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Girl by Girl
Do you want to see a movie after school?
Yong-nam, I need to finish this. We'll catch up soon.
Her name is Ohm Yun-mi. I love her.
Yun-mi is a very good student.
She is the #2 student in school.
She used to be #1.
For her, to be first was as natural as breathing.
March 2nd, 2005. Ohm Yun-mi.
All the students and professors admired her.
She was as good a person as she was a student.
But everything changed with the arrival of Choi Ji-hye.
1 Choi Ji-hye 2 Ohm Yun-mi
No-one had been able to beat Yun-mi before.
- I'm sure your parents will be proud. - Yes.
For the golden Yun-mi, silver meant nothing.
Logically, she did everything she could to return to the top.
You don't look good. You need to rest.
Yun-mi dedicated everything to her studies, and began to lose her smile.
Ah, Yun-mi. Poor thing.
Anyway, that's enough about Yun-mi.
It's time to present a new girl.
This is Oh Se-ri.
She is short, but the most feared in all the district.
With a great sense of fashion and style. God, how scary!
These are the 'Black Roses'.
And their greatest enemy is Oh Se-ri.
Today I leave you peacefully because I have more important things to do.
The 'Seven Princesses'. Why are they called that ... ?
Let's go back to the beginning ...
From today, we are called the 'Seven Princesses'.
But there are only four of us ?
Seven Princesses ...
But ...
The other three, three, three ...
.. that we need, are in jail.
Spread the word.
With the 'Seven Princesses', Se-ri had nothing to fear.
Se-ri was the terror of the students. None of the boys dared to approach her.
But Se-ri wanted to approach one of them.
He's coming, he's coming.
He is ...
He is ... Park Ki-chan.
An error of God, a joke of destiny, a future star.
The boy whose shoulder was destroyed because of his trainer.
The boy who suffered a lot of pain. Park Ki-chan.
Se-ri, through Ki-chan, learned about love.
Why don't you wash yourself? Do you think that being handsome is everything?
Hey Ki-chan!
For Se-ri, it was not just a whim.
Whenever she was with him she became sweet.
Thank you.
Se-ri made a careful approach.
And now destiny has made them classmates.
But today ...
Ki-chan, what position are you?
oooh, you've improved a little. I see that you have studied ... a little.
For your prize do you want a date with me?
At least I'm not last.
I don't like what you just said.
Look at yourself
What's wrong with me?
She makes a better impression.
You like her?
What if I do?
What do you like about her?
She is better than somebody with a bad head.
What do you mean?
I'm going, stone head.
Ki-chan, the lady's man.
Se-ri, the bad girl.
Yun-mi, the exemplary student.
This is the history of these three people.
He is beautiful because he is hot. And she is dangerous because she is beautiful.
What will be their destiny?
- Who are you talking to? - Eh?
It's not like the bottom person in class will be forced to commit suicide
Always Choi Ji-hye.
Being second in school is great.
I would be very happy being second.
- You should be happy - You are 23rd in the class.
- Already ... You have ...? - I really tried my hardest.
I don't think I can do it any more. I'm fed up.
Why do you live like this?
You are going to spend all your youth reading books? What a waste.
Have you ever gone to a cyber cafe?
Why? I have a computer at home.
Beam exercise? Or go to the beach or the mountains? You could go with somebody.
What did you say?
Look around you. You can search all over for the treasure ... but maybe it is right next to you.
Don't be scared.
- Son, there are deliveries to be done. - Mum, I'm studying.
- Two for apartment 5, one for apartment 7. - Ay my youth.
- I just want to enjoy my youth. - Quickly.
Why are you leaving? Stay a little longer.
I need to go to the library.
- Eat something before you go. - Next time.
- Sure. - I'm off now. Bye.
Take care.
(Preparation for the University of Seoul)
- Are you going to apply? Eh? - Yes. I'm going to.
Allow me to order this.
Come over here!
- How much? - 100 euros??? What a cheapskate.
- Ask him for 200. He does not know how the market is. - Ask him for 200 and a bit. Don't make it seem like I haggled.
- Isn't it a hassle? - I'm going to quit ... it's not worth it.
What? What are you looking at?
Are you ignoring me?
Look at her, it seems that she doesn't appreciate her life.
These beautiful girls are unbearable. Look at her alone, like a retard.
Do you want to die?
These chicks are boring, I've got no time for them. Shall we play with her?
- Stop already. - Do we play?
Who is this?
What a day!
Who do you think you are?
Prince Charming, where's your white horse?
Isn't that Park Ki-chan?
- Are you helping her because she goes to your school? - Stick to your scams and leave her alone.
