legal studies lecture 2

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rights so we have
express graphically
the inefficiency of rent control now
what's the point of rent control if it's an efficient why do you do it
well you do it because
there is a
political well
and perhaps
a moral justification for redistribute income
然而这收入将 and the redistribution of income is gonna go from the people who own
a apartment to the people who rent a apartment right
people who rent a apartment getting a lower rent
so they got more money in a pocket and the people who are
owing the apartments
are getting less rent they have less money in their pockets
that's the transfer
so we have to express
how much that transfer is
all right now let's see
here we go
grounded in france from h wanda recast
and the price for all strong r 1
down to r m
and what happens when that occurs
well if the
market price
had prevailed if in a bit more until two a day
men for v h s units from that many units
renters will pay all-round times they chaps dot
that's how much they would've paid they would have had all mankind's h s
which is this
rectangle here
and what do they actually play
what that actually pay is
are empire but yes
so that means that this scary here
it's called a
that area and there
is the reduction
imidazole wants
that they're paying for the aging as unit
and it's that amount of money
that ob
uh... by which
they are gaining
and that's what is being transferred
on equality
that's what's being transferred
returned to the landlord
the original price was all want
for those that u_s_ units the landlords got that mother got that money now the
prices for wine down
thestreet is a transfer
so there is a for rent control
is to accomplish that transfer at the cost of this
efficiency lost
the transfer
in general as always gonna be a rectangle
in these graphs simple graphs
and vo welfare loss is going to be a triangle
now you remember my example of the cost of
redistribution I said suppose you have two deserts
um... a desert and two oasis
and one has ice cream and one does not have ice cream
and you fill a bowl of ice cream
from the desert of oasis has ice cream and you send
somebody running across the sand to the other oasis
and some of it melts
and that melt is the waste
it's the lost its the inefficiency
caused by the redistribution so this is what's melting
you're giving up this surplus
consumer surplus plus producers surplus
that is to say
that getting to
people who rent units
and the
net profits of people who
who uh... who who owned them
uh... for these units
when my suggested that would in fact yet leonard at fault
under our control
that's that
ice cream melting of that sort so you'd not some ice cream in the desert in
order to get this transfer
the owners of apartments for the runners apartments and then the question of
questions is that is that it worthwhile as a justifies it
there's a good thanks and good accord
let's then go to what's make sense politically are different things
clearly it makes sense politically
and the reason it make sense politically is because
in berkeley historically there
were more renters than there were
so there were more about
perimeter center were for others
and it's not unusual
the people who are the majority of the walker city
meant for laws
but redistribute income for themselves
for example
the homeowners all do that
you know we have this
strange walloped
in california
uh... in in the united states call the homeowner's deduction
the homeowner's deduction leans that
you'll get to
to dock
the interest that you pay on your mortgage from your taxes
renters they'll get to do that
california we have something even
uh... advantageous to homeowners
it's called their property
you know i probably should thirteen
the property taxes at a certain right
set the rate at which they could rise which
property taxes below
what they would be
if houses were evaluated
at fair market value
this display
crazy system
i live in a house
whereas i sold at the u
and then i brought it back tomorrow
my taxes would more than double
that's because if i sold it to you
uh... my tax
my evaluation of the property for tax purposes would go to the market price
exactly happens to you when you went out of our control apartment
then they're echoes the market price
now as it happens
as it happens a lot of all i was really like this
property just like a lot of america really like
rent control and why is it
that price
proper lot of property owners like
of people move from our house for staying at her house during any
reasonable period time
respect armor
so what we've got with property
is a tax on mobility
with the money transfered
to the people who were a local and that's exactly what rent control both
with they concede in control
its attacks
on people
who were mobile
transferred to you
the people whom
this tape up
there's plenty of apartments in berkeley work
all of the person who's living in them despairing a small fraction of the route
