YouTube有名人達にサインをねだる |I request autographs YouTube celebrities

Uploaded by megwin on 26.06.2011

Ore ga Ore ni On Demand!! I'm Megwin!!
OK Panel discussion and My "Big Announcement" is done now!!
Today,Here's many YouTube Famous Uploader!! So I'll request their Autograph!!
Good Morning!! Hello!!
I request YouTube celebrity autographs
Why..what?? Are u sure this is ok?? No problem plz do it!!
I never write Autograph... Plz Write something like "Gekidan Squash" things!!
We'll do something next time!!
Sorry for bother you...well Plz give me your Autograph!! ...Well My Autograph??
Autograph Yess!! Just your name no problem!! You sure just "Film" will be fine??
Yes!! No problem at all!! Just your "Ordinary one" plz!! Well "Ordinary one"...
Thank you so much!! I collect "film-san"
Hello Hi!! Well Could you give me your autograph plz??
Jet-san plz!! you too plz Mikaera!!
Wow cool!!
It's just like you!! Ok  Next Micael-san plz!!
Well do I write down 3different way?? Oh Thank you!! It's just as usual lol
Here you are!! Thank you so much!!!
Wait..I found miss spell, well there's no "U"!! No good!!
Tomorrow I'm gonna get into party place!!
I'm gonna request No1 VIP in this party!! The Name is...Tom Pickett