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The 9th Episode: Will we.. be able to do a musical?
The finally mission that was given to Hello Babies.
Make a multicultural musical
The first meeting with the children musical crew
We felt we weren't really ready for this.
So they started practicing.
A surprise visit to the daddies work place.
They are practicing musical there too.
Recording stage music
Let's walk all together until we reach the final mission
Final mission D-27: The first musical practice.
GO: Did you guys read the script? CD: Yes.
GO: The script is about "bi-bim-bap"
GO: The bi-bim-bab means all the multicultural kids becomes a family.
LJ: Oh, that's smart. GO: Yeah it is.
CD: It's very Korea and very global at the same time. GO: Yes.
LJ: Leo, you gotta sing now.
Leo: (What? I sing too?)
Mir: But the problem is we haven't listen to the song yet.
GO: Should we listen to it? What do we need at this point?
Mir: Wait, Hello baby is.. Bang Chul Young's patent.
Hello baby automatic voice system.
Music cue! Hello~ Baby!
What are you making? Tasty food.
Bulgogi, Kimchi, Bibimbab (Yes! Bibimbab)
Let's make it together. Tasty food.
Bibimbab with Mblaq (Yes! Mblaq)
Leo: (I like the song)
Will they be able to sing this?
I put in a lot. Let's go~ Let's go~
It seems like the notes are a little high?
Listen carefully to this part
(Off pitch) Mix Mix
GO: (What is this?)
How can a guide recording vocalist go off pitch?
GO: If you guide us like that does that mean we have to sing it like that?
Mix Mix
They look like they are gonna get a perfect voice after practicing Mix Mix part.
Chul Suk Chul Suk (splash sound)
Kul Kuk (sound of swallowing)
The sound like a dolphin (?)
CD: I think it's a very good theme
CD: It's the best way to represent multicultural family
CD: The lyrics is easy and fun.
Q: How is the bibimbab song? DY: It was fun.
Q: Do you think you can sing it later? DY: No..
Q: You don't think you can? DY: No.
Leo: No~ I think the song is not that hard
Q: Do you think you can do it well? Leo: no.
GO: I think the song is a little high for us.
Mir: With Mblaq (this is my part)
GO: If the woman guide vocalist had an off pitch..
LJ: I think we can do better than that anyways because we are singers.
GO: Okay then why don't you try.
Let's watch who LJ papa sings this.
Bulgogi, Kimchi, Bibimbab (Yes! Bibimbab)
Mir: Oh~ you really look like a singer
Transcribing the music(?) I don't think this is the right melody
This is mine. Bang Chul Young already found his part.
Joon-zart. (from Mozart)
Now he is also changing the lyrics.
CD: It's Minari (parsley)
Not Misari (Somewhere in Korea)
Mir catches that to make fun of him.
LJ: Sorry.
T: Hello~ Suddenly, Musical producer and choreographer walk in.
We met each other last time.. All: yeah.
T: Before we read the script, let's play a game so that the kids can warm up their bodies.
LJ: Okay. But.. can the kids sing this? CD: Are you sure that they can do this?
All thinking the same thing. Questioning if they can really do this.
LJ: Leo doesn't even know what "s" is in "singing"
Let's try it first.
and decide them later.
CD; Those kids are.. not that easy to teach.
CD: I don't think we can succeed.
T: The theme of this musical is, three multicultural babies visits Mblaq's restaurant.
T: Currently you only have Korean foods (on the menu).
T: And you see different cultural people joining in and you mix each other like bibimbab and it tastes the best.
LJ: Then this is our song! Because these are our kids country.
GO: On the script, there's a line for the kids.
GO: They put their hands next to their mouth and shout "we are hungry"
GO: and they hit the table and say "hurry hurry"
GO: This will take about 3 days.
Our kids might take that long.
GO: After Mir's line there is a line for kids saying "Who are you?
GO: this will take about 2 months.
GO: Asking "who are you?" to someone you know??
GO: You have to be an actor, you have to think that this is your job.
GO: This "who are you?" will take 2 months.
T: Because they don't know any rules in acting or dancing..
T: Let's try a little test.
Step1. Acting class
T: Let's warm up our bodies
T: Try twinkle twinkle
T: There are several ways to say hi. You say hi like this or this
T: But let's try saying hi like this!
T: Okay this time we will try hitting each others shoulder to say hi.
LJ: Do you pick a fight with me right now?
Mblaq daddies are so into acting
CD: What the heck? They are acting with a passion.
T: Now let's say hi using your knees
Best part of hitting other people's knees: Hitting them from behind.
T: Let's try saying hi using your forehead
(Aweful) Can't miss the Andre Kim's finale pose.
T: We are going to play with the numbers from 0 to 5
T: DY, how many is this?
While DY hesitates to answer LJ: Is that two? 280?
Leo: 1
Leo is showing passion in playing games
T: DY how many is this?
GO: Me too. High five.
T: 2. yes! you are right! Leo gives GO daddy a passive high five
T: Leo how do you normally walk?
Mir papa imitates a gangster like Leo walking
T: I'm gonna say the normal walking speed 3. Can you try walking a little faster than this?