I don't swindle anyone! Seriously. But believe what you want to believe.
Come on, let's go.
- It's only one guy. - Yeah but its Ki-chan.
and who is Ki-chan? - Better to leave him alone or we will have problems with Se-ri.
Yes, it is better to leave him alone.
Thank you.
Are you thirsty?
Here's a cold tea.
- What? - Thanks for that thing yesterday.
Thanks for the tea.
You're welcome.
It's cold.
- Se-ri. Se-ri. - I am going to teach him a lesson.
What's wrong? You said that inside school we can't cause problems.
He has made me angry.
- We'll deal with it together. - I'll deal with it myself.
I am going to recover my dignity. Go back.
You know that Ki-chan will find out.
It would be better to turn her into a 'nalrari' (bad girl).
Here, take it.
- I'm sorry. - Sure.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Sit down.
I need a favor.
What is it?
Help me to study. I want to go to university.
It has been difficult for me to decide which one.
They say that you are the top student in school.
Yesterday I opened a book but I didn't learn anything.
The top student is Ji-hye. I am number two.
It's all the same to me.
The top student is Ji-hye. I am number two.
If you want I can eliminate him.
Also I can eliminate you at any time.
Do you want that?
No, I will help you.
- Let's be good friends. - OK.
God, it's hot.
Oi, Number 2!
You can drive right? See ya.
12 years in this neighbourhood and today I find out that this is a school.
Let's go.
We'll check out the people that go here.
"Sumo wrestling is a traditional sport in Japan".
Here "traditional sport" means that it is a traditional sport.
Sumo wrestlers weigh from 100 to 160 Kg
Namely, they weigh between 100 and 160 kg.
do you want to attack me?!
Attacking is 'attack', good question...
Does a student only study? They should go every month to the nightclub as well.
And in the pubs before 9 a.m, drinks are free for girls. We need to make the most of it.
- That's why this equals this. - Now you explain.
I see, you say that A is greater than B squared. So this goes here. And this one 2? Are they twins?
That's why I don't like it, they tell you to learn it but you don't know why.
What are you looking at?
Hey You! You've only just arrived. Get back to work. Now!
That's the attitude that young people have nowadays. They can't sit still even for an hour.
Shall we get a coffee?
What will you do at university?
I just want to enrol. I am tired of living like this.
Who's that ?
Ah, I forgot to change the photo. It's Ki-chan.
Why were you fighting the other day?
Ah, he was asking me to get back together with him. That's why he has to be so nice.
Were you going out with him?
He is nice and has a good body. I had some fun. Are you interested in him?
No, just curious.
That thing about the green tea...
- What? - The tea.
Ah, I was grateful to him. He helped me when a girl was bothering me.
Damn he-goat.
Nothing. Tell me the truth: do you like him?
No, not at all.
- It is not that I don't like him ... - Do you want to go out with him?
It's not that I don't want to ...
Tell me yes or no. Do you want to go out with him or not?!
You should have said so earlier.
I know him a little, and know that he likes fooling around. With whom do you think he will fool around with?
A geek? That's a joke.
A 'bad girl'? Maybe.
But are you a 'bad girl'? I don't think so.
We have to change you. Trust me.
Cut it like this.
Se-ri. Se-ri.
Oooh. It looks great! But we're not finished yet.
It is possible that you don't understand, but to be like us you have to dress the same way ...
I hate that they make me wear the same clothes for 3 years.
But since you can't avoid it, adapt it. What I say is that we adjust the uniform.
It is necessary to dress this way so that they are transfixed by you.
Boys only look at 3 things: the face, and two breasts.
From now on you wear these.
If you wear the same footwear as last month it is necessary to reflect:
I should have marked more my step.
Relax your body. You walk as if you could be pierced by any punch.
- Its ... my grandfather ... - My grandfather has asked me to buy him some cigarettes.
That's why...
Can't you give me just one packet?
I want to buy some cigarettes ... it is not that.
of Displus?
Why are you so shy?
It's not going to kill you.
- I don't smoke. - You'd better start or they will make fun of you.
- You don't smoke. - Why would I? It stinks.
Also, we are not the same. He has stopped answering me.
What are you looking at? Why don't you lower your eyes? Do you want to see me going mad?
Have you seen me?
'Without differences'. It means that without fear we are all equals.
The first one that shouts is the one that has control. Do you understand?
Do what we practised earlier.
What ... what do you mean? Are you challenging me?
Not that way. You have to use the look.
What are you looking at? You want me to give you a reason to look at me?
You have to be aggressive, like that.