that you were planning
because they're not students anymore
they came here twenty years ago
and they are not moved out
the tax on
all killer no idea what do you
this is interesting
i've always been interested in
political matters and
understanding the political basis of the script
visa programs yes
could've uncontrollably correcting fruit tray surgery will first of all most
apartments in berkeley are not on by big companies
there's a very very dispersed ownership a real estate in general is a very
dispersed over it
electrical realestate
if you've got a
uh... country likes a mexico city
you find that he would allot of poor people on the list
so that's one thing
you should position very much
pat now the second thing is this
information i said which is a very important idea
because if there's a symmetrical information you don't know how much
something is really work
that is to say we're willing to pay for it
depends upon your perception of its value
if your perception of its value is inaccurate
you may be misled in pay too much or too little
and this is that this is important say yet
with respect to use karte
there is a
colleague in the economics department george ako off who won the nobel prize
for paper called the market for lemons
and lemons refers to bed use karte
it's cause it looked pretty good but they're not actually very good
and suddenly analyzed the market for
used cars
and made a fundamental contribution to understanding asymmetrical information
here asking her if this could apply to
rent control i won't say how could apply
because it seems to me that when you go and visit apartment and you look at it
you see where it is and all you know pretty much what there is no doubt
and if you still need more information you talk to the people who live there
so i don't think there's a serious
information asymmetry problem you might
uh... you can't even find out a lot about that
reputation a while i was going to be trouble later
so our out idon't think that
i don't think we're control could be justified on that basis i think it's
basically a transfer
and if it's going to be justified it should be justified on the basis of the
recipient of the transfer have less well
uh... and in addition at the distortion
this triangle is not to watch
in fact the distortion is quite well
so for example
population of berkeley has
declined by more than ten percent to joy
came to berkeley and that's because rent control
because people who
we're out there and not let their houses in live a full house then
there the inconvenience of
running syndrome system if they're not to be paid enough money
with what they can see the control we got another what we've got a little
uptick in our population
well that's that's that's that's that that's the simplification here were
leading the civil case in so i said imagine atacama tristen could construct
such a thing
is a standard you know that house
the point is we can we can do
the analysis is not going to change
if we have a heterogeneous have packages can be more complicated
so an economics roars trying to make things as simple as we can yes
sick part kind by the same minimum wage
uh... yes you can
exactly because of what the minimum wage does is it prevents some people from
getting jobs
in those are the people
for bloom
the value of their work
for the potential employer is less then
uh... the minimum wage
so had the minimum wage causes uh...
the minimum wage causes
some people to look for work who can't find a new otherwise whatever their
particular most-wanted workers
the workers whose work is least valued
the least educated
uh... the lease skill
so i think the minimum wage does have some effect but the question is how
large is it
has to say that we
if we estimate this triangle how big is it
and there's a
professor of economics department david card is not a lot of work on that he
doesn't think it's very day
so-called thinks that the minimum wage is justified because the transfer
does benefit
low low wage people
uh... and in addition
of the
efficiency loss is not that large
that's what he thinks
democrat most it's very hard to find a common school defendant control it's
much easier to find a commerce who
um... the minimum wage
the analysis assigned to some numbers are different
are now are amit well object
doesn't assume that those who will
uh... who are willing to pay more get the housing first yes it does
i think that's correct
now does not necessarily
it is more complicated
and i think that's very clever point
so i thank you very much greg
uh... supermodels laura always
too simple for the world
but it's hard enough to think through with them
if we put if we come back
if we if the man is being fooled
corporate according to some random schedule on the brink
pervert really gets complicated
thank you very much
all i want to spend more time on this
but the underlying economics is important and you're gonna see
plenty of that so uh...
