Fourth Ball Attacking - Table Tennis (HD)

Uploaded by TableTennisMaster on 22.09.2011

For all the attackers they
all want to attack first.
How can you faster than them?
So, your short game
return the serve
very important.
So how can you return
make a good chance for yourself?
Uh... most people in China
we just return with a short.
So when we return the serve
bottom spin, side/bottom spin and no spin
so all
those spins you can use your push.
Push return short.
But think about it, after your
return you have to prepare
next shot. Maybe your loop kill forehand, backhand, whatever.
So your short
push, the stroke
won't be too big.
You need time
to get back to ready position. So just... push it.
The ball's short, then you can go
prepare automatic.
Try this one
this is not two stroke this is one stroke.
More practice you're going to be very smooth.
Okay I'm going to show you some
we play game.
So ready position
and return
So this is automatic. So push, quick back
ready position, right?
So this is
all return with short. You gonna say "hey
I should return short
if they
return short too
how can I do?" So next one you can go, if they return short you can go... push it
longer. So you're going to have a change short and longer, right?
So same thing like
like this. See this is long, right?
And short, long. You have to
both of them you have to practice.
Both of them practice to confuse your opponent. Then you got a
good chance
to attack.
Okay do it again.
and also
So practice just like this... ready position
So you've got a...
confuse them.
Then you've got a chance, good chance, to do next shot.
But this one
smaller stroke, prepare
backhand, forehand. Or you can turn your body.
I think this is best way
to do next shot.
Thank you.