THE EMPTY CANVAS (1963) [Eng subs]

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Madam is in the garden.
You're Mr. Dino?
- Where's my mother? - She's in the greenhouse.
- Are there guests today? - Not that I know of.
- Take some flowers inside. - Yes, ma'am.
Hello, Mother.
Thousands of these days, my child...
- Thanks. - ... spent among plants and flowers.
It's such a joy to look at them.
Then I grew up like this, in Father's house in the country.
There were always wonderful flowers.
But why did my father always run from you whenever he could?
Your father never ran away because of me.
He liked to travel.
Aren't these dahlias magnificent?
Run away or "travel" are almost the same thing.
Why was he never at home with you?
I've never wanted to know. I just know that...
... he became sad, never talked, never left the house.
At the end, I decided to give him some money and said:
"Go away for a bit, darling. It'll do you a lot of good."
You're very similar to your father.
You hide your feelings, too, and seem like you're missing something.
- Yes, you're very similar. - Above all, because I, too...
... will never run away from you.
At least he was traveling the world in the meantime.
To India, Japan, Afghanistan...
... to God knows where. It was a life he led for a long time.
You, on the other hand, live in the city, a stone's throw away.
And I won't see you for months and months.
Just like today, only because it's your birthday.
I've given up painting.
Would you take me back after so many years?
But of course! You're always welcome in this house.
When do you mean to return?
Tomorrow, maybe.
Your studio's just the same as you left it.
- You can paint tomorrow, too. - I don't paint anymore.
Don't you listen to me?
Of course, I listen to you.
I don't want to paint ever again.
But why, darling?
This morning I realised I'm not made to paint.
I made a big mistake.
Sometimes when one...
I must show you something. It's a surprise.
For you.
With my best wishes for your birthday.
It's the most expensive model on the market.
Do you want to give it a try?
What do you think?
It's not bad.
If it wasn't your birthday, I'd have taken it myself.
The dashboard's what I like most.
It's like a jeweler's window.
Thank you. I like it a lot.
You know what I'll do? I'll throw you a party here.
All our friends could see that you've returned.
What's your name?
I've never seen you here.
I haven't been here long.
Did Rita bring you a towel?
Ah, you mean that girl...
... with the quivering lips?
She's very good, respectful and clean.
And had good references.
Why are you laughing?
I was just thinking.
I remember reading a parody of the parable of the Prodigal Son.
- Do you know it? - I don't believe so.
Well, in the parable, written in the gospel,
the son returns home...
... and the father sacrifices for him a fat calf.
In the parody, the fat calf runs away scared...
... as soon as the son comes home.
Because it knows what its destiny is.
After that, everyone's waiting for the calf to come home...
... and then, when it returns, do you know what happens?
To celebrate the return of the fat calf,
the father kills the Prodigal Son and feeds him to the calf...
... and they live happily ever after.
You shouldn't joke about sacred things, my child.
But I'm not joking at all!
My return would be the sacrifice of the Prodigal Son, me...
... to benefit the fat calf...
... which would be all this luxury that surrounds me.
I don't understand where this is going.
Yeah, of course.
What do you do all day, Mother?
Oh, the usual life. You know it well.
No, I don't and I want to know.
After all, I'm coming back to stay with you.
Could be that everything's changed since I was here.
No, nothing. I don't enjoy change.
I live now as I lived ten years ago.
And in ten years I'll live the same way.
But if I don't know how you live...
- What time do you get up? - At 8 o'clock.
- Do you have breakfast at once? - Of course!
In the bedroom or here?
In the bedroom, in my bed.
- And what do you have? - Tea, juice and toast.
What do you do after that?
I take my bath.
Do you wash yourself or does the maid help?
Do you know you're acting strange with these questions?
It could be I don't want to answer such questions.
After all, my life is personal and concerns only myself.
Okay, Mother.
Thank you.
Do you put your jewelery on before or after you dress?
- At the last moment. - After you dress, what do you do?
I give orders to the cook, and talk with the gardener.
And then?
I close up in my studio, and occupy myself with business.
- Every day? - No, thank you.
Every day.
I write letters, speak with my lawyer, receive visitors...
