Qi Gong Stretches for Energy : Twelfth Qi Gong Breathing & Stretching Technique

Uploaded by expertvillage on 14.11.2007

Hello on behalf of expertvillage.com my name is Freddy Alva and I'm from Sanh Hoa Long
Acupuncture and Herb Clinic in China Town New York City and today we are going to be
doing some dynamic Qigong stretches. Next one I'm going to do: stand where the feet
are comfortable, shoulder width level. Throw the hands up. Open the hands. As you bring
the arms down you bend the knees. Then you are scooping something up. Scooping up the
hands as you come up inhaling up. As you exhale make sure you are not leaning forward. You
spine is straight. Come down. Scooping up. Slowly inhaling up and slowly exhaling forward.
Imagine you are gathering picking up a large stone. Lifting it up. Slowly coming down.
Making sure that the knees are stable. Then slowly coming up.