Leo: (That's easy)
Leo starts running around
Leo's zealous fan appears
T: So I will call this "4"
So really fast is gonna be "5"
T: Then what will be "2"?
Leo: (what is it?)
T: Walking slowly is "2"
Then what is "0"?
T: "0" is stopping like you're frozen.
T: I'm gonna start with 3. Walking normally like this
Leo: (I wanna do it too.)
Mir: Leo, let's do it too.
T: Let's go "4". A little faster.
I like "4"
That zealous fan is back
Will Leo listen to the teacher?
Surprising. Leo is actually walking slowly. GO: This is the first time seeing him like this.
"0" "Frozen!"
Leo responds to the teacher right away
Mir: He is listening to her.
CD: Leo doesn't really listen to his favorite CD daddy, but..
CD: will he listen to the teacher that he never met before?
CD: I know that the teachers were great, we spent a long time together
CD: I felt like those times were all gone.
Step2: Dance class
T: Now we will learn the dance for the first beginning part
T: Does everyone know the game "MooGoongHwa flower has bloomed"?
Leo: I have "MooGoongHwa flower has bloomed" (?)
LJ: Let me see. Where is it? I think you are lying.
GO: Is it in a memory card?
Leo: (lost his courage) "MooGoongHwa Flower has bloomed"
Oh~ he meant he know what it is.
T: Do you know "MooGoongHwa Flower has bloomed"? DY do you know it too?
T: Oh so you guys know it.
T: Because DY and Leo knows it, you guys can follow me.
T: I need one person who can act
T: Because you are a "acting-dol"
LJ: What kind of reason is that?
T: Say that you are standing like that.
T: You have to hit his butt.
When somebody does the Ddong-Chim, everyone runs away from him.
You are running away like a slow-video and the choreo starts right there.
LJ: "MooGoongHwa Flower has bloomed"
LJ: Leo come over here.
Leo moved at the wrong timing
LJ: come over here.
LJ: Game is a game. You can't do anything.
LJ: you moved. Lets go.
DY: (This is fun)
LJ: "MooGoongHwa Flower has bloomed"
Now he is aiming for DY?
LJ: "MooGoongHwa Flower has bloomed"
LJ: "It's a MooGoongHwa." (?)
Mir: What is "It's a MooGoongHwa."
GO: What is "It's a MooGoongHwa."
LJ: I mean, "It's a MooGoongHwa."
The studio is very tensed.
They are so serious.
Ready to hit LJ's butt.
LJ: I'm so nervous that I can't do this.
LJ: They are right behind me. How am I suppose to say it.
What will happen to LJ?
T: You have to hit more deeply inside.
LJ: What are you talking about.. deeply..
LJ gave up the game because of GO daddies deep ddong-chim
LJ: I can't do this. This feels so weird.
GO: For the kids to follow easily in the musical, we use a game (????)
We also had so much fun. We put in our fingers (up to the second bone) deeply inside and did the ddong-chim. Joon must have felt a lot of pain.
T: We have tried out the game. Now we shall do it with music (Together with the music, getting a sense of the rhythmn)
(Role change! This time CD papa will be the tagger)
"MooGoongHwa Flower has bloomed"
"MooGoongHwa Flower has bloomed"
(Already restless)
CD: It's scary (Soon to come secret(?) pain, not concentrating on the game)
"MooGoongHwa Flower has bloomed"
(On the other hand, the kids are hooked onto the game)
GO: HAHHAAH wait (GO papa moved and becomes a prisoner!)
(At this moment! Almost there, ddong-chim!)
GO: Mix! Mix
Mir: Turn back turn back!
"MooGoongHwa Flower has bloomed"
GO: (Broadcasting Live) After one second, the fingers will enter.
"MooGoongHwa Flower has bloomed"
(1 Second later, eventually he completely collapsed)
GO: After the tagger gets the ddong-chim, there will be role change?
yes... that's right
CD: No, how did you get ready for this kind of force?!
(A short time of rest)
(You better run run) not tired at all, with infinite stamina - Leo and Dayoung
GO: Are we surrounded by them?
DY: Ahhh. I'm tired.
GO: Yeah, it's tough right? That's right, its tiring to do.
Mir: Running is tiring
(Run~ Run~ Even though its hard, dayoung runs again.)
(What is this suddent situation?)
(Appa's rampage)
Leo & DY felt awkward because of the daddies reactions
Mir: Look at Leo's reaction
(Men's fragrance)
(Nice take, papa enjoying the kid's play) Joon: Oh so you sit like that, Leo
Mir: Now lauren is not feeling well so in between for a moment DY and Leo created a loveline. This I never expected.
LJ: The same situation as our song (This is war). This is the first time I see it, from idol, nonono, from children
This is war (2012 baby ver.)
(Ya, let's run again!)
Nope! LJ: Yeah, say no! say no!
("tug-of-war" relationship expert Yoon Da Young)
Mir: (tough) Dayoungie, come here!
Leo: (Follow me! You can trust me) Standing up
DY: (Okay?) Wink
Joon: This is like a music video!
(Already communicating with each other through eye contact?)
