1994 Game Show - The Prodigy Challenge

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Five, four, three, two…
The latest in news, sports, travel, finance and much much more can now be found by every
member of your family in a fun, exciting way. We will show you how right now, as we play
the “Prodigy Challenge”.
Prodigy is an online computer service that is designed for consumers.
Jone's family that means you are going to victory to see who you found out on Prodigy.
The Prodigy Challenge is a game show concept. It is something that we developed so that
we could better educate consumers, as to what the Prodigy service is and how easy it is
to use.
And let’s go to sports and here is the question.
You will find late breaking news and information on ten sports listed under select a sport.
Name two that do not involve a ball.
Alright the Portigal family has found out what Linda found on Prodigy.
Auto racing
And Hockey,
Hockey right, auto racing and hockey...
(John Lawlor speaking) I think the Prodigy Challenge represents a new kind of television
programming and it truly meshes advertising with entertainment.
When I formed Productions-Direct, the purpose of Productions-Direct was to go into the Hollywood
community largely and go into the depth of talent that is in the Hollywood community
and to create new shows, not to reinvent the wheel but to take existing formats, television
formats, valid television formats and combine them with advertising and make a new vehicle
which is the Fortune 500 infomercial.
In the 50's we had a marriage between advertisers and television programming and that was really
what drove new programming in the 50's.
What I see happening is that advertising is going to drive all the new media, the interactive
media and so forth and when the advertisers start to come onboard and realize that infomercials
are the stepping stone for them into new media. This whole infomercial programming is going
to really take off.
This infomercial is really a new technique for major advertisers and I think that what
it is, is the agencies are just beginning to learn about it. I think a lot of major
agencies are looking for ways to do this.
Their clients want it, they see it as a new medium and they have got to begin to learn
about it and for us, it is exciting for us to be in the introductory area of something
that is really quite classy and can work for us.
Congratulations, Congratulations!
A typical infomercial is where some of the people on there act really goofy, they are
hyper, like it's the greatest product in the whole world and it is not realistic this is
like a regular game show and people are just having regular reactions and using the product.
I had to apply and was that an actual show instead of just watching it, oh gee this cyclonic
oven does this and this CD player does that .
There were things to think about, instead of just watching mindlessly while they touted
their commercial message to you.
Alright this is Peter Tomarken saying bye bye for now and tune in next time for
The Prodigy Challenge
Yeah, that is it, okay bye bye.
Five, three, two, one, black
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