Inside UNC Charlotte -- September 2012

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The following program is a UNC Charlotte production.
Welcome inside UNC Charlotte. First up in this edition we're in studio
with Chancellor Phil Dubois.
With the new academic year underway
we get an update on the University's priorities and challenges for twenty-twelve
and thirteen.
As applications continue to grow and as those applications grow we've gotten
uh... higher quality students and more diverse students from every part of the
Then we move from academics to athletics
Inside UNC Charlotte's Ryan Rose
speaks to coaches and players from both men's and women's soccer to preview the
upcoming season.
Plus we'll visit with head football coach Brad Lambert and offensive coordinator Jeff Mullen.
to get updates on the completion of the Rose Football Center
and the first football student athletes arriving on campus
We had to teach them
last week how to line up for stretch
teach them all the basics but it's fun to finally be doing that.
All this coming up Inside UNC Charlotte.
There's a buzz in the air here at North Carolina's urban research university.
Students are back on campus classes are back in session.
We sat down recently with Chancellor Phil Dubois following his
convocation address to the University talked a bit more about the priorities for the coming year.
We've spent years building the institution and the last several years trying to publicize it
more broadly in the region
helping the city's leaders understand what an asset we are
helping parents in the region understand the quality of the education here
and what you've seen of course is applications continue to grow and as
those applications grow we've gotten
higher quality students and more diverse students from every part of the world.
We've had an
out of state recruiting effort to compliment the great work our folks do
in state.
uh... we've had um... some
outstanding programs go national like the Levine Scholars Program
and we've received some national publicity for things like EPIC and
that I think have just brought us on to more screens or into more
ears than ever before. So I think those all combined and
uh... it's been a great great thing for us. This year something very unusual
happened which was that all of the predicted
uh... numbers we use all of the uh... formulas we used to predict who's going
to actually show up
you could throw out the window we had five percent higher
matriculation rates than normal in all categories of students and that
translated into more than five hundred additional students so
it's going to be crowded on the streets of UNC Charlotte for a few weeks.
Faculty and staff will receive at least a one point two percent
increase in pay. That's the first raise we've had in four years
uh... the state was able to release the repair and renovation money
uh... they were able to fund about half of the enrollment growth and they
made back about two-thirds of the cuts in student financial aid uh... that
were lost last year
so there there are a number of positive
uh... trends.
uh... There are some real concerns out there. One is that the Medicaid issue is
still not under control
another is that we don't really have a sustainable planned for
state-funded student financial aid
but the big one really has to do with national and international factors that
are almost out of our control.
Internationally it's the Euro Bank crisis and the question what happens
with debt in many of the
European countries
and here in the United States it's going to be what happens after the election
during the Lame Duck Congress
to see whether or not they deal with this issue of sequestration
and the continuation of the Bush tax cuts.
We have been constantly engaged in efficiency measures around here.
Several years ago we established our call center because the volume of
business was too great for our registrar and financial aid folks to handle.
We consolidated our residency determination offices
because that's a big, complex, time-consuming process.
uh... We took an entire look at our accounts payable process we
have uh...
put into electronic form all of our procurement activity.
This year we have a major review of our information technology services and
uh... and we're looking at other things like that so
we constantly do that but there will come a time when you finally say
that's about all I can do.
Interestingly enough with now reductions in state funding student tuition at
UNC Charlotte tuition and fees
contribute about forty percent of every dollar that we spend on the students
and so
maybe luckily this year we have a little bit of a windfall because we have all
those additional freshmen.
I don't think people realize that
the Morrill Act that is now a hundred and fifty years old
uh... signed by President Lincoln in eighteen sixty two
and really a national commitment to the education of
the working class
and uh... Justin Morrill had a vision and so did President Lincoln about making
that we had a broadly educated citizenry that we would need to make it a
functioning democracy
but also something that would make possible the scientific and
technological development and industrial development of the country.
That has been something that has served us very well and then it even
accelerated after World War II
when it was realized that the nation's research universities were capable of
really not only building the national defense
but then building the great infrastructure after the war
uh... the last twenty years has seen a real
withdrawal or pull back from that view.
Part of it's been driven by financial realities. There simply are too many
public needs
out there uh... in K-12 education, in welfare,
in medical costs, in prisons
so that there's been more competition for the public dollar and higher
education has always been
one of the non-mandated or the discretionary parts of the federal
government and the state budget
uh... but there's also been a change in attitude and I was trying to convey to
our audience my concern about that because
it has always been seen as a public good to have public higher education. I'm a
first-generation college student. My parents couldn't go to college after the
war even though my father had the GI Bill.