Mir: She's a little embarrassed. She's a little embarrassed.
(In tune)
(Something is going around between these two kids)
GO: Lauren's gonna cry
Joon: If Lauren sees this
GO: Lauren will cry.
(Come Catch me!)
(Youngie~ Stop right there~)
(Let's just love each other like this)
(wild enthusiasts)
Mir: Kids, you shouldn't be like this!
CD: Lauren come back now!
staff: You hugged Leo tightly.
DY: yes!
Staff: Why did you hug him?
DY: Because I wanted to show something that's cool. (or) Because to show that he is handsome. (Volcano: The sentence is very ambiguous doesn't really makes sence in Korean either. I sort of assumed it from what she said.)
Staff: Was Leo handsome, at that time?
DY: (yes)
Staff: Do you like Leo?
DY: (Of Course)
GO: The girl who held my hand, hugged me, and pecked on my cheek, is now...
GO: she's with someone who is in her age.. (Are you jealous of Leo?)
From that moment, she doens't like me anymore..
(This situation where you can only laugh)
CD: What about Lauren....Leo....What about Lauren
Step 3 Script Practice
T: First of all, let's try reading the script once.
Let's go through the first page.
The children, with a loud voice, shouts "I am hungry! Quick Quick!"
The papas strike a handsome pose. start~
Appas: Welcome to Mblaq's restaurant!
T: Mir puts down the utensils and a cup on the table.
Mir: The best taste~ GO: I told you to talk normally.
T: GO, pours the water into the cup
GO: Top service~
T: CD, puts down the menu on the table.
CD: Please pick~
T: Joon, with a smile,
Joon: If you need something, call me~~
T: Until here we don't have the kids. So now let's try with the kids.
Wait a minute, Ice! Ice! (freeze)
Unable to control. The kids are so high.
Joon: This is gonna be so hard
Mir: Ice!
GO: I will bet my hand (meaning cutting..) on they won't say the lines.
Mir: Ice!
T: Let's put all of our hands right here. I'll place out my hand, then one by one place your hands on top.
Our DY and Leo too would you put on hand on top as well?
Jak! ohhh. thanks
T: Like we put our hands all together, we are gonna do something together.
T: You guys will walk into the restaurant and just say this one sentence "ah.. there's noting to eat" If you say this, I will play with you guys.
T: Can you do it?
CD: Leo is a great child
CD: We can't control him
T: Can you do it?
Leo: I can't do it
LJ: They are very good at expressing their thoughts
Mir: That line will take 3 months of practicing,
T: When you put your hands like that. Ttak "There's nothing to eat!", let's do this one time.
Stand on this side. Now i will start first.
(Can Leo and DY do it?)
LJ: But can the children sing this song?
GO: I will bet my hand on they won't say the lines.
LJ: The kids i know will never do it. Definitely not.
CD: 1 vote to the kids not doing it.
T: One! "There's nothing to eat, there's nothing to eat" (Will the papa's predictions be true?)
Leo: There's nothing to eat
DY: There's nothing to eat~
T: Well done well done!
(All predictions are overturned!)
GO: For me, I vote 4,700,0000 votes that this musical won't work out
Mir: (hallelujah) It's a miracle. I think they were very happy that day.
T: Leo! You were really good, But now you have to do the second part. "There's nothing to eat. We are hungry~" Can you do the 2nd step as well?
T: Do you think you can do it? Leo: (I can do it)
First step, "There's nothing to eat!"
Leo: First step "There's nothing to eat!"
T: "we are hungry, quick quick!"
Leo: "We are hungry, quick quick!"
T: Okay, after first step "There's nothing to eat", you say that. start!
Leo: "There's nothing to eat"
"We are hungry, quick quick!"
T: Now I won't do it our Leo will do it on his own
GO: I thought that this won't work out, so I bet my hand. I saw a little hope.
LJ: I still don't see any hope. It only happened once. There was only one miracle. If I saw that 2 or 3 times, maybe I will have some hopes, but one is still a coincidence... nope.
T: Then the daddies will start the first part and you guys will follow me.
Appas will start first. Stand by! Action!
Appas: Welcome to Mblaq's restaurant!
Mir: Best taste of food
G.O: Best service
CD: Choose whatever you want~
LJ: Call me if you need anything~
T(teacher): Stage number1. Ready? begin
Leo:(laughing his head off) G.O: Are you ignoring?
Genius of musical laughs at papas
LJ: Are you ignoring? Are you ignoring us?
T: Start Leo: (Look at me~) stage1 There is nothing to eat!
G.O: Don't say stage 1
T: Oh, Good. Da young, your turn. Start
CD: (Leo's good) T: Came to restaurant, but there's nothing to eat
Dayoung is trying stage 1~3! DY: Nothing to eat Leo: Pay if you ate
Musical genius T: Great job!
T: Now we tried acting and dancing a little bit. How did you guys think it went?
G.O: I feel like I found a q-tip in a beach.
T: Do you see the possibilities? When you first came..
G.O: Yes. When I first came, I really thought it would be impossible. Just reading seemed so hard. Ddong-Chim! G.O: Today, i found some possibilities.