uh... make sure i understand
nature of the demand curve
difference between willingness to pay
and demand
the interpretation of the area near the main kurt
victory on it and what's your surpluses
let's go to a quick break
ad-hoc you've lost
barely legal system
and in the united states the highest law
the constitution
as long as the constitution
the highest
authority for its interpretation as the pr property
buys laws the constitution and
any legal system
there's gonna be
a high flaw
which will usually be referred to as the constitution
now there are some legal systems when there is no written constitution very
few but there are some does anybody know the leading example
you can't exactly right really of britain does not have a written
and this battle's americans
how can you say you have a constitution but you don't have a written
constitution while
ingat like it that way may make it work
but very few other countries do
virtually every country has a written constitution
describes the
division of powers at the most abstract level
uh... and also the fundamental right to the citizens
now i don't know the constitution what's the next level level
statutes okay going all right thank you
statutes or legislation
which is enacted
by following the procedures of the concentration
and to create the statute united states
you need a majority in both houses of congress and the signature of the
president although there are some other ways of doing things but that's the
basic rule
both houses
of congress and
the president
now if you take legal studies one forty five-year-old learn all kinds of
fascinating facts
about the fact that we have a bicameral system
kind of presidential system and how that differs from other systems
but we're not going to hear
okay what's below statute
common-law carlos villas that you kirschner
and when we say common laws below statute why do we say com amala below
statute and what's not below
precedents ok we'll go ahead
that's right and that's the way it works in a column all you look back to present
his side but why is it more than a statute
when i would like that whenever it whenever congress passes a speculate
supersedes whatever the common law was
sapa common-law dole says that if you breach
a real estate contract we'll have to pay expectation damages and the status is
now you know i a thanks for taking them
you have to pay damages of based upon another on another basis in here it is
in the
statue that abcd
then that becomes a law
com allow rolled out
now there's something in between here
which is really important something that
all of all the time what's that
anybody yes
administrative well that's right let's just let certain regulations
cruise for their lives
as a slightly different meaning
but where were sent to draw a crowd the regulations
me regulatory state with all the rules
that are opposed
and most of those rules are not imposed
uh... by bill imposed under the authority of the statute
let's meet system for uh...
clearly what you like his is uniform united states under something called you
administered procedures act the e_p_a_ and its specified how you make a
and it's not a lot
complicated i basically what you have to do to make a regulation in the united
states is you have to announce that you're going to do it
and you have to give people time to comment on it
and then you have to look at the comments and then you can promulgate
that's basically
let's require
so that the united states we have statutes that they are
uh... for which the ah...
the actual details
for house got their hospital worker spelled out in regulations which are
probably headed by the authority of the study
this is the this is the hierarchy of the laws
basic argument
now we also have
a division of powers
right in the u_s_
commit u_s_
the division of powers according to the constitution
creates three branches of government and they are v
legislature of the judiciary right so they are the president
the progress
and the courts
in a simple flat
understanding of their functions the congress makes
the statutes
and the president executes them
and executing them very often involves turning statutes and regulations
promulgating regulations under the spectrum
people don't have to follow
and the court interprets
if you got it all school
you're going to start out
studying the common law
trying a comma laws consider
part of your legal education
now if the common law is the least
in the hierarchy
if it's subordinate to the other side
why is it talk first in law school
backpack s sex could that you had to pass the bar you need to know quite a
bit of the car law
and you need to know quite a bit about staged regulations to
syrup certainly what sort of our school
uh... is what you need to pass the bar although
the extent to which your talk what you need to pass the bar
is greater if you go to look
lower-level law school and got a high level of school right
i had a more schools my country just for the bar
lower-level law school is come here perhaps