- On Sunday, what do you do? - What do you think?
I go to mass, naturally.
- Which church? - St. Sebastian.
- What do you do at church? - Listen to the mass.
What are you thinking?
Now or in general?
In general.
I've been looking at a villa in San Pietro.
The owner's up to his neck in debts,
and we may be able to get it cheap.
You thought I did nothing?
Painting takes time and effort, but so does my work.
And it's quite exhausting.
I'm occupied the entire morning, sometimes the afternoon, too.
Some days I get a terrible pain, here, behind my neck.
- You should pack it in. - I'm doing it for you.
Someone needs to preserve your estate.
- Your estate, you should say. - It'll be yours when I die.
One thing is clear:
if it wasn't for me, we'd be out in the street.
What are you thinking?
I was looking at that tree.
That was your favorite corner when you were young.
You'd sit there for hours, enchanted.
And what would I do?
You'd just look at it.
It seemed as though you were bewitched.
Anyway, thanks to your mother, today you're rich.
What does that mean, exactly, "rich"?
What could it mean, other than simply rich?
- Though less than "very rich". - Yes, darling.
If you'd like a more accurate answer, I'll get the accounts.
No, I'll take your word for it.
Ma'am, the coffee is ready.
Come, darling. Coffee.
You need to know the estate, if you're to help me run it.
Now that you no longer paint, you'll have more time.
Careful, Rita!
I'll get some water to get rid of the stain.
No, don't dream of it!
You don't clean stains on clothes one is wearing.
My son will take off his trousers and you'll wash and iron them.
Should I take them off now or can I wait?
Coffee stains must be cleaned right away,
so go to your room and give the trousers to Rita.
In the wardrobe, you'll find a dressing gown.
Meanwhile, I'll prepare some papers you should look over.
Okay, okay!
You've earned your wages.
You may put your glasses back on, Rita.
- Why are you closing? - I'm going to a funeral.
- Who's that? - The painter.
That old man who was always with young girls.
It was them who looked for him.
He burst like a boiler.
Stop that!
He died, so show some respect.
Naked! There's your respect.
They found them both naked.
The doctor told the girl she killed him!
Of course, at his age...
Anybody there?
I live opposite.
I just came to look at the paintings. The door was open.
I came to get my things before they rent the studio.
- I have a key, you see? - I see.
You were here when he died?
Yes, he felt sick while I was posing for him.
I was his model.
You posed for this painting?
Of course. Don't you like it?
It doesn't look like you.
How do you know it doesn't?
The body doesn't seem like yours.
- Here, you see? - Do you think?
Still, I'm made like this.
Maybe he exaggerated a little.
This is me.
This one, too.
And that one there.
He never tired of painting me.
I thought he was more interested in women than painting.
Yes, true!
Why don't you come to my studio for a bit?
- Do you want me to pose for you? - Is this what Balestrieri asked...
... to get you here the first time?
No. I came here for lessons in design.
Back then I had an idea to go into fashion design.
- And then? - Then he asked me to pose.
But not right away, that was later.
If you like, I can pose until dinnertime.
Why not?
- Where's the bathroom? - That door, there.
<< What does the world matter to me >>
<< When you are close to me >>
<< I'll ask nothing more of heaven >>
<< If you leave me... >>
- How long had you known Balestrieri? - Two years.
- How old are you? - 17.
Where do you want me?
Wherever you like.
- Did he fall in love with you right away? - Oh, no.
I had a crush on him, or at least thought I did.
So what made you love him?
You don't need a reason to love a person.
We fell in love, that's all.
There's always a reason for everything.
I felt an attraction to him.
An attraction?
What kind of attraction?
Well, Balestrieri looked like my father...
... and, since I was small, I've had a passion for my father.
Why do you ask so many questions?
Because I want to know. Was Balestrieri in love with you?
He said he couldn't live without me.
Once, I tried to leave him and he attempted suicide.
- Have you thought about him today? - No.
- Why not? - Because today I've thought only of you.
Forgive me...
I invited you here on a pretext.
It's years since I've painted people, or even recognisable objects.
But that's another story. The fact is, I'm not a painter.
Not anymore.