After practice, possibilities started to show
LJ: Babies learned ddong-chim(poking into buttonhole) for sure.
T: When you need to proceed, we need to see thing in kids' level.
T: You could do ddongchim~ Like this. Using this kind... Because of the consecutive ddong-chims, she cannot talk anymore.
After the musical practice….
The final mission D-21 Co-experience of the stage & Visiting papas' workplace
Looking around
3 Babies come to papas' work area in the early morning!
Mblaq papas come for recording music broadcasting
Surprised. What they see is!
Lauren: (There are papas!)
DY: (Hey papas!)
Leo:(We are here~)
Babies' visits made Mblaq papas so hyper and up!
LJ: This is Seungho papa
G.O: Da-young, did you come to see our stage?
Lauren: We came to see Mblaq papas
Lauren: fart Mblaq
G.O: We were so tired because it was really early in the morning. (Because babies came) We could have more energy
LJ: Lauren, your favorite Seungho papa is here. Lauren, Lauren. I'm Seungho. I'm Seungho
Joon papa is so happy to see Lauren
Meanwhile, Da young is not used to see G.O papa in broadcasting station
All: One, two, three, Fighting!
Papas fighting for today's stage!
Get well! Seungho hung fighting!
Hopefully nothing special happens today…
Papas are changed into stage clothes!
Before recording, everyone is preparing for rehearsals
3 Babies are waiting quietly to see papa's stage
Leo: Look there
More nervous stage since kids are watching
Kids are just happy to see papas on stage
G.O: Hey guys!
LJ: Lauren, Dayoung say hi!
DY: (Hi papas)
Lauren: (Lauren is here too!)
Camera rehearsal is starting
All of sudden balloon cheering(?) the youngest baby Mblaq fanclub is here!
When the stage starts, all are armed with charisma
Music Stopped! Stage is stopped for a second
I'm sorry We will go one more time
DY/Lauren: Papas Fighting!
Joon~ You have reasons to raise the babies^^
I can't handle myself!
Out of stage(?) Papa is going~!
LJ: I wanted to show them who I am and I want to get energy from them. I had some reasons
3 Seconds before
The real rehearsal START!
Papas stage, which was only seen on TV
L: (Fighting papas)
Do you guys see papas?
DY:(I'm watching)
Mir papa is going~
DY: (Is it really Mir papa?)
Now it is time for Visual Chundoong papa!
Leo: (hehe our papa!)
Da young is so into papas' stage
The stage's highlight part! The awesome duplicating dance
Like the real stage, Mblaq papas' perfect rehearsal stage
Come inside, we will monitor
LJ: (joke) Bye You guys are going now~
What's going on?
Lauren:(Is it the end?)
Leo: (I don't believe so)
DY: (Let's wait)
Rehearsal stage, Mblaq papas are monitoring G.O: We look like firefighters extinguishing the fire
Please be serious like now in Hello baby
Leo/Lauren: Come out papas!
Mblaq papas' fans are just loving the babies
DY: Mblaq papas come out~
Babies: Come out papas~
LJ: You come!
Babies are so cute so Joon papa responds too
They seem like they will call papas until papas all come out~
Finally papa came out!
LJ: (too much demand) Say this "Father, are you tired?"
Lauren: (I'm too shy)why?
Now, Leo's one word for Joon papa! Papa fighting Leo: appa Fighting!
LJ: Leo, hurry come down~
3 Babies go for Joon papa's call~!
Mblaq fan club is about to turn to babies!
Joon papa is having his arms wide open to greet the babies
Come my babies~
DY: (Is it okay to go up?)
Lauren:(yes hurry up~)
One step one step to papas…
Papas Joon & Mir, love test again here on the stage?!
What would be Da young's choice?
Going to appas step by step
Left out appas Lee Joon vs Mir. An affection test here?!
Dayoung's choice?
LJ: Dayoung ah, come here~
Going to Lee Joon appa in the end
Enthusiastic fans! This cannot be any hotter!
Lee Joon appa, you got one thing right today~^^
In that case, what is Lauren and Leo's choice?
Going side by side, which appa will Lauren and Leo go to?
LJ: Lauren! Lauren!
Mir appa chosen
I still have Dayoung
I love you Lauren ~ Leo
Leo: SeungWho appa is here.
He is watching.
LJ: He's not SeungWho, he's Seung-ho.
LJ: Look at appa.
Since they're here, the appas let them experience the stage!
LJ: Follow me.
LJ: You can't? Why not? You usually do well.
In that case...
Is this the Sorry Sorry dance?
Poke poke. This is Lauren's duck dance.
LJ: Nice.
Well done my daughter.
Finishing with some hip hop gestures.
Hwak~ Lauren captures the hearts of Mblaq's fanclub.
Appa fighting^^ Dayoung gives a kiss (PoPo) for the appa.
Joon appa's excited ceremony after receiving Dayoung's popo
LJ: I became really happy. The kids really helped me a lot. Because of the kids they were able to recharge.
Soon the final rehearsal starts
As soon as the chorus starts~!