okay socal our lives
the common law
given such primary primary pat place
you know on school
if it's the in
here are your
law in the heart
it's the biggest in the easiest to change okay well that's uh... that's a
good point
i'm not sure whether it's the biggest i'm not quite sure how to count
certainly has important to us in our daily lives causes gravity contract soon
and lilacs in sports
are all
at least in their origins in the common law abiding much metaphor modified by
statute but still there
for basic common law subjects
and that affects
on off a lot of what we do
so i think that's a pretty good answer but actually what i'm looking for
something like this
lead common law
judge made right
explodes natal
and one other laws judgment
well i didn't know you ask
anne other form allotments just judge mag right
but where is the case
is that the courts
are the final interpreters of the law
so the courts can make lost
through interpretation
and when the courts make law through interpretation that could be very
powerful because
if the courts
an interpretation of the constitution
they say this is constitutional in this business
for example
a few weeks ago the supreme court said
war the payment of a penalty
is constitutional
in the field of health
this was this
basic challenge to
a spur the affordable care act obama care
is that it requires everyone
to either have minimum insurance or to pay a penalty
and this was challenged as unconstitutional and the court by five
to four vote
found that it was constitutional
however in that same decision
the court found
that the provision
in this act with regard to
which is
medical care
of poor people
was unconstitutional
in particular
the bill prescribed
that all states had to extend
medicare medicaid coverage
according to a formula
based upon poverty and they had no choice
lead to brain court said no
that's outfits on constitutional by seven to two
when the supreme court decided that that was unconstitutional
when we went to the president and the congress have to do if they wanted to
that decision by the court
or drafted up
amend the constitution
the course of final in time for the concentration
that isn't in the consultation itself but that's the way
we understand the constitution
and when the supreme court says
that the medicaid provision
i agree
there you see any
is unconstitutional
there's no way
the american government
the congress
uh... president can change that
unless they amend the constitution which is almost impossible
because amending the constitution to propose an amendment for consideration
requires a two-thirds majority in both houses of congress
two-thirds clearly state legislatures
and then once it's been proposed in order to ratify it three quarters of the
state legislatures have to
agreed to it
and that's almost impossible
we don't have a lot of constitutional change is now in this respect
there's another constitution it's very very different that you all should be
very familiar with those welp
and what constellation of that
that california state constitution when you're talking about the notion of you
probably don't know what you're going to change the constitution or not
you may be buried to great is that you are you going to be ready to change the
constitution the only difference is how many signatures were collected
so we change the prosecution in california all the time by a simple
majority vote to develop
initiative process
you know the joke the uh... before
comes into
the uh...
newspaper store
nazia comes into the bookstore
comes of the bookstore
and says how all i've just i've just come
to the united states and living in california and i'd like to have a copy
of the i'd like to buy a copy
for the california constituting
the bookseller says i'm sorry we do not carry periodicals
the constitution is changing all the time here
for california but almost never changes for them
the u_s_
now the fact that the u_s_ government
can be based on a constitution that almost never changes is really quite
i mean that was bare remarkable document a remarkable give to the world
america was
the first mass democracy
most people thought
you couldn't have
of very large democracy it wouldn't work
the eighteenth century people understood you could have small democracies like
cuz they dig this did something to time
the agent groups had moccasins
in some cities states
but amassed a mock receive a lot of people voting
had never contrive until we tried it and we made it work
course it took us to get those
we started with the articles in confederation is our first
and they were a failure
and then we adopted the constitution that we have today
which is meant a remarkable success
now it's true
it's not
uh... it's it was not originally
clearly has
complete a democracy as it is today
women couldn't vote there were slaves and sleaze couldn't vote
so the franchise was restricted
the states have the right to
decided to go to my often
uh... there you have a usual rulers uh...