He had a young child. He had to go work. He couldn't he couldn't do it but
both my parents pressed
my brother and I to get a higher education and I
obviously would be a university president without it
and I think there are a lot of people sitting in the audience who felt the
same way.
So the dialogue has changed unfortunately so a lot of people say
well it's not so much a public good it's a private good. It's the people who get the
who really benefit
and that's surely true
but it's also the case that people who get degrees have
higher annual and lifetime incomes
they're more likely to be employed therefore they're more likely to pay
and to contribute to the healthy state and national economy
they're more likely to be healthy
they're less likely be on social welfare, they're less likely to commit
crimes they're more likely to vote
and they're more likely to be active philanthropicly.
So there are a huge range of public goods
associated with public higher ed
and if that isn't maintained
the entire political structure
the political support structure for higher ed will
go away.
If the middle class and lower class citizens of this country
don't feel that they can get into a university
without going into a huge amount of debt
why should they vote for it?
As a new academic year begins so does the new season for Charlotte 49ers
athletics. Coming up Inside UNC Charlotte's Ryan Rose speaks with coaches
and players from both the men's and women's soccer teams to preview
the upcoming season. First, a talk with head football coach Brad Lambert and offensive coordinator
Jeff Mullen.
We are taking a closer look
at Charlotte 49ers football and
that's fun to say that we're taking a closer look because
there are players
on campus and we have a team.
It's not the team that we're going to field when the first kickoff happens in August of
uh... next year but
Coach Brad Lambert and Jeff Mullen
our offensive coordinator are here and
let's talk about what stage we're on now. The guys are here you've moved into
your new facility.
The main field is not quite done yet but you do have practice facilities.
What is the process now that players are here? I know you're not going to just
jump right into pads and play.
We've said all along we want to take about three weeks and go
through a conditioning period
that we're doing now we're about midway through that
I will get the guys on the field. We've been trying to get him in shape we've got them
in the weight room teaching them all the lifts and things like that and then
Coach Mullen and the guys are also talking to them about our offense and our defense.
They're actually having some meetings with the guys and
teaching them exactly how practice is gonna run and what some of the plays are going
to look like and everything you know for us is we had to teach them
last week how to line up for stretch and
teach them all the basics so but it's fun to finally be doing that. Right to finally
have guys to coach, you're coaches that's what you want to be
uh... doing at this point. Alright
teaching uh... installing the offense I'm sure you know you would
usually rely on some of your upper classmen the help with the terminology for younger
guys well you've got to teach
the guys that will be veterans that terminology
A lot of film study, a lot of examples to the guys what it is going to look like
coaches you start uh... just kind of put this whole package together.
Not only with the players but with the staff that we hired as well leading up to the
kids getting on campus we had to watch a lot of our previous tape
and teach those guys what it is we want to do and what we want to look
like on offense and certainly now that the kids are on campus trying to teach those
guys what it should look like as well
using practice tape and things like that once we get into practice.
Now I'm a football announcer I've talked to you on the phone getting ready for
games before and I know
as uh... teams head into that first game the one thing coaches always say
is we're just so glad we're not hitting each other anymore
well that's all you're going to do this fall and into the spring. I know
sometimes tempers can get we've seen it in NFL camps
as they start getting ready for that first preseason game they've been hitting each other for a month
how do you keep your team united in the sense that alright
we're not going kill each other guys, we've got to build that towards a
team goal. No question, Ryan, I think that's the challenge for us and for me in
particular to uh... make sure that were spacing practice out uh... we're not going
to back every day uh... and we've got to take some breaks in there and
our coaches we we've got to go on the road recruiting were still recruiting
uh... for next year's class so
we've got a break it up keep it interesting we've even, you know
investigated some situations about going to practice at different spots you
know whether that's in Winston-Salem or another spot here in south Charlotte
we're looking into some things like that to keep it interesting for our team and to
not run into that because essentially we're going to have three
spring practices where normally you have one
and that's always an issue guys get tired of hitting each other but we've gotta keep it
and not do too much back-to-back.