Altogether! AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH~
G.O appa's neverending AH~
Leo and Lauren becoming Ah-holics.
Working hard
Leo is excited today
Appa's refined and feminine fan, Dayoung.
Hallyu idols. Appas are Mblaq!
Oh, the appas are celebrities too~
I am appas' eternal fan!
Flighty papas -> Charismatic Idol stars
How can they be this different..
Amazing stage completed safely!
GO: "Wow our appas are so wonderful like this". I felt that the kids were proud of us.
GO: So I hope when we try to teach them something next time, they will listen to us.
CD: Leo yah.
Appas and the kids retunrd after finishing their stage.
GO: What is this?
Mir: Did the kids prepare this?
Nicely prepared lunchbox and a letter for Jjoon appa.
LJ: "For the king of being left out and for giving your body and heart in loving the kids,"
LJ: "a nutritious lunchbox has been prepared for the most hardworking Joon appa."
GO: The most hardworking?
Who wrote this letter?
LJ: Of course. It's written to me.
LJ: "Today's lunch is prepared for Joon appa, please enjoy. From the Hello Baby staff members." For me!
You like it that much?
CD: Truthfully, if you talk about the most hardworking, I don't agree.
For the bodies of the appas, special nutritious seafood lunchbox is prepared!
LJ: You guys get to eat this all because of me. The food that was prepared for me is going inside your mouth
GO: Say "Thank you for the food, LJ papa"
But the result is...
Mir: Leo, Dayoung, say "Lee Joon appa, thank you for the food"
Mir: They don't wanna say it.
GO: They don't agree either. The kids won't listen
LJ: Before you eat, you have to say "Thank you for the food." and after you're done, you have to say "Thank you for the food."
Emphasizing on manners, Jjoon appa tries again. LJ: Say "Thank you for the food"
But Lauren acts like she's undergoing puberty.
GO: Here, I'll feed you. Even GO papa tries to feed her..
Lauren: No!
L: No. I can eat by myself.
Don't treat us like babies~!
Mir: Since when did Lauren start having that charisma of an actress?
Jjoon appa taking care of Seungho appa
LJ: Try this.
LJ: Oh this is delicious.
Mir: How were we on stage?
Mir: It wasn't that good? Leo: No.
LJ: Do you like us appas better or Pororo better?
DY: Appas.
Finally, the appas won over the president of kids.
LJ: (Feeling thankful) Dayoung, do you want some abalone (expensive shellfish)? Did I go too far?
Mir: (Wow) There's an abalone? GO: It's not an abalone.
LJ: Are you saying that this is not an abalone? It's really an abalone!!
GO: Wait, there's an abalone?
Mir: Wait, so only Joonie hyung's lunchbox has abalones?
Ah, so that's how it is.
Mir: So only Joonie hyung has abalones? The remainder of the appas are understanding the situation only now
Mir: Wah, it's so unfair I've lost my appetite. Feeling hurt!
GO: That's so mean. Even my shrimp has a piece of glitter stuck on it.
GO: What is the meaning of this?
GO: I actually don't like abalones. They are hard and tough... If you eat too many your jaw will protrude. He can eat all he wants.
CD: This can't be right. Favoritism for Jjoon appa. The remaining appas are going to go on stike.
Mir: After being left out, I'm now aiming for first place. I was really the one eating well to do my best. After excaping from being left out, Mir appa's popularity is rising
Mir: I was angry that they gave the abalone to left out appa Jjoonie hyung.
GO: Does anyone know what this is? On this side, G.O appa discovers a Lion's Mane mushroom (Hericium rinaceus) LJ: what is that?
GO: You don't have any right? I knew it.
Unfortunately, Jjoon appa's lunchbox has mushrooms too. LJ: I do X4
LJ: Here.
Mir: This one is even bigger. GO: And yours is prettier!
CD: (Joon) Hyung has 4 shrimps right? I've only got 2 here.
LJ: What?
Ah, didn't expect you guys to nitpick.
GO: How could you treat us like this comparing to Joon? Anyone can see this a a blood type A family.
Mir: Even the abalone itself doesn't make any sense.
Type A warriors GO: Yours may even have pearls inside.
Mir: They'll give him pearls as a present.
GO: It was ridiculous. I thought there were pearls in there. I can feel that the production team is biased.
GO: These days, Joon's been doing a lot of variety shows and everyone calls him that he's the mainstream, so this is an expected outcome.
I bet this will last for at least a month..
CD: Hey, we have only 21 days left to the musical.
Mir: Actually I have quite a lot of hope for it. LJ: I don't really know.
Mir: I thought we would never be able to do it. Forever! Mir appa seeing hope after the first rehearsal.
Mir: They follow the scripts.
Mir: What was the first part?
CD: I'm hungry.
Mir: I'm hungry. Give me rice. There's nothing to eat.
Mir: I had goosebumps. I thought it would take 3 months to do those lines.
CD: What I like to eat is different from what the babies like.
Cheondoong appa is suddenly reciting the lines.
Are they doing the script reading now? Mir: Pancake, sandwich, noodles.
LJ: Oh shoot! In Mblaq's restaurant, you can only find in Korea.