based upon our
property ownership
sale as a consequence we didn't have
as much of a mass democracy as we do today but we had something world never
seen before and the darn thing work
it's just incredible i mean most new ideas
most mutants die
young businesses start-up businesses go bankrupt
that's the latest on the world
but this constitution was incredible actually work
and it's very hard to change and that means the supreme court has enormous
powers are
uh... interpretation so the judge made law is not just common law
it's also wall made by interpretation
and when did you
go to law school
you're caught the common law first cuz you're trying to
you're trying to understand judicial reasoning
how judges reason
when they make the law and later that would be useful to you when you start
spending constitutional and wanna learn how online understand how the
constitution works
yeah i know that you have my blouse and artist anchors some people say oz all
politics the supreme court is all politics it's just a matter of one year
democrat a republican
love your conservative when your level
and i think terms everything
it doesn't actually determined
there's more to it than that
of the cop of documents like the constitution
uh... it's it really sa remarkable thank you to study more appreciated outside
'cause it's not simply politics everybody thought
the justice roberts
would decide
against the constitutionality
aluminum coverage for mental health care
you decided was unconstitutional any good
the family offices
well there you go it's about this line
you couldn't give a person
most powerful jobs
in the united states
you give them complete security for a life
can't be removed
and he starts acting as if he were free
idea like that have to darndest thing that's what the independence of the
judiciary is about
judiciary once you're on the supreme court
you've got nothing to do but don't you think is right
because you can't get any more money or you can get any more power
and nobody can get you
you've got nothing in there but don't you think is right and what you think is
right is very much influenced by your political philosophy
course it is it should be
on the other hand it's not just that
what's right does not simply reduce
to what the political party needs that you favor say there you go
many bad
today by judges
through the cholera process and through interpretation and of course of study
republication of the constitution is the hardest thing
to undo
because an amendment to the constitution is almost impossible
interpretation of statute is here to undo
because if congress
doesn't like
blew away the quirk
the supreme court interpreted the statute
it can enact a new bel
and when it in tax into a bill that will change
what the lawyers in the weight wants it to be
the interpretation
that required
from the court
so it's much easier
the political process to overrule
the court's interpretation of the statute
than it is the court's interpretation the constitution
in the world
there are
to a great
democratic political systems
and two great systems of law
and the two are great
political systems
the presidential and parliamentary
at the presidential and parliamentary and they differ
from each other
with a lot of
interesting consequences
and what's the difference
what's the difference between a presidential system and a parliamentary
system look at this
look at this
the division of powers what's the difference
that's exactly right
so what happens in a parliamentary system is the
the parliament
uh... elects
the executive
the leader the prime minister
most systems the prime minister is the leader of the largest party in the
was not the largest party he's the leader of the coalition that's created
consisting of a majority in the legislature
so as a consequence
the executives
must be amendment of the legislature must be elected member of the logistic
was in the presidential system executive cannot be a member of a lot
see the president and i states doesn't go down a congress very often that would
be considered bad form
com president is not supposed to be down there and the halls of congress
when he comes
like for the state of union
it's a big deal
it's a big event
was the british prime minister is in the house
of commons all the time
smack that yasir has to answer questions and a half apartment every week or so
uh... that's really a sing
i want to friends about the british parliamentary system you may notice is
this that they don't always get
great prime minister but they always get prime ministers who are good on their
feet and could talk well
i'd like the u_s_
sometimes we've elected presidents who are
not very loving articular admired her name any names but you may be able to
think of one
one is not good with not good on its feet
was not very articulate
could never run the british prime minister because of her british prime
minister is going to stand up and part of an independent policies
the house
in which the minority ask extremely hostile questions
and you better be clever you're not gonna succeed
that's why a lot of british prime minister's come from a uh...
the oxford union because it's a debate club
all about politics and or or training because the people you have to you
uniquely people uniquely people lol one of the plan
selatan entry system does not believe i did
and me
the executive in the legislature gault
there together
and me
presidential system does the bible
and if you steady
legal studies one forty five you learn about a lot of consequences of that
they're quite interesting
critically consequences that had to do with the court
and how they react
but that's another class
presidential parliamentary harder to do
democratic political systems
the different invasion of powers
but also to systems a lot
in the world and the two systems of law common law
and so on
celestron strange water because what it really has to mean
if you say
it's a civil our country and not a common law contrary
what you mean is the legal system
is traced back
the french revolution and the codes that were created in the french revolution
if you say it's a common law system what you're saying is
no there was no revolution that overthrew
the traditional judge may blow up
you see
all over europe judges make a law
had common law
and in france
revolution which
ultimately brought
to power
overthrew let system of all the revolutionaries in france were hostile
to judges
they thought judges world intimate part
of the old regime and they want to create a new regime
formed committees
and these committees drafted
fundamental lost for contract for property for towards for a lot of fun
and a system whereby
you have committees usually of legislatures legislate was jurist
who right now
lost four private dispute resolution
disputes in which the the uh...