So that is my masterpiece.
- But that canvas is blank. - Exactly.
Nothing deserves to be painted in this world.
An empty canvas says everything there is to say.
That's all I can honestly believe in.
It doesn't matter that you misled me.
I know.
It's been three months that you've smiled at me when I've seen you...
... to tell me you're ready to do with me what you did with him.
And that I could count on it.
If I'm wrong, get up, get dressed and we'll forget everything.
Let's continue.
I stopped painting...
... because I've nothing to paint.
Or I have no contact with anything real.
Not even with this cup.
This is the way I feel about women: closed off.
So if there's to be something between us...
... there can't be more than there's been up until now.
Which is, nothing. Absolutely nothing.
No, I'm not impotent if that's what you're thinking.
But with regard to what you want from me, it can't happen.
I don't know if I want to live...
... or end it all.
How am I supposed to know if I want to make love?
You leave me indifferent.
We could carry out the act, but it would be pointless.
I'd better go.
- Goodbye. - Goodbye.
- You're not afraid someone will see us? - That makes it more fun.
You know something?
Now that I know you better...
... I can't understand Balestrieri's behavior.
Because you're not the kind of woman...
... who destroys men's souls.
That's what I've been saying.
For years, I've seen Balestrieri change women continuously.
Then you arrived and the others went away.
How do you explain that?
You keep asking me what people are thinking...
... and I don't know what to say.
Maybe, for him, you were the only one that counted.
But I see things another way.
For him you were everything and for me...
I know you don't understand, and it's difficult to explain.
Now everything's clear and unmistakable.
You, everything that surrounds you.
A moment later, there's only darkness and emptiness.
This is life, as I know it.
Have you never felt this way?
- What have you done? - Damn!
There was a nail in my shoe, I cut myself.
Where are you going?
How are you always so punctual?
It's simple, I leave early.
Be right back.
Please go close the curtains properly.
Forgive me, Cecilia, do me a favor.
Go unplug the telephone. That stupid thing...
... starts ringing at the worst moment.
Forgive me, again, go into the kitchen...
... I have this feeling that I left the gas on.
Tell me if there's anything else, while I'm on my feet.
Lock the door.
- What else? - The doorbell.
Unplug that, too.
Why not go and do what I've asked you to?
- Is there anything else? - I don't know.
It's too much fun.
Come over here.

- Is my mother home? - The countess is in her studio.
- Hello, Mother. - Oh, Dino!
What's this title of countess you make the driver use?
I met, by chance, a specialist in heraldry.
You met him by chance?
He explained that our family had stopped using the title...
... a century ago, and he didn't know why.
And you've decided to exploit it.
A good title is always useful.
I see you're in a bad mood.
You're pale, you haven't slowed down after all.
You're right.
I need a break.
A few days in Switzerland would do you good.
Would you mind giving me this bag?
I just bought it.
I want to give it to a girl I'm planning to leave.
Trouble is, for a trip to Switzerland, I'd need money.
I'm broke, I've spent the money you gave me.
You're broke because you want to be broke.
You're rich, Dino. I've told you so many times.
If you want me to stay, you must stop reminding me I'm rich.
Do whatever you like.
Play at being poor.
Pretend you're a poor man with a rich mother who lends you money.
- How much money do you need? - I don't know.
Whatever you need for a journey in luxury.
- 500,000. Maybe more. - What?!
I'm rich, have you forgotten?
- I sent Rita away. - Why?
Men, inside and out.
I can only give you 100,000 lire. I'll give you the rest tomorrow.
I just remembered that I have to make a payment.
You don't need to make excuses to get me back.
Why don't you want to live with your mother?
Here you'd have all the money you needed.
What does that have to do with it?
I only see you when you need money.
I'm not a very good son.
Why did you run off last time?
Do you really need to ask?
Am I right that you tried to have some kind of relations with Rita?
I didn't run off because of Rita.
I ran away because of you.
Because of me? Darling...
I noticed you putting your hands all over her.
It was entirely your fault that I...
... "put my hands all over her".
What does this have to do with me?
Why is it my fault that you need to be a nuisance with the maid?
Don't pretend!
You prepared everything!