CD: only korean foods, not only in Korea.
The real lines are: you can only find korean food.
Mir: NG. Let's do it again.
Because of the NG, they're starting all over again. LJ: Oh shoot, Mblaq's food, only korean food...?
Mir: What's wrong with you?
GO: Aren't you the one with the most acting experience?
Mir: Hey, you were the youngest korean to enter Hollywood.
GO: You're the Joon who has gone to Hollywood.
The lines are written there, yet you still get them wrong CD: I bet in Ninja Assasin, it was not that he only had a few lines, it was that he was so bad that they cut out a lot of it.
GO: I think he has dyslexia.
CD: We were counting on Joonie hyung but he has dyslexia?
LJ: Then... We will make Korean food that will suit your taste. Believe in us!
3rd try ended. Finally they successfully finished the script by looking and reading.
GO: What was that all about?
LJ: Yah, we're doomed.
Don't just be worried for the kids, appas please practice too!
Final mission D-18 Hello family goes to the recording studio.
Family is looking for the recording room
Mir: This way, This way. They said it's this booth.
GO: Hello.
Mir: Say hi them Leo.
All: Hello. When ever and where ever, they always teach them to say hi. GO: Good girl.
I've always done well
Mir: Hold on, Joonie hyung...
But where is Lee Joon appa? CD: Lauren isn't here yet.
LJ: Hello. Jjoon appa appears right way as soon as you talk about him
LJ: Please hold on, there's another baby.
CD: Our daughter.
Lauren is playing with Jjoon appa now?
Lauren doesn't want to go to the recording room L: It's not like that!
Merong =p
So cute
Lauren, now you have to go in.
Now Lauren is here.
All: Hello.
W: Let me introduce you to the composer of the song, Kim Hee Eun. Musical theme song "Hello Bibimbap" composer.
GO: I was very touched after listening to it.
Yes, I am the person responsible for "mix it mix it".
GO: I didn't realise that mix it mix it could be such a moving piece. You are amazing
GO: I really liked the mix it mix it.
Doing the most important thing first, before recording the song! Dividing the parts.
W: We have pencils and erasers so you can make corrections.
At that moment!
Mir: LEO!
LJ: What did he just do?
Mir: You can't hit people like that.
LJ: Why are you hitting your friend? GO: You hit her again?
This is the first time seeing Mir appa so angry like that!
Mir: Kids are young, and they may not know how to express affection but Lauren wasn't feeling well so I was very angry that he hit her.
Mir: Leo, you can't hit your friends.
Laruen never cries even someone hits her.
Leo is a little alarmed by the appas.
Mir: Say "I'm sorry, Lauren."
Mir: Because you hurt her hard.
Leo can't speak because he's also shocked. (I should say I'm sorry...)
Leo: Lauren, I'm sorry.
Downcast Leo is comforted by Cheondoong appa. CD: Do you wanna go over there? Leo: yes..
CD: Let's go.
W: So you've got the scores...
CD: Let's sing together and get presents okay? Leo: (Lauren I'm really sorry.)
Sweet Dayoung and Mir. When did these two get so close?
The hot rice reveals a delicious and nutritious Mblaq bibimbap.
Lee Joon appa working especially hard to show the rap part.
GO: How was that?
W: After this is the important mix it mix it part.
GO: Can you show us this part one more time?
LJ: We have to record it like that. (off pitch) Exactly the same way..
GO: You gave us a guide song so that we can record the exact same way right?
W: Mix it mix it
GO: I want to sing that part exactly like that. Mix it mix it, like that.
Before dividing the parts, the family listens to the song first.
W: So who should get the first part?
GO: If it's like this, Cheondoongie... G.O recommends Cheondoong.
CD: I'm very cute.
Mir: Hyung, you must make it cute. "bulgogi, kimchi, bibimbap"
W: So this part goes to Cheondoong
The next part?
Round eggs, delicious sesame oil!
LJ: I... I want to do this part.
W: Let's divide the singing and rap parts here.
GO: I want to do the rap.
LJ: I want the rap too.
GO: Rock paper scissors. Tension between the two guys over the rap.
LJ: Let's do a rap battle.
G.O rhythmic rap version
DY: (Was that good?)
Fast and strong Lee Joon rap version
W: Joonie will do it then.
Why is this so important to them..
GO: Wait. What rap was that? W: It has a more hip hop feel to it.
GO: That wasn't hip hop.
LJ: (What are you talking about?) It was hip hop. Korean hip hop.
GO: It was such a pity. That was the rap part that I most wanted to do in the whole song.
GO: The rap was rhythmic and with hip hop elements inside, so I thought if I did it, I would do well.
Q: Do you think G.O appa would do well? Leo: No.
LJ: When I first saw the score, it was the part that first caught my eye. I want to do it well and I think I can.
Are you listening G.O? I'll show it to you again!
LJ: This is rap.
GO: I shouldn't be saying this, but you sounded like a beggar.
Mir: You're hot? You want to take it off?
After escaping from being left out appa, Mir appa has changed.
Dayoung is being stolen. G.O appa, are you nervous?
Now the later parts are divided.
