Endicott College Sport Management Program

Uploaded by endicottcollege on 23.11.2010

Sport Management is appealing to me
because it combines the business that I love and enjoy looking at,
but also incorporates the passion I have for sports.
So I thought that was going to make me happy is doing something that I enjoy.
So this was the perfect occasion for it.
Erica: We are unique in that after completing one semester of college,
you are already jumping right in your January 120 hour internship.
And that point it either is confirming your decision with your major or it says,
no way this isn't what I want to do and you are not wasting four years
and all that time and it really focuses you and gives you direction on what you want to do.
I did three different internships in all different areas of Sports Management.
My friends, all different areas of Sports Management.
There is so many different opportunities out there and I don't think you realize it
until you come here and you take classes and you are really exposed to jobs and career paths
that you never even knew existed that's what great about Sports Management, especially here at Endicott.
Jameel: The big thing about Endicott is it's all this applied learning,
so its connecting it back to the real life situations that happen in the industry.
Erica: All of our classes, we are working together on projects
and that's something you do in the business world.
You won't see any job that you don't have to interact with people
and I think having those social skills is important.
We had one class where we were literally athletic directors.
We created a schedule and we worked together with our other peers and we were a conference.
It's funny because I just had this same situation,
we had one of our teams had to pull out of our league in the middle of the season this year and,
literally two weeks ago, we had to go through and having to reschedule our games.
Little things like that when I was in the classroom a few years ago
and they said "Change the schedule"
I never thought anything would happen but it's learning how to handle adversity
and learning how to work with your peers and I think that's pretty important.
Now I work in the Boston Breakers, which is woman's professional soccer.
I was able to take my passion for professional sports with my personal interest in soccer,
as a former soccer player, and put it together as a career and I couldn't be any luckier.