Even the willing girl to trap me in this cage.
But I'll never come back. Get that into your head!
I spent all my teenage years dreaming of becoming a thief...
... a murderer, a criminal, to not be what you wanted.
It's because I lived with you in this house.
What is it about this house that you hate so much?
Is it not like all the others?
And my father? He didn't want to stay in this house, why?!
I've told you.
Your father loved to travel.
Who are you trying to fool, Mother?
My father loved to travel because he couldn't stand to be with you.
- At least, stay for breakfast. - I can't.
Two members of Parliament are coming.
Thank you.
At 5 o'clock, that girl is coming, my model.
Give her this from me.
Tell her I had to leave, and don't know when I'll be back.

Pull over.
Pull over here.
Wait there.
Take me back, please.
Is it true that Balestrieri...
... died in your arms while you were making love?
- Why do you want to know? - Tell me it's true!
Well, yes and no.
He starting feeling sick while we were making love...
... but died afterwards, when everything was over.
- You're not telling the truth! - Why not?
He felt sick at the start.
Then he felt better, and we ended up in bed.
You hadn't been in bed?
- No. - Where were you?
- On the stairs. - On the stairs?
He always wanted to make love at any moment.
We stayed in his bedroom, then he said:
"Let's go and paint."
I went ahead, then he suddenly grabbed me and said he felt sick.
I had to help him back to bed.
He was having difficulty breathing, then he recovered a little.
He lay there with his eyes closed, still.
Do you want to know what happened after?
He asked me if we could make love again.
But I didn't want to.
So he started to insult me. He even scared me a little.
I thought he'd die just because he was so angry.
How come you're so late?
I've had things to do.
We won't be able to see each other every day...
... just once or twice a week.
- Why? - My parents are complaining.
They know I only have design lessons once a week.
I have to invent excuses, they know something's up.
What about Balestrieri? You saw him every day.
Balestrieri was an old man, they didn't suspect anything of him.
And they knew him, too.
- So introduce me to your parents. - Sure, I'll introduce you.
But, still, we'll just see each other twice a week.
- You know, I saw you today. - Where?
On the Spanish Steps.
Yes, I was with an actor friend.
His name is Luciani.
- Do you see him often? - Once in a while.
He wants me to work in movies.
- Where did you go? - For coffee near his house.
- And afterwards? - Nowhere. I went home.
- You seemed quite intimate. - Intimate?
- What are you talking about? - The way he was holding you.
He's like that with everyone.
You know what, Dino?
Today, it was very good.
- It's not always? - It's different every time.
Sometimes, it's not as good, but today it was amazing.
Why was it amazing?
I can't explain,
but a woman knows when it feels right.
Did you ever cheat on Balestrieri?
Please, don't ask me any more questions.
Yes, I cheated on Balestrieri.
He was so boring.
- What does that mean, "boring"? - Boring means boring.
Which is?
- I really need to go, bye. - Wait.
Did Balestrieri know you cheated on him?
He suspected it.
But he loved you all the same.
Yes, he always loved me.
He said that, for him, I was a kind of...
How would you say...
- A kind of drug. - Yes!
I've told them you have to give me a lesson.
This way, we can leave after we've eaten.
Meet my design instructor.
I must go help in the kitchen.
It's warm, eh?
Thank you.
- Your father's sick? - Yes.
- What's he sick with? - Cancer.
What do the doctors say?
- They say he won't get better. - So he'll die soon?
Does that upset you?
What's that?
That your father will die.
If you say so...
What are you trying to say?
Do you love your father?
Will you excuse me?
I'd like to wash my hands.
Ah, you're here.
Move over, I need to comb my hair.
Did you and Balestrieri make love in this house?
I think so.
- Where? - I don't remember.
- Of course, you know! - Alright...
Once, in my bedroom.
Mama, meet Dino.
- Good day, madam. - What a lovely surprise!
It's very nice to meet you.
I'm sorry that I'm a bit...
Why didn't you tell me?
Cecilia, take the professor to the living room.
Lunch will be ready soon.
You're introducing me as Dino? You don't remember my surname?
You won't believe me, but I don't know it.
What's your name?
I'll tell you another time.