W: It's not long chopsticks but looooooong chopsticks.
Like this? Mir: Laaaaaarge
W: Yes.
Once again, Lee Joon appa's greed for parts.
CD: Mir.
GO: Joon
CD: Try it again.
Jjoon appa trying a Korean classical music version that pleases the composer.
W: Leo, you don't like it right? His face turned red.
LJ: Does it sound like a bird?
LJ: Chopstickkkkkkkk~
Leo: The appas can't do it.
L: The appas were very very funny.
Mir: Hold on. Then Seungho hyung is not doing this?
W: Ah, Seungho can later... together... Seungho will to record his part as soon as he made a full recovery.
L: Seungho appa, I miss you.
W: Ok everyone, shall we go to the recording room then?
LJ: Leo, can you let me bite your cheek once? I just suddenly want to bite him.
LJ: Look at his cheeks. I wanna bite them. Please just once..
Leo: He wants to bite me to eat me.
CD: Leo, you hate Lee Joon appa right? LJ: Let me bite your cheek just once.
Preparing to bite Leo?
Leo: I hate Lee Joon appa.
CD: Mir, you should go first. Your part is the first part.
Please, can someone take this appa away Leo: I don't like that kinda thing..
CD: Leo, appa is going to record then come back.
LJ: He says he hates me. Leo, play with appa!
CD: Leo, let's go to LJ appa. 1, 2, 3
LJ: Daddy will take a bite out of you! CD: He doesn't wanna go.
No wonder the kids don't like you.
Mir: Draw a rabbit for Dayoung.
LJ: Rabbit? OK.
GO: Great, a rabbit.
If my daughter wants it, there's nothing I can't do.
GO: I'll draw you a new generation rabbit.
Working hard
GO: A rabbit!
Hard work completed!
L: (That's a rabbit?)
What is this excessive new generation rabbit?
Lee Joon appa really drew a rabbit?
Picasso's descendant. Embracing art is not as easy as it looks.
LJ: Real rabbits originally looked like this. They're just wearing a mask. After they take it off, they look like this.
Mir: Yeah the rabbits are actually wearing masks.
DY: (I don't think so?) Mir: You're ruining their childhood.
L: Next time, when I go on a picnic, I'll see what rabbits really look like.
LJ: They look like this. You can watch it here before you go there.
Innocent girl. Did Lauren get tricked?
DY: Where is Cheondoong appa?
Cheondoong appa is missing?
Mir: Cheondoong appa is over there.
What is appa doing?
Cheondoong appa is testing the mic.
CD: I'm ready
Finally, Hello Bibimbap recording start!
Slurring pronouciation
Something is weird?
Mir: I really hate this.
LJ: Hateful feeling.
Voice change. "What are you making?"
Voice terrorism
Mir: Ah, what are you doing?
CD: The appas' voices have already broken. We need to be a little more coordinated now.
You rap well right?
CD: The hot rice reveals a delicious and nutritious Mblaq bibimbap.
1st attempt Fail
2nd attempt Fail
Not giving up. Attempting the fast rap for the 3rd time.
Mir: Was that right?
CD: The end.
In the end, success.
Mir appa taking Dayoung on a plane ride.
DY: More. More more more.
Mir appa plane ride as good as a real ride.
Mir: (Low stamina) Appa is tired.
Mir appa finally getting through to the kids.
Mir: I can understand the kids better now. It is like that with Dayoung and Leo. They opened up their hearts to me. The kids are understanding the appas too.
Mir: Dayoung ah, appa is going to record now. Please take her.
Passing her over to Dayoung's first love, G.O appa.
Is this possible? Dayoung wants to get away from G.O appa?
Dayoung searches for missing Mir appa.
I found Mir appa!
Mir: Buogogi, kimchi, bibimbap.
Dayoung carefully watches Mir appa.
GO: He's good. CD: Woah, he's doing so well.
Mir: Bibimbap with Mblaq.
W: Ok. Well done. Is that all?
Mir: Yes.
His part is 2 bars long.
W: Ah, can you do the chorus at that part?
Mir appa look at me.
Mir: Where?
Rejecting singing. Rapper's pride.
Mir: I like to have a lot of parts in the song, but I will never sing.
I am a rapper.
Mir: Because the song doesn't really have a lot of rap in it, so I passed the rest to the hyungs.
Next is Lee Joon appa's turn to record.
LJ: Should I try the narration too?
LJ: I did pretty well for the narration too.
Let's listen to the cool narration.
LJ: Yo! Even though the Mayan civilisation predicted the world will be destroyed in 2012, we won't be destroyed!
LJ: We will move towards the bibimbap! We can do it. Kids~ Leo! Lauren! Dayoung!
Lee Joon appa is weird.
Appa called me?
LJ: Let's go!
What the heck CD: His voice is really loud.
CD: You can't just say things like world will be destroyed. People will panic. You can't do this Joonie hyung.
LJ: Actually, there was a message within that. Mix up our bibimbap and forget everything else and move towards 2013.
LJ: It represents that our family will be together for eternity.
GO: For the narration, do it in a more proper way, like National Geographic.
This is the National Geographic version?