And stop taking notes. We are not in class.
Just concentrate on the idea.
In any place that you hit them, you have to make sure that it bleeds.
Let's keep practising.
Son of a ...
Oi ... what ... What are you looking at?
You ... you want me to give you a reason to look at me?
Why are you getting up?
- What did you say? - What was it you said?
I ... That I'll give you a beating.
So you have come to give us a beating.
- Why are not you studying? - Oi!
- Who's that one? - That one?
- Oi ... children. - What does she want?
- Have you lost your fear? - Lately yes.
Your friend Oh Se-ri can help you look for it.
She looks kind of familiar.
- Se-ri? - Se-ri.
- Park Se-ri? - Oh Se-ri.
Damned spoiled brats. Get lost.
That's why I never back down.
Come here, come on.
Stop crying.
It was too much for you.
From now on do not approach them, to the minim they are bounced.
Thank you.
Sticks to our enemies, allegiance to our friends. Got it?
What are you looking at? What?
Have you got a problem?
What are you looking at?
- Oi. - Knock before entering.
I'm sorry. Have some apples.
They are not good to eat at night.
In the night the stomach has to rest, and the apples do not digest.
- I'm sorry. I'll take them back. - No, leave them.
Darling, Yun-mi is in a strange mood.
You want to die!
Very good. Well done. Sit down.
Oi! Why didn't you stay at home?
Look at your hair. Why do you keep on coming?
- That's enough for today. - Thank you very much.
What shall we do about her?
- Se-ri. - Let's talk later. I am not in a good mood.
Teacher, what happened to you?
- You are learning. - A little.
- Give it to him in the heart. - In the heart.
In the red mark.
- Se-ri. - Yes.
- Do you have a guy? - Every day.
Every day?
- These days I have not thought about Ki-chan. - How can you forget him?
- What? - Fight.
Sure. Let's go!
What's happening?
Where do they think they are?
- Oi - What?
- Come here. - Us?
Faster. Come here.
Do you amuse yourself stealing from the weak?
- Hand it over. - What?
Hand it over.
Is this all?
- Don't let it happen again. - Sure.
Get lost.
See ya.
- Se-ri. - Yes?
Oi! Don't run, if I have to catch you I'll kill you.
Take it. Your mother has not given it to you so that they can steal it from you.
- Study hard, ok? - Thank you.
Oooh. You remind me of Sailor Moon.
Se-ri. If you consider me a friend, do not take money from him.
He is your friend?
- Sure. - Promise me.
Let's go!
What am I doing... Hold tight!
Is it right? Really? You're not kidding me?
We must celebrate.
Does anybody want to take anything? Don't answer that.
Let's go on to the next topic.
Se-ri, we have a problem. The Black Roses...
What? I better go.
Stay here.
Where are they?
Today is nightclub day.
I see.
You can't stay in the library on a Friday night.
Today I want to continue studying.
Do you like studying?
Have a good time. We'll catch up later.
How long will you be like this?
I thought you wanted to change Yun-mi to take revenge for Ki-chan.
More work is needed. When I am finished Ki-chan will die of fright.
Life is boring without you. Come back soon.
Sure, see ya.
Have some watermelon. They say that it can be eaten at night.
Se-ri, is that why?
Come on, get up. Let's go.
Sit down. We're going to study.
Translate this for me. I don't understand the teacher.
Do you like studying?
It is a way to spend the time, there is not much else to do.
- Se-ri, tell me the truth. - What?
You ...
Is there something here to see?
What do you want?
Did you want to speak with me?
Who? Me?
She said it to me.
Nobody has called you, so go back.
OK, fine.
Wait a minute Ki-chan.
- Do you want to go out with me? - What are you doing?
I have changed to what you like.
I'm sorry it's been one of those days. Don't pay attention to her. See ya.
Let him answer. Do you want to go out with me?
OK, sure.
You think about things before saying them.
Congratulations. I see that my plan has worked.
You don't mind? Really?
That's over with. I told you it was just for fun.
I know that you like him. I will ignore him. You can go out with him.
Go out with him.
Yun-mi, where is this coming from?
- Se-ri. - I do not pick up the scraps of others.
Enough already. I know why you wanted to study with me.
- The important thing is that... - Shut up.
What's happening?
What do you want?
Here, do you want it.
- I don't want it. - Then throw it away.
Is it recyclable?
Thank you for coming.
Don't do this to me.
Aren't you with with Ki-chan?
Enough already, Ki-chan doesn't matter to me. We are friends.
The things I have to listen to!
Why are you telling me this? Do you really believe that we are friends?
Go home, I am not in a good mood.