Balestrieri was such a nice person...
... full of kindness, friendly. A true artist.
You've no idea... Thank you.
... what an impression his death had on us.
He was so affectionate with our little girl.
- Some fruit, professor? - No, thank you.
He loved Cecilia very much.
- Did you see him often? - Of course!
We saw him almost every day.
This was a second home to him.
He used to say: "This is my family now."
"You should consider me..."
"... a kindly old uncle."
Why don't you write it, darling?
The professor can't understand you.
We understand him, but strangers can't.
He always refuses to write it.
He doesn't want to be thought a mute.
He says that Balestrieri wasn't so nice.
That when he came here he acted like he owned the place!
How absurd, what he's saying.
He says Balestrieri had eyes for me.
He's so clever, but all he does is day-dream.
He has nothing to do,
so he works things over in his head.
Did you see his eyes? The eyes of a thinker.
He always mixes things up in his mind.
- Excuse me. - Then he settles on something absurd.
Now he wants to go for a walk.
We'll have a nice walk...
... then I'll take him to the cinema and leave him there.
- Shall we go to the studio? - I'm waiting for a phone call.
From whom?
From a film producer, about an appointment.
If he wants to see me right away, I won't be able to come with you.
Why don't you tell me the truth?
You're waiting for that actor to call you.
- What actor? - That one with the bleached hair.
You're wrong.
I saw him last night. It's not like I see him every day.
I don't demand that you love me.
But I demand to know the truth.
I'd prefer you tell me you're going to see Luciani...
... instead of lying to me!
I'm not seeing Luciani, that's the truth.
But if you want me to satisfy you...
... I should tell you I'm going to see him.
Listen, Cecilia...
Yes, it's me.
Of course...
Sorry? I don't understand.
I banged my head.
See you soon.
Don't hate me, Dino. I can't come to your studio.
That producer wants to see me in half an hour.
I'm going now.
No, wait.
Come here.
Come on.
We can make love here, we have time.
No, I'm not Balestrieri.
Making love in your house doesn't excite me.
Suit yourself.
- Did he ever spy on you? - And how!
He'd wait for hours in the courtyard until I came out.
- You can see it from here. - What did he do there?
He was always hiding under that archway.
- Did he follow you? - Sometimes.
Didn't you feel uncomfortable?
Once I noticed him...
... so I confronted him...
... then we sat at that cafe.
- He didn't say anything to you? - No.
He started crying. Then he had me followed.
By whom?
One of those agencies that investigate.
By an agent.
- What happened? - I told him not to worry...
... that I wasn't seeing other men. See you soon.
Could I have that green box in the window?
- That box, there? - Yes.
No. The one above it.
- But they're the same. - Then I'll take both.
- How much is that? - 3,000.
Can I give you a lift?
What're you doing in these parts?
I went to that producer's house.
What a coincidence your bleached blond friend...
... and that producer live in the same building.
Luciani lives on the first floor, and the producer on the third.
- Did he see the producer, too? - Who?
- Yes, we went together. - To do what?
- He spoke to us about work. - What work?
- A film, of course. - What's the title?
- He didn't say. - Where did you talk?
- In his study. - Okay.
I want you to describe this study to me.
Starting with the furniture.
There's a desk in the corner, a bookshelf,
a suite with a table, and an antique lamp.
- What color? - Green.
- You're sure? - Very sure.
Tell me again.
- Why? - Tell me.
- Okay. It's true. - What is?
It's true Luciani and I are seeing each other.
But only to look in each others' eyes, right?
No, to make love.
You're disgusting!
- Where are you going? - I'm leaving!
- It's better we don't see each other again. - Wait!
We don't go well together. We're too different.
- I must speak with you. - We don't have anything to say!
- Come here! - Leave me alone!
What do you want from me?
I want to make love...
... for the last time.
- Do you still want to break up? - Do what you want.
If you want to stay together, we will. If you want to break up, we will.
- But if we stay together, why would you want to? - Because I love you.
If I asked you to leave Luciani, would you?
No. That, no.
- You could respond with less enthusiasm. - I'm sorry.
From now on, you can have fun with Luciani.
Why does he bother you so much?