Sounds more like a "Choushinsei Flashman" naration version. LJ: Leo, Lauren, Dayoung, are you ready?
LJ: Yes! (soundling like kids)
LJ: Then let's go with the appas.
Appa, doesn't your throat hurt?
Joon ah... Blood pressure rising...
LJ: Round eggs, delicious sesame oil! It was good right?
GO: Oh, it was very cheerful. Joon did pretty well.
CD: Jjoonie hyung is good at angry raps like that. We should give him more raps from now.
Easily switching between treble and bass.
Mir: Singers are different. (from normal people)
LJ: I am indeed a singer, even if I don't look like it. The producers were all quite satisfied with me.
Even you are embarassed talking about yourself like that?
DY: Do that thing you did earlier.
Mir: Ah, appa is tired.
DY: No, do it.
Dayoung continues to pester Mir appa.
Mir: Appa is going to sleep
DY: Do it! Do ittttt~
Aegyo explosion
CD: You've become popular.
CD: It seems like Jjoonie hyung is the only left out appa now.
Mir: I'll do it if you give me a popo (kiss).
Dayoung eventually got her wish.
Parents can never really win over their kids.
Now you can hear G.O appa's voice.
Moving towards the sound of G.O appa's voice.
LJ: What's wrong with the main vocal?
CD: Hyung, we have to change the main vocal to Jjoonie hyung.
G.O appa all the way~
GO: It was a different feel recording this compared to our albums. This is a children's song so it must have the feeling of a child.
GO: So I was a little nervous.
GO: On steaming hot rice, add beansprouts, parsley and wild vegetable.
GO: Fry the mushrooms and zucchini. Mir appa in the middle of trying to steal Dayoung's heart.
GO: Add in delicious meat and glass noodles.
Woaaaaaah! Adding power for a vibration.
CD: The adlib at the end was a work of art.
Regaining the honor of main vocal
GO: Whatever you put in bibimbap, it's still delicious.
upgrade version of an ad-lib. A little praise can even make a G.O. dance (A little praise can even make a whale dance)
LJ: Me too X4 I can do better than him.
GO: Mix it mix it, mix it well.
GO: The part with the mix it mix it must be done with emotion. You must sing it with the feeling of mixing.
GO: I really had a feeling that I should mix it.
GO: Mix it Mixt it.
GO: Mix it wellllllllll~
Leo: Could you fold me a plane? LJ: Good! Great!
CD: Wow, that was a little like rock.
Mir: With this recorded song, I wasn't sure if we can surely do the musical. Because we were so excited, that the song became too exciting..
CD: This is the feeling of Mblaq. There was a thing called "Crazy carol."
CD: We sang a carol that you can't help laughing to when you listen to it.
CD: I wanted to try doing an album like this and this was the chance.
LJ: I've never had this many parts in a song before. So it was enjoyable work.
GO: Our musical is a mixture of genres. There are, Korean traditional music, National Geographic, rock, r&b, and a bit of trot. It's already 5. Please anticipate it.
The hello family goes into the recording room together to record the chorus.
Starting the practice with Lauren's part.
Rap is not my style.
Leo: NO! LJ: Look at Leo...
GO: Dayoung, do you want to sing? X2 You can do it. Looking forward to Dayoung's part.
But Dayoung doesn't want to sing now.
GO: Lauren you can sing too. You can do it.
LJ: Leo do you wanna try singing? Trying to make Leo interested by using his first time experience, but...
LJ: It's cool right? Leo: No.
Cannot get through to Leo at all
GO: The kids can't record. I hoped they would at least say ahhhh. So that their voices could be in the recording.
GO: Come on, let's do it. Will the appas' hope come true?
But the kids are not cooperating. All: Whatever you add in bibimbap, it's still delicious. Mix it mix it, mix it welllllll!
Cheondoong appa loosing his mind due to stress?
GO: This is our limit.
LJ: The kids won't sing.
GO: hey! Who did this?
Expectedly, Leo!!
LJ: If the kids would only cooperate with us a little bit, we might succeed. I wished they knew that.
LJ: Those 3 people... Ah, those 3 kids.
Can they complete the final mission?
Later! The appas' complete musical song! Revealing for the first time!
The Mayan civilisation predicted the world will be destroyed in 2012.
But, we won't let it be destroyed.
Leo Lauren Dayoung, are you ready? (Yes~)
Well then, shall we go together with the appas? Yes! Let's go~!
What are you making? Delicious food~
Bulgogi, kimchi, bibimbap. Yes! Bibimbap!
Who are you making it with? Delicious food~
Bibimbap with Mblaq. Yes! Mblaq!
We cook a hot steaming rice
And boiled beansprouts, parsley, and bracken
Fried mushrooms and zucchini
Put in some delicious meat and glass noodles.
Round eggs, delicious sesame oil!
No matter what you put in a bibimbap, it's still delicious.
The hot rice reveals a delicious and nutritious Mblaq bibimbap.
Mix it mix it, mix it welllllllllll!
L: Please watch us next time! Translation done by. VolcanoSilver, ClarissaL, Jimin191, whatsupjl