's
what I wanted to find out - and I wanted to record it in an honest and accurate way
so that I could show you what the real transformation looks like
so i took a photo everyday for ninety days
uh... in a studio... - *cough*... living room - with a white background,
so that you wouldn't be distracted by oil and tan and changes in the background images
and so that you could basically see what a real transformation looks like. And it looks like this.

So how much fat did I actually lose?
Well, according to my DEXA scans - which is one of the most accurate ways to measure body fat -
I lost 5.7kg of fat in 90 days... which is pretty good.
OK, so how did I actually lose the fat?
Well if you want to what the Method was that I was using,
go to and check out the Free Guide that my friend Alex and I have written
which is based upon everything that we've learned about how fat loss really
works up until now.
It's not one of those lame guides that tries to sell you a bunch of stuff or
doesn't deliver the goods. It's actually everything that I wish I'd known
when I first got started before wasting time on silly stuff that just literally doesn't matter.
And just so you know, the Method in the Guide is 100% Natural.
There's no drugs. There's no magic pill schemes.
There's not even any banned foods -- by that I mean, there's no food that you can't eat.
Essentially all it is is the most important minimum requirements that we feel
need to be obeyed if you want to lose fat in the quickest and easiest way.
We're always eager to update and improve the Guide so
check it out and and let me know what you think.
So that's it for now. I hope you've enjoyed my body transformation as much as I have.
Check out the Free Guide, let me know what you think, and I will catch you soon.