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Hey guys!
Welcome to another video from Cine + 2
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Yeah.. Gui did it.
And today we will be talking about the Harry Potter series.
I know you want to hear about the new movie
But we will watch it on sunday
So when we watch it, we will make a review.
Today we will talk about the series overall
HP started as a book and this book got really famous and everyone wanted a movie out of the book
So after a few books were released, the first movie came out.
And the story that everyone knows is about this boy who has no mom and dad
And he was raised by his uncle who treats him like crap, for example they make him sleep under the stairs.
His parents were killed by the most evil wizard of all times
Called Lord Voldemort
And for some weird reason, Harry survived this spell that no one had ever survived.
So after suffering with his uncle, Harry is invited to Hogwarts
And on the train, Harry meets Ron and Hermione
On Hogwarts they keep breaking rules but always get away with it
But this aint a good life lesson.. *wink*
So yeah the story is going and Harry needs to fight Voldemort.
The badass wizard of the story.
So Harry knowing about his destiny, he starts to become a strong wizard because he wants to kill Voldemort
The story is really unic and cool because before if you said about wizards i would think something different.
So it is really good
The HP series is one of the movies that made the biggest profit
With a total of $5.500.000.000.00
So if each person in the world had to pay $1.00 to watch it more than 3/4 of the world would have seen it.
That is, putting all HP movies together
Without counting that HP7 was released only a few days ago so this value will probably go much higher.
One of the most awesome things is that daniel radcliffe, rupert grint and emma watson
(Harry, Ron and Hermione in this order)
Started acting out as 11 year olds
They grown and now they will be acting as 17 years old
So we can see how they have now a better acting and maturity levels
Something that I think it wasnt needed is this romance they tried to fit in
It seems like J.K wantted to fit all genres in one movie to get a bigger audience
She fits Romance, Comdey, Action, Magic, EVERYTHING!
So at the cinema you get these mixed feelings
One minute you are crying, the other you are laughing.. its something really complicated.
We made a little summary of each movie.
The first movie is the philosophical stone, where we find out everything about Harry, his past and Hogwards.
The second one, Chamber of Secrets, is where Voldemort tries to kill Harry and blah blah
The third one is the prisoner of azkaban where we meet Sirius Black who is Harry's godfather,
And aparently he told Voldemort where Harry's parents were, so Voldemort killed them
But it was actually Petter Pittigrew who told Voldemort
He was Ron's rat, remember?
The 4th movie, The globet of fire, were there is the wizard tournament
And someone puts Harry's name on it and he gets picked
And at the end when he is going to get the torphy, himm and Cedric are transported to a cemitery
And there they fight agains Voldemort and Cedric is killed.
Then on the 5th, ordem of the phoenix, its when the ministery sends a woman to Hogwards
And she starts to take over
and he starts having visions because of Voldemort
One of these takes the death eaters to the ministery
So the ministery finally understands that Voldemort is alive
On the 6th, Half-blood Prince, where Harry finds the book with spells improved, and that book was Snape's
Draco gets picked to be a Death Eater, and he makes way for other Death Eaters to go in Howgwads
And Dumbledore comes to calm everyone down, and Snape kills him.
So thats it guys, I hope you liked it
And stay alert for next week for the review of HP7.....part 1 :D
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