Kuolleiden Talvi 2/4 Winter of The Dead 2/4

Uploaded by Zugram on 01.05.2009

- Your moonshine is getting better.
This tastes almost drinkable.
Last one made me sick for a week.
- I've had plenty of time to practice.
- If they bite us, do we also change into those things?
- At least we are immune to the radiation that changed them.
But you can never be sure. I’m not going to take any chances.
- I thought zombies would have frozen and starved to death by now.But our situation is getting worse.
What if there’s huge amount of them attacking at one time, what are we going to do then?
- You know, I fixed a bomb on the ice some time ago. I’m not going to eaten by them.
If things turn bad, I’ll go there and blow up everything and take as many as I can with me.
- Let’s hope we don’t have to do that.
And there’s one again.
Let’s make him dance!
- And still continues.
Maybe the bullets won’t stop this one. - Bullshit!
That’s one tough motherfucker.
- Damn, they mess the whole place.
- Look, this one came all the way from Nurmes. He has walked over 100 km through snow and forests.
- The bastards come from even further, because there’s no more food for them.
- You stink all the way to Jyväskylä. No wonder they all come here.
I think I go to warm sauna before it gets dark.
See you later, and thanks for the booze. - No problemo!
- Today I found a woman in snow.
First I thought her to be an exhausted zombie that would bite me if I went too close.
Luckily I checked, otherwise I would have shot a survivor.
She’s in weak condition and it’s unlikely that she’ll survive.
I don’t want her to stay here for long time, she has to leave as soon as possible.
Stranger would only lower my changes to survive and could eventually lead to my own death.
- Oh, you’re up already.
- Who are you? How did I end up in here?
- I found you lying in snow when I came from neighbour’s. First I thought you were a zombie but luckily I checked.
I’m Toni Taskinen, former cabdriver.
- How long have you been here? - Since the beginning.
- I’m Marika.
I lived in the town with couple of survivors.
We also fought the zombies for years.
But then they won.
Everyone else died and I ran into woods.
Freezing to death seemed better than to be eaten alive.
- I’m not interested in who you are and where you’re from.
Only the strong survive here, and I don’t think you’ll last long.
And let’s make one thing clear.
You can stay here as long as you recover. Just stay out of the way.
I don’t want my life to get any more complicated. - Okey.
What’s your problem? I almost hit myself.
You have something to say?
- I’m getting bored. Feels like I could do something.
- So you want work? This wood needs to be made -
generator has to be fixed and then water has to be carried to sauna.
- Okey!
You did really well today. Actually, I’m quite surprised.
- We survivors have to be hardworking, that’s the only way to stay alive.
- True.
- Toni…
I quess I can stay here as long as...
I manage to gather all the necessary supplies for departure…So I can continue on my own.
- That seems the best way. But here we do as I say.
I’ve lived on my own just fine and I don’t need company.
- Well… I try not to get you killed.
He doesn't seem to be home.
- He’s inside. Risto is just so drunk that it takes a while. - Great…
- Howdy ho!
- Here’s Marika, she ran away from the town when zombies attacked and killed everybody else.
- Hi!
- Marika lives at my place till she gets all necessary things gathered so she can make on her own.
Well, Risto, you have seen women earlier, right?
- Yeah, but it’s been quite a while. Well, do come in.