Now we got we got a piece of playbook here there's a lot in this and it's going
to get bigger I'm sure as guys start to learn and things like that but
as the install happens
we're gonna actually put it on the field in October I know that you're wanting fans to
come out and see these guys
what can we expect
to see out of these teams
by the time october hits?
on those saturdays when you want guys to come out and want fans to come out
kinda get a taste of it. What should we watch for by that
Well we're still learning truth be told we've got kids on campus that we're trying
to fit
their skills to our system but we're still trying to figure that
out we want to be up
pace. We want to be
fast and play loose and shotgun and all that kind of stuff
we've got to see what these kids can execute in practice until we get to that day
Is there going to be... are we going to see some guys playing that may not even be
in that position the following year because I'm sure
as you get to know these guys on the field you may determine even as late as
next spring or
even as late as next July, gosh
this linebacker would be much better on offense or linemen switching sides or
you may have
a guy or two be a backup on the other side of ball
Yea I think that was kind our whole philosophy in recruiting these guys, we wanted versatile guys
you know we took a lot of quarterbacks knowing they're not going to play quarterback with the really
good players so
there's gonna be guys switched around and switch positions uh... and we know
that going in uh... we do have time to look at guys you know that was a
recruiting sell for us
we think you're going to be this but you pretty versatile so you might end up
playing this so
it'll give us a chance to to look at guys in different positions and this guy
might fit better over here and
and there will be some guys uh... you know that will walk on that are out there
now that are walk ons
that are going to end up
raising some eyebrows and end up playing for us you know so there are guys that
you know we didn't know much about him he came and he looks good here let's
play him over there and so fitting those pieces together is the trick this fall
and next spring.
Gonna be fun to be part of that first group that plays. I mean I'm sure that's a huge
selling point. I remember on signing day the first guy to get his
materials in was the first signee I remember that being a big deal.
We've advanced that into April
the twentieth is when the last practice is. The spring game
do you hope you have a much better sense at that point of of where you're going
to be come
August of next year?
Oh yeah, I think we will we'll have uh... you know cause
the trick in this recruiting class is going to be put some age on our team
some of those kids will come in in January
at mid-year so
we will have a much better feel once we get the April twentieth our spring game
hopefully it's a real good atmosphere for us people come out and watch us in the Spring game
and our kids will be
you know really excited about doing that and we'll have a good feel for where we
you know who our quarterback is going to be things like that so it's going to work out.
Very excited about that we encourage all of the fans come down
they said most practices are going to be open if you want to see what's going on
come get a taste of it because it kicks off
in August of two thousand thirteen Jeff Mullen our offensive coordinator and head coach
Brad Lambert thanks guys for a little bit of your time we really appreciate
it thanks Ryan.
We've got more coming up men's soccer coming up next we'll take a preview of
the reigning
national runners up
that's coming up in just a moment.
It is time to turn our attention to men's soccer and we have a new man sitting in a chair
to my left
after a long exhaustive search to find a new head coach we find out we
already had
uh... the guy who should lead this program Kevin Langan back for your
fourth year at Charlotte but first time as the manager of this club
uh... welcome to the to the head coach's chair sure it's been a fun short off
season for you guys as late as you played last year uh... let's let's
dive into last year just a second and we introduce two of our seniors here
Isaac Caughran and uh... Donnie Smith two of the guys uh... actually a
midfielder and a forward so we got some guys upfront twenty-one career goals between the two
of them if my math is correct
let's go back to last year
couple years in a row
bounced out in PKs you get all the way to the Connecticut game. I was watching
it online here in my office
It's PKs, play the the
the full regulation the two over times PK time
no worries right?
We prepare for that moment for
months and months and months we sat down as a staff back in January and said okay
enough is enough no more
losing playoff games in penalty kicks what do we have to do now to get them ready for
when it comes up so
and we had a routine in place the players already knew what it was we practiced
hundreds and hundreds of times
and the times we put them in all kinds of scenarios we've had
people shouting at them
uh... at the end of the game you know some punishments if you lose all kinds
of stuff so it went to penalties it was okay relax let's focus on our routine and
let's get ready to take a good penalty. You can't guarantee your going to win. You can just guarantee that you're going to hit the target.
Be consistant and then boom advance there go to
the College Cup
first match, Creighton
Penalty Kicks
you guys were ready
tell me about that experience. Absolutely like he said we did it
thousands of times leading up to it
wasn't just a couple weeks before it was months before we did in the summer
we did it in the spring before that
and really it was just like another walk in the park as the saying goes
there wasn't really much thought to it just do your routine, put it in the back of the net
everybody answers it was just felt like just another
didn't feel like pressure of the match which is exactly the point. You've trained so hard that
in the moment we just let it flow
so all the step-by-step that goes on behind the scenes and in the moment
you just let it happen
Donnie, national championship match you're in it a lot of media a lot of circus a lot of
fans. Were you surprised at the number of Charlotte folks that made their way down to Alabama?
