ITU-EBU Accessibility Workshop 2010

Uploaded by EBUTECHNICAL on 01.12.2010

Helping people with disabilities to get more from the media is very important for all of us.
Including for the European Broadcasting Union.
That is one of the reasons for organising this conference.
It is to bring together those who are looking at accessibility...
..and access services for broadcasting, the internet and IPTV.
We want to help them work together to give the public better services.
One of the commission's aims is to facilitate a dialogue like that.
And, where possible, to provide financing to projects.
Projects that can help experiment with actual solutions.
One of the important projects is DTV4All.
DTV4All is a European support project. It provides some of the demonstrations here.
One of the most forward looking is the coupling of the internet and broadcast with HbbTV.
With HbbTV additional services can be offered to all of us.
Some of the other demonstrations show the optimisation of accessibility aids.
For example to optimise the sound...
..or to optimise the subtitling...
..or the viewing of teletext pages
So there is a lot to see and talk about.
The work will go on in the EBU and other places.
To make the world of those with disabilities a better one, for the media.