plaintiff in the defend the right of private citizens
when you know movies over what will the loss of property of all the contract
the laws of
barbara alarm
let me go out and
long compact
saline implants believes that
contract a contract
for the kind of
in his attention on the strength of the current
and well
often repressive
network for a
to what was
in the past
the decisions that were
passports and confident
suddenly captain tim smith
in america we also use the term so i won't use it himself
surrounding contrast to the following the thinking would really
planting trees
my one st opponents
north america
may have come out system
number twelve
comes up
inspired by
also ahead wouldn't turn of the more comfortable
mao's china also has something up
making it
directing films
thank you very much
we still want they
when things don't pan
rosenberg vacuum cleaner more worthwhile
second place
and there's no way
yes and the movement
learned a great time about economic analysis of law
you're talking about
it was a little bit of english
some people have a through the idea
was about
merck dot com
not the sole
rises because
we have enough wantlist ingrained
united states
develop moment mountain people
and continued to you
is so some people think allemaal
it works in the united states o'connell
brisbane parent
muhammad malcolm
i would say with itself
the name of the local them disciplines the law
directly to monday
because it's about janet
one of supply and demand
next thing off
use this link
stunning natural
both mcaro
in other countries as well
right here
norelco we've lost momentum
one split between accounts
durable or by phone commander ball
thank you
bookmark vietnam one
agreed with him
computes the time
wilson's div
let me go analysis megan
i think i know he replied
miracle nine right
at least boilerplate
doing online
conventional views
transmissions well applies to you
systems of won't come home soon walk
margin of better
right now united states
when federal system we have
we had to put in court
which is the highest
one of the company is not enough mister
mhm sir
inserts in each hand at the court of appeals
in california
master bernard
saving account
material in parts of the company
lloyd bentsen
more and i don't know how important
so it would you have to recognize
it's all right
and both of which came through it and you have a final
so i hope that separates
for a quick appealed
among conservative buchanan
memos written for me
uh... you've been sidetracked corp
looking at the supreme
the circuit
a court of appeals
we have the
which paddock
historical track works who's to say that square
becuase character
what's the difference
beyond what the trial court decided
driver has to plan around
words that her perspective what
that's true one gentleman said football
certain coincide with with jackie
job in the third one
need to talk with afternoon
just as the circuit court of people
good news is that
come hang out
what you're standing in the u_s_ park questions of law
worked for him
agenda-setting or questions at that
the proper support it
acceptance information
and commitment to the poor
what robert messiah maximus improved mountain
appeal appeals
nicks act
that at this time and promptly
talking to sign a contract method
three quirky in wilkinson
breaking slowed
portsmouth nh
equipment was working on emanating from the pack well
when you ask
they can't not inconceivable
meanwhile dvd people berkman right
you can't do not
and to travel mel
one machine
but i do think the playing field
would you recommend
pacific what one thing
walking around looking here along with some of
versus attacks
such matt mcconnell
that wouldn't look with cable routing dot
and no matter what the
didn't hear mechanical work
in which you were looking around a bit
sony preference i don't know if you will
in equipment to win
when carpenter correct blowout mcknight
wooden track
one of the dot
write me back
unknown factor
return flight
with the american
the farewell instead of doing so in terms of economic growth
unit mccormack's
study of law
appeals court non-smoking
notlong garments in the background
that means that the black because you didn't consider the fact that we might
want to consider with respect to the below the lowest
movement focused on the rampant
so now
the sound of the facts of meaning right about that
some homes in american
because they didn't have
in a trial
of the plane
depending on what the outcome
in the political work
practically mechanic
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