I was really surprised just because exam week was coming up
but we managed to get six or seven buses down there and
if you looked at the stadium
it was full of green and white
you didn't see much Carolina Blue
and uh... it was just honestly the most humbling experience I've ever
been a part of, it was really cool. The post game was really cool
the fans
and we leave that feeling into what is considered the off season
I'm going to tell you I've been in college athletics for fifteen years I have
never in my life seen a team work that hard
out of season as these guys did
I was thoroughly impressed. Does that come from within the
the club do the guys do they burn that fire and does that motivate them?
Absolutely I mean I said earlier when we were off camera that we want to recruit that type of player
the uh... you know who is inner motivated intrinsically motivated to do well
we go for the goals we set as a team and as individuals and they say what it is our
job to hold them accountable so
if these guys want to get drafted then we've got to get back to where we were and
work real hard in a moment
it's uh... it comes from within the group as well they push each other as well so who are
ringleaders of all that hard work is it the senior class or is it a man everybody
wants to be better
Um... I'd say the senior class definiely takes the reigns with it
and then you obviously have then individuals
you know who really wanna push themselves some guys want to be All-American some guys wanna
play MLS some want to go overseas so you've just got to find your unique motivation
and kind of push them that way
pretty impressive stuff now let's talk about this season
uh... to get back to that level there are a whole lot of hurdles along the way each goal has
to be met
uh... as we look at the schedule for this season pretty good teams on there are a lot
of tournament teams on your schedule this year you'll be tested early
first of all there's that
national championship game we don't even talk about that
it's a dream that is so far in the distance that doesn't even come into our being at all so
looking over the schedule we've got two real good challenging
exhibition games
and then if you look at our out of conference schedule we have six teams who were in the tournament
last year so
and that's what we do here we always go off the best want to play the best and uh...
try and keep our RPI high and hopefully go on and do well in those games
we're excited there are a lot of challenging
good tough college games ahead so we're excited. And then when we get to the conference
obviously there's where the familiarity comes in last year in A-10 you guys are going to lead that
that tournament is back here at Transamerica Field so senior day won't be your last home match
most likely to keep playing into that next week your thoughts Issac
on the tournament being here again. It just kind of worked to be a dream come true. Your senior year you want to be
here at home in front of own fans and you want to be able to kiss
and raise that trophy over your head in front of your family and friends and
teammates and all that so
and speaking I know I asked you Donnie about the fans in Alabama
how about that crowd the shows up at this place
It's unbelievable you know this place was rockin and uh... I know
been talking to a lot of the fans working on different surprises we have in-store uh... it's going to
really cool this upcoming season
a lot of different surprises. Well the the atmosphere in the tournament was
outstanding and I'm hoping that that will translate into this regular season
because you've got quite a few matches here at home that will need those guys for
some energy
uh... come september, october come out support us definitely
well guys
taking you right off the pitch I know it's going to be a long way to get there
but ah... we wish you the best every one is behind you
a lot of success last year that hopefully the fan momentum will carry into
this year
good luck here in this last run through the A-10 and best of health to you guys and
hopefully will see you playing
well back into December again that should be fun
sounds like a plan
head coach Kevin Langan and two of our seniors Isaac Caughran
and Donnie Smith thanks guys for visiting with us
well that's going to do it for our men's soccer segment stay
with us women's soccer is coming up next.
Welcome back inside our broadcasting communications studio inside of uh... Library center of
the campus of UNC Charlotte Ryan Rose with you as we take a closer look now at
women's soccer we've talked to
football now football and football getting all of our football clubs in
John Cullen back for a fourth year he's a senior now
after graduating now four years as a head coach here
and I didn't realize that
Lacey McGowan
was one of your recruits before you got hired on and you brought her here she is a
senior sitting with us here and junior Sarah Ann Waugh also here
That's kind of a cool story you get some one you build a relationship with she
trusts you trust her
I'm going somewhere else why don't you come play for me how how did that come
absolutely I agree with you I mean you know see when you're looking for
recruits at the Division II level you look at players who potentially you think in your own
mind can play Division I
and so when the opportunity arose for me to get the position here at UNC Charlotte
obviously I was excited
reached out to Lacey and her family I always thought of her as a very high player
good character good qualities and would
love for her to get on the Division I level so it worked out really well for
me and her. You get an offer from a D2 and all of a sudden you get an offer from a D1
from the same guy that's got to be a nice summer
It was
It was definitely a new direction that I thought I was going but
I'm very appreciative of it and uh... I know that being in Charlotte is definitely where
I'm supposed to be and I love it loved every minute I'm here so. And being from Georiga
that's put you
thirty minutes closer to home than you would be if you were up in Salisbury. That's
Statesville is where Sarah Ann is from so you're we will consider you a local kid
and you've been here for now your third season. Now you two are defenders on the
team and there's a lot of experience back there, can you tell us about how confident
you guys are defensively coming into this season
uh... I'm very confident just uh... based on what I've seen so far preseason
everyone seemed to be working together and
it's gonna strong year back there definitely
now up front we'll see some new faces you graduated a lot of players and and uh...