I'll come see you as always.
Then you want both of us.
Why is it my fault if I like being with both of you?
Each of you gives me something different.
I gave you a good sum of money the other day.
Why do you need all this money?
I need to sort out my studio.
- And what's your studio missing? - Everything.
I must paint it again,
and redo the floor.
This time, I'm not going to give you money.
I find it stupid that you're paying rent...
... when you could live in your own house.
It's nothing to do with the studio.
What, then?
It's something else.
That's enough for now, Gabriella.
Something else?
- What is it, Dino? - A woman.
- A bad woman, no doubt. - No, she needs money.
A good woman should never ask for money.
It's the others that always invent stories...
... to get at your money.
She really needs it.
In other words, you want to support her.
Not really, I just want to help her.
She's a tramp, Dino. Listen to your mother.
And be careful of these horrible diseases flying around.
If you were to have a relationship with a woman from your world...
... I wouldn't need to ask you a thing.
Are you going to give me this money or not?
- Who is this woman? - This woman's a woman.
You ask me for money, and then you don't trust me.
It's not that I don't trust you.
What does it matter if she's called Maria, Cecilia, or Paola?
I didn't ask you her name. I want to know something about her.
Is she married? Does she work?
How old is she? What does she look like?
So much for a bit of money.
I'm sorry, I'm not in the mood for confessions.
If you want to give me that money, fine.
If not, it doesn't matter.
You know where the combination for the safe is.
Take what you want.
Money isn't as useless as you made it out to be.
Does Luciani know I came to wait for you?
It would make me happy if you and he met and became friends.
Look at me, I'm all yours!
I'm dressed in clothes I bought with your money, on top and underneath.
- Why are you telling me that? - I thought you'd like it.
I'd like it more if I knew you were mine.
Not just on top and underneath, but also inside.
What do you mean?
Inside, you should know I don't belong to anybody.
There are just lungs, a heart and some intestines.
What do you want with those?
- Why the sudden happiness? - Because I'm with you.
Thank you, you're very kind.
- What's that mark on your neck? - It was Luciani.
I want to make a proposal.
What's that?
Let's get married.
Are you serious?
It's something I've been thinking of a long time.
- But why? - Why...
It would make me happy. But not you?
I don't know.
I can't answer that right away.
- Why not? - I need to think about it.
I'm sure we'd be...
And we'll have many children.
- So what do you say? - I don't know.
I'll tell you...
... tomorrow, maybe.
I'm afraid my mother is having cocktails.
I'll introduce you to Mother, we'll have a drink...
... you can see the house, then we'll leave.
What a beautiful car.
It's mine. If you like, later we'll take it out.
After we're married, we'll live here. Do you like it?
Yes, it's very beautiful.
Wait here, I'll go see if my mother's home.
She must be upstairs.
When I question you, and you don't answer, what're you thinking?
I'm thinking that I don't want to answer you.
Like when I was with the nuns and we had to confess.
So as not to talk about myself,
I'd invent sins I hadn't committed.
This way, the priest would be happy.
He'd say I needed to repent.
And recite God knows how many prayers...
... and I'd just say "yes".
I'd always say "yes".
What a lovely surprise. This thing is impossible.
With all these people, I have to do everything myself.
The waiters are behind and they seem like apprentices.
- Mother, this is Cecilia, my fiance. - Good evening, darling.
Dino, I have to run. I'm sure you understand.
Good evening.
- All these people are very rich. - I can see.
Would you care to be like them?
To know if I'd like it, I'd have to become one.
Then I'd be able to say if I liked it or not.
Let's go somewhere quieter.
Come with me upstairs.
This was my room.
There are lots of empty rooms. We'd have this entire wing.
A wing of the castle.
You'd have your own wardrobe, a personal bathroom...
... your own maid.
What do you say?
- Cecilia. - What's in the other rooms?
Come on.
- What's over there? - My mother's room.
Is it nice?
If you want to make love, we can.
- Here? - Why not? It's comfortable here.
I was born in this room.
Dino, I have to tell you that I can't marry you.
I'd have told you right away, but I didn't have the courage.
I saw it meant so much to you.
But why don't you want to?
