Danny Denzongpa owns Amrish Puri

Uploaded by pakifighter on 26.11.2012

Katya. Katya. Katya.
Let my (son) Kashi go. Let my (son) Kashi go.
Dont kill my (son) Kashi. Dont kill my (son) Kashi
Katya. Katya.
Katya. Let my (son) Kashi go.
Katya. Let my (son) Kashi go.
Your father is a dog.
Do yo see Kashinath
You said you didnt want to work for me as my dog.
But look now
Your father has become a dog
and is wagging his tail in front of me
licking my feet
A puppy is a dog, not a tiger.
Your father is a dog
Youre his puppy.
Youre a dog. DOG!
If I had wished, I couldve killed you the other day.
But that death
wouldve been a reward for your bravery,
not a punishment.
This is your punishment, this.
Look at him. This is your punishment.
After this, every breath you take will haunt you
Life will feel like a burden to you
And you will go around searching for death
When you get tired of it
Then knock on Katyas door
If I feel merciful
then (I) Katya will give you death
Go doggy. Go to you puppy. MOVE!