let's talk about some of the fresh faces coming in and some of the choices you're
going to have come up as a season gets going.
yeah like you said we graduated a lot of uh... experienced players up front so
that's probably the
part of the field that we've had the greatest turnover
so we brought in a lot of young players to contend for those positions upfront
we've also got a nice sophomore class
had a had a good spring break out so we're looking at some of our returners like
Sara Trexler, Dakota Olson and also another
senior Carrie Dail to contribute to the goals
our other young players upfront we're hopeful of big things Alex Meyers
uh... Tori Fubara we're looking at uh... Katie Thomas
There's probably about nine players competing for those three spots so that's one of those parts
of preseason that's real competitive everyday. Now as we look at the schedule
for this year
you weren't given any nod of favor
on the schedule and we're going to see you guys a lot in September virtually
six of your seven matches in september
will be at Transamerica Field get your tickets now
get online and uh... find out when they're playing
but then october hits and then boom five straight matches on the road before
you get to finish with two at home that is kind of one of these
you need to build some momentum at home before have to hit the road for quite a bit
Definitely yeah I mean like you said we have to get some momentum going into
conference play
and we put a very good non conference schedule together
um... bringing the likes of Wake Forest last year's final four clemson ACC
um... you know those kind of games will get is prepared for the conference.
Conference is going to be a tough one this year. It's our last year in the A-10
and we want to leave a good landmark and
good statement we're hoping to go out on a very positive note
but we're playing virtually all of the top teams besides ourselves in the conference and
many of those on the road so we've definitely got the challenge but uh... there is no better way
to finish our last year in the Atlantic Ten with
playing the best that there are out there and uh... We're excited I mean that
roadtrip will say a lot about our season but
we can come out there with a really positive string of results it sets us up
Lacey I know it's no fun to finish on the road thankfully you get your last two
matches your senior year at home including Butler
who we don't really know that much about we haven't played them so that's gotta be kind of
a neat thing
to be able to have senior day at home the last week of the regular season
It is and you know that you will always have
familiar faces at home at that moment and it just makes the whole day that much more
emotionally, I guess
fulfilling for you it will be great and I know Sarah Ann wants to make
sure the senior class gets sent off in style
can you talk just a quick second about some of the home crowds that have come and
and supported you guys over the years. Yeah so far since I've been here they've been great there's no better thing than playing at home in front of your fans
hearing them cheer you on in the late minutes of the game
when you're exhausted just their energy that they bring is just what keeps you going and it's going to be
a phenomenal way for the seniors this year to end their season here at home
I know they're excited, we're excited for it too.
And a great place to play of course you've been around the conferences in the region
one of the nicer
facilities to play in we keep adding to it every year and it keeps getting
nicer and nicer it's gotta be a great place uh...
to recruit and also to play matches
It's a fantastic place um... you know that the Transamerica soccer
the new tennis facility the football stadium I think I think UNC Charlotte could host the
olympics it looks like
I think so too he's got a point I've been here seven years and
there aren't a whole lot of buildings that were here when I started so
new construction
lot of fun and we expect to see you out at Transamerica Field as uh... the ladies
hit the pitch here in just a few weeks
and as I said lots of matches in September but don't forget about that
those two at the end of October as we send them out and then push them out to Rhode
Island for the Conference Tournament and hopefully
maybe some more after that uh... hopefully that's the plan this year
John Cullen thank you so much for dropping by
Looks like we grabbed them right off the pitch they're in full uniform
We've got Lacey McGowen and Sarah Ann Waugh thank you ladies good luck best of health
Have fun this last year.
you can check out all of the sports at we will see you out
on the field or on the courts. Go Niners.
Thanks for joining us once again there's more on the University website and all
of our segments are on YouTube
In the meantime we look forward to seeing you next time here Inside UNC Charlotte.