Simply because I don't want to.
- But why? - For Luciani.
- Luciani? - I can't leave him.
- You want to marry him? - No, I wouldn't think of it.
- Luciani already has a wife. - Oh, really?
- Yes, and he has to look after her. - What does Luciani matter to me?!
I'll allow you to see him whenever you like.
I said no.
- But why? - Let's stay as we are.
It's nice as it is.
I won't stop you from seeing Luciani or anybody else.
All I want is that you...
... live with me.
Why do you refuse? There must be a reason.
I don't want to get married, that's all.
Why do you want to make love?
What's going through your head?
If we don't do it today,
we won't be able for a while.
Tomorrow I'm leaving for Capri with Luciani,
and we'll be away for two weeks.
Don't go.
Don't think about tomorrow. Come here.
I don't want you to go.
We've already booked the room.
Tell Luciani you don't feel well and stay.
But why?
I like the idea of going to Capri,
and don't see why I shouldn't.
If you don't go, I'll buy you a present.
- What? - Everything you want.
For example?
For example, a sum of money.
How much would you give me?
Enough money to cover you, from your head to your feet.
- And what's that mean? - I'll show you.
Stay there. I'll cover you with 10,000-lire notes...
... from head to toe.
Where do you have all this money?
Wait there!
Come on, lie down.
Some more there.
On my hair, too.
Look! There's a gap.
Put one there.
I'm lucky to have long legs.
There's something like 300,000 lire.
If you don't leave, I'll give it all to you.
- I thought it'd be more. - I'll give you double that.
Enough to cover you on top and underneath.
I'm sorry, Dino, but it's not possible.
When I come back from Capri, we'll see each other more often.
Did Balestrieri know a relationship with you'd be bad for his health?
Of course, but it didn't matter.
Did he love you because he knew it'd kill him?
Because you were all he needed...
... to kill himself.
I've never thought about it.
Come here.
I'm not Balestrieri. I'll never forget you.
Please, all the money that...
All the money that you don't need, put back in the safe.
If nothing else,
for the maid's sake.
I don't want her to find bank notes, even in my bed.
You know, your mother's nice.
Are you mad?
How is she nice?
I don't know, but she's friendly.
You'll need to do me a favor.
You were about to give me half a million not to leave.
Instead, you can give me part of that: 40,000 lire.
This way you'll save money!
- What do you need it for? - You know...
Luciani's been unemployed, and we've so little money.
We'd need it for this trip.
So you're giving him money?
- Yes, sometimes. - My money?!
Yes, the money you give me.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
I lost my head.
You hurt me.
It doesn't matter.
Where are we going?
I'll take you home.
As you wish.
As I wish?
No, darling, as you wish.
- What time are you leaving? - Early.
Can you come sleep at my place?
They're waiting for me at home.
And it's not like I can stay out all night.
- Tell them you're leaving tonight. - We'll see.
I'll call you.
- Promise you'll come! - I'll try, I promise.
I'm Signora Balestrieri.
Excuse me...
I saw the light on...
Don't worry...
You're welcome whenever you wish.
Do you know all these paintings are of the same model?
She's a pretty girl, don't you think?
So beautiful outside, yet so horrible inside.
Do you know her?
You could say so. I wish I didn't. Did you know...
... that my husband died because of her?
- That's what they say. - I know what they say.
The usual rubbish.
Maybe that's what happened.
But he could have had any other woman.
I didn't mean it like that.
I mean that my husband's dead...
... because of the broken heart she caused.
He spoke to me of that girl.
He said: "She will be the death of me".
He felt it in his bones.
Is she really that terrible?
With my husband, she was.
Maybe with you, she'll be an angel.
What does this have to do with me?
What do you think of this painting?
Look at it well.
Do you know who that man is, on all fours?
My own husband!
They did that, you know? Like kids...
... in the park.
But those two weren't kids.
If you like this painting,
I'll sell it to you.
Why the hell would I want to buy that?
A memento to remind you of that girl.
Why would I want a memento?
Why... you know better than me.
She means nothing to me.
That's easy to say, professor.
I need to see Cecilia.
She left two minutes ago.
Where did she go?