Check her.
- Did you get the money? - Yes, the insurance.
Se-ri, let's go to karaoke..
Thanks, see you around.
The money ...
That's how you taught me. I hope you're not there when I turn around.
You want to die? Hit his head.
There she is. Very stylish.
Get lost.
Go home.
Aren't you scared, being alone?
Why would I be scared. Are you going to beat me up? Come on then!
Come on then, beat me up.
So it's her. Where's Se-ri?
Who are you.
I'm me is who.
Isn't your uniform slightly long?
What do you care about my clothes?
Oh I'm scared. The genius is gone. You speak to me very loudly.
Shut up and fight.
Today I'll let you go. Don't walk alone again.
- Have you let go? - I have not let go, idiot.
Watch it tomorrow. She is going to find out. I am going to call the girls.
- She is going to find out. - I know.
I am not feeling well today.
Oi. You.
- Me? - Come here.
What are you doing here?
Did you come for me? Don't laugh.
Hello? I've found her. We're leaving now.
Good work. Let's go.
If they did not attack us, why do we need to fight?
We have to squash the Black Roses or they will grow in confidence.
It will not be for Yun-mi ...
If you are afraid, don't come.
I'm not afraid, if it is really for you. Ready?
Everything going ok with Yun-mi?
I suppose.
Treat her well.
Walk Yun-mi to her house after school.
Tell her not to go out today. Please don't tell her I told you.
Because she is in danger.
- And I was there with her. Her skill was... - Be quiet. Why is she so late?
What's going on?
Damned useless.
What do you want, Se-ri.
I've been told that you are behaving badly. I can't allow that.
So you want a fight.
Despite all the beatings, you haven't learnt a thing.
Today will be the last fight.
I just wanted to amuse myself a little bit and it's cost me a lot.
Boys, change of plans.
It will be covered in blood.
Those who want to leave, I will allow to go. I will count to 10.
One ...
Two ...
I will be waiting for you, Se-ri.
Three ...
You're not going to leave?
I want to prove 17 against 1.
You can't even control your gang.
Let's start.
Se-ri has not done it by the way. I keep on believing that she is a good friend.
And I'm sorry, for asking you to go out. I hope that you understand.
I'm really sorry.
- She told me not to tell you. - What?
Se-ri is in danger.
Where is it?
- I can't take any passengers. - Keep quiet, hurry.
- But where are we going? - I need to find Se-ri.
- Which way do we go? - I don't know. Just keep driving.
- One moment. - Hey Escalope, is she your fiancée?
- 'escalope'! Where are you going with her? - Leave me alone and make your deliveries.
She's hot!
Hello. Yes. There's a fight? I haven't seen anything.
We have to find it. Don't worry.
I'm going, look after her.
Yes. Yes. The bridge?
It doesn't look good.
Do you have many of these friends?
Can I ask you for a favor?
Sure, I will try him.
- There is a fight. - A fight?
Yes you are tough.
We're not finished yet. Bring it on.
Kneel down and perhaps I will forgive you.
I see that you do not learn.
Don't die, I don't want to be a murderer.
I'll be ok.
Drop it.
Who are you?
Someone that wanted a peaceful life. But they would not leave me be.
That's why I'm not backing down.
Who are you?
I'm me is who. Shut up and fight.
This is going badly.
We'll catch up later. Run.
- Hello? I'm coming! - I'm here already!
Why did you come?
Sticks to our enemies, allegiance to our friends.
Who are all these people?
Just a phonecall and they all came.
I learned it from you.
Get up.
- Does it hurt? - I'm ok
What are you going to do about him?
Let's worry about you. Look at your face.
Let's go. Slowly.
Wait for me.
Does our juvenile history end here? No.
Soon, we saw Yun-mi smiling again.
You have better notes.
The plural of 'mouse' is 'mice'.
If mouse is 'mouse', then it should be 'mouses', not 'mice'.
If they meet do they have another name?
- I don't like 'American people'. - Then complain to 'American people'.
Memorize it and point.
Is it like that?
Oh!, I'm late for school. It's all your fault.
Are you presuming to be a good student?
Take me.
Do you have to go to the academy? He learnt to drive, I'll teach you.
Why? I already have a driver.
What? So you think.
Whenever I them it reminds me
- We're leaving. - See you later.
we are all having a good time.
Nobody knows how long this friendship will last.
What is sure is that they are sincere and that's why they're happy.
Who are you speaking to?
- Se-ri, what university will you go to? - I have already told you it's a difficult decision.
Sure, I understand.
- English subtitles by Holo69 -
based on the spanish translation by Allzine