She said she was going to Capri with a friend.
For two weeks, but her father...
- Could you give me a hand? - Is your husband sick?
Cecilia's never loved anyone.
You'll realise that.
What are you doing? Get out of here!
- Keep walking! - Come here!
Is that your car there?
It's five thousand.
I know your type.
I'll scream for help.
- Don't touch my bag. - No...
What's wrong with you?
Don't leave.
Let's go!
- Bye, blondie. - Goodbye.
Here you are. Now you must drink this juice.
You never call, never ask for anything.
It's no bother. We're here to help you.
- Leave it open. - It's a bit windy.
I want to look at that tree.
How can you see? It's dark.
I like to hear the wind through the leaves.
You do nothing, but look at that tree, why?
Because it does me good.
Everyone wants to know what happened to you.
- And I don't know. - What do you say?
- Nothing. What can I say? - Tell them the truth.
What would the truth be?
That I attempted to kill myself over love.
I don't think you ever loved that girl.
A man can kill himself even if he doesn't love a woman.
But the reason is always love.
I don't think I'll ever understand you.
Tell your curious friends I tried to kill myself...
... because I had a broken heart.
Just like waiters and students,
and all those convinced that love is something important.
Tell them whatever comes into your head.
That I burst a tire. They won't believe it.
Can I also say that you're coming home to live with me?
I'm sorry, Mother,
but I must learn to live without your money.
So this will be the last time we'll see each other.
Don't say that.
Money is the only reason I see you.
You came only when you needed it.
I used to see you once a month.
Then, when you met her, you came more often.
You wouldn't have endured my presence for a moment,
if you didn't really need it.
It's this that needs to be changed.
From now on, when I come see you,
it won't be because I want to ask for money.
Money, money, money, money!
Will we ever be able to talk about something besides money?
Dino... This is the first time you've touched me...
It's been such a long time.
Ten years.
Mother, I don't need your money, but I do need you.
Dino, when you see her again...
... what will you do?
I need to see her to know.
My entire life, I've done nothing but wait for my men.
It's my destiny.
I don't see why things should change now.
I must go, darling.
I just got back, came straight from the station.
Are you happy to see me?
- Did you have fun? - Yes, it was great.
After a week we were already out of money.
So guess what we did.
You ran away without paying the hotel bill.
Yes! By climbing out the hotel window.
I couldn't wait to get to Rome, and tell you everything.
Then Luciani started crying over me.
When he found out I had another man, he lost it.
Did you tell him you'd been making love with me?
- No, with someone else. - Ah, someone else.
With a scuba diver.
He taught me to go underwater,
It was amazing.
Then, one day,
Luciani went to the village to phone Rome.
A call about work.
So he and I went for a swim.
When Luciani came back,
he knew right away something had happened.
He went out of his mind and hit me, then left.
- So I stayed in Capri. - With the scuba diver.
You know, my mother wrote me a letter...
... telling me that she knew someone...
... who told her you tried to commit suicide over me.
Really? You believed her?
Not for a moment. Why would you do that?
After all, I've always been there for you.
I don't see a reason for it.
In fact, there wasn't.
Though maybe you thought I didn't love you any more...
... because it took me so long to come back from Capri.
So I'm here to tell you that I love you, too.
My Cecilia.
- Do you love me? - But of course.
I love you just as you are.
I thought about you a lot while I was in Capri.
I really care about you.
- Why? - Because you're unique.
You're different from everyone I've ever met.
When we've finished, will you take me to the cinema?
It's ages since I've seen a film.
What's wrong?
You don't want to?
I don't understand you anymore.
Maybe there's another woman.
No, there's nobody else.
If you feel that, maybe it'd be better if I see Luciani.
Besides, I've still got his stuff in my suitcase.
Look! What a disaster.
I haven't come for money. I've come just to see you.
If we're not going to make love, why give it to me?
So you can buy yourself a new pair of shoes.
And try not to talk so much, okay?
- Will you call me tomorrow? - Don't worry.
You won't believe me, but I know what's in your head.
You always have to make things difficult.
You'll let me take a few steps out in the rain,
then you'll call me back.
I bet you anything, you